God it mAKES ME SO MAD when girls literally sacrifice their emotional health for a GUY. For a GUY. Like TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF FIRST FGS if there’s a guy that’s literally taking away your sanity or your happiness or your peace of mind or whatever then WHO CARES ABOUT HIM DROP HIM ANd STUDY HArd AND MAKE YOURSELF PROUD because PEOPLE COME AND GO BUT YOUR HEALTH AND HAPPINESS SHOULD BE UNSCATHED BY THE CRUELTY OF THIS WORLD don’t SCAR yOURSELF MENTALLY OVER A BOY DEAR GOD JUST BYE

Carmilla: The Spoiler-Free Version
  • Carmilla Season 1: It's not okay to sacrifice girls to a demigod, let's end this shit.
  • Carmilla Season 2: Ending that shit caused more shit to happen. So let's end this shit too.
  • Carmilla Season 3: Shit has reached apocalyptic proportions and there may be no way to end it. We did not think everything through.
But you place your own heart in exile,
flash it across every news station,
put a warrant on its head,
take the bounty hunters by their sleeves & tell them
where they can find the bloodhounds from hell.
And after the scene with the knife,
you walk it to the guillotine yourself, throw
rotten tomatoes at it from the audience, add a boo,
a hiss, call it names and then
you string your own self up on the stake.
So you think yourself a sacrifice girl,
think, what else am I made for,
we are every version of wanting chaos, come on
tell me, where would we be without the flames?
You come out of it defeated, ghost you’s lining up
ahead of you—a single file of sunflowers wilting,
add in the scene with the lights dimming
& we’re almost ready. November,
a whole firework let off inside,
you mistake a star for a plane, every blow
cushioned with the smile you’ve learnt to slash
across your face—Say okay in front
of the mirror three times, say bloody Mary
to girl you—just to remind her of how far we’ve come,
(how far you had thought we’d go)—what a joke.
—  S.A. Khanum | sacrifice girl 
Elsword History Lesson 101

Henir, God of Darkness
Elia, God of Light 

  • Creates the physical world 
    • Demon world is created as a reaction of that
    • Demons spew out of the dimensional portal in the north sometimes

Ismael, Goddess who follows Elia

  • Bestows El to the physical world
    • Names the continent Elrios, meaning “Blessed land where El exists”
    • Gives the ability to control the power of El to people who are born near El

Elian: Race who can control the power of El

  • Devrian: Elians who are adept at El energy
    • Genius Devrian named “Adrian Nasod” creates a technology with AI running on El energy
      • Names them Nasod after his own name
  • Rubenian: Race with immense El power

In time Elians and Nasods start a war over El

  • Elians invent Alterasia
  • Lost Devrians and remaining Nasod forces escape to a different dimension and creates a sky city called Elysion
    • Some ancient Nasods frozen in preservation device

El’s power begin to wane.
Goddess Ismael descend upon one girl to help.
The girl sacrifices herself to restore the power of El.
People call her the Lady of El. 

  • Throws Harmony Festival (called Festival of Coexistence in Korean) every three years as a memorial for the sacrifice of the Lady of El and to circulate the power of El

To control the power of El, successors to the Lady of El and 6 different Masters of elements are elected:

  • Master of the Sun, Solace
  • Master of the Moon, Ebalon
  • Master of Fire, Rosso
  • Master of Water, Denip
  • Master of Wind, Ventus
  • Master of Earth, Gaia
  • And also El priestesses who support the Lady of El and the Masters

Solace thought it’s a terrible fate to dedicate one’s life to control the flow of El, “decides” to kidnap the Lady of El at the time (Harnier) on the day of the Harmony Festival.

  • During this festival, Lady of El and the Giant El almost become one

After the disappearance of the Lady of El, the Giant El explodes and destroys the contient:

  • Elrios is divided into Lurencia and Fluone as a result
  • Cultures that thrived and depended on El’s power begin to wane
  • Nasods who were coexisting with humans stop all function

The remaining 5 Masters move to where the shards of the Giant El are and sacrifices themselves to restore the power of the El:

  • Other survivors join and found kingdoms around these El shards

Adventure Starts for Players





Deleted scene from the next AOS episode:
  • Robbie: So Fitz-
  • Mack: -me and the guys were wondering-
  • Coulson: -we need advice on how to win over our respective ladies and since you're the only one in a committed relationship, we were hoping you could share some pointers.
  • Fitz: Wellllllllll-
  • Robbie, Coulson, and Mack: *take out their phones to take notes*
  • Fitz: First you need to wait ten years before you even think about asking her out.
  • Robbie: Uhhhh-
  • Fitz: Then, get betrayed by your brother figure, leading you into a situation where you have to sacrifice yourself for your girl. Then for the next few months, miscommunicate like your lives depended on it.
  • Mack: Fitz this isn't really-
  • Fitz: Then if all of this goes accordingly, she'll admit her feelings to you before you go into another life and death situation. But then she'll get sent off to some mythical death place where she'll fall for some random dude. Don't worry, it's temporary and has no true long term consequences.
  • Coulson: Fitz! We just needed some simple tips-
  • Fitz: Then, get into a heated argument with her, which should lead into the two of you passionately kissing. That step is one of my favorites. Afterwards, it should be smooth sailing once the random guy dies and you two reset your relationship because of all that shit I said earlier. Was that helpful?
  • Robbie: ...
  • Coulson: ...
  • Mack: ...
PSA for Persona Fans

If you are a fan of this guy:

Might I suggest you upgrade to this guy instead:

They’re both the “best friend” in their respective games.  But, there are some differences.  Ryuji:

  • Doesn’t have a personal plot revolving around a girl who wanted nothing to do with him.
  • Isn’t constantly suggesting problematic schemes regarding girls.
  • Will sacrifice himself to save someone he just met like half an hour ago.
  • Is only jealous of MC’s power for the short space of time that he doesn’t have a persona of his own.

This has been a PSA


It's not right.



It’s just not right now.

Dedicated to Lola

Don’t act like I didn’t fight for you. I did. Hard. And for a long time. So please, forgive me if now that we’re over, I’m exhausted.
—  Blair Waldorf, Gossip Girl

The Chronological Superman 1958:
Here she is, SUPER(-)GIRL! In Superman vol.1 No.123, Jimmy makes a wish upon a weird, magical totem to give Superman a super-powered partner (and romantic interest. Let the guy make his own decisions, Jim, be cool). Naturally, in the way of these things, Superman and Super-Girl primarily get in each other’s way while Lois fumes, and then Super-Girl sacrifices herself for Superman’s sake. 

The story bears a little in common with 1957′s Super-Myrtle storyline in the daily newspaper strip, at least in terms of the two heroes stumbling over one another and Lois’ simmering jealousy. 

Whatever the case, response to this penultimate shot at giving Superman a permanent partner seems to have found some traction with the readership, and will bear fruit in the following year.


“As also someone who’s making a deal, I will do my best to fulfill my duties.”

He Does Love Her● Theo Raeken x Reader●

Based On This Request: Can you do an imagine where Theo Raeken is dating Scott’s sister and the pack doesn’t like it, but when Scott’s sister gets hurt really badly, the pack sees how Theo really loves her when sees her bleeding on the ground and reluctantly lets them be together? Thanks love x – Anonymous

WARNINGS: blood, fluff, don’t trust strangers.

Masterlist // Send In A Request




People were running everywhere.


Running away from the beast.


You quickly locked yourself in a room. Leaning against the wall, trying to catch your breathe.


“It’s coming” a girl said.


Making you look at her. She come up to you pushing you hard onto the ground.


“I don’t want to” the girl said.


“What are you talking about?” you asked, standing up.


“It’s coming for us and you have to be the sacrifice” the girl said, making you stare at her wide eyes, when you saw a knife in her hands.


You quickly shot up but she threatened you with a knife.


“My dad said, that if something like this has happens and I have someone with me that I have to sacrifice that person, and that person is you” the girl said, tightening her grip on the knife.


“Your delusional, the beast would still kill you in a heartbeat” you shouted, making her shake her head.


“ I’m not” she said, coming towards you more.


She pushed you onto the ground making you wince. Climbing on top of you.


“I’m sorry” she said, not really sounding sorry.


She plunged the knife into your thigh, making you scream in agony.


Blood coming out of the wound.


She looked at you then at the knife, pulling it out.


She plunged the knife into your abdomen. She got off of you. Throwing it onto the ground.


She picked up your feet dragging you until you were at the door, letting go of your feet.


“Hey” she yelled, getting the attention of the beast.


You took out your phone, opening up a new message and sending it to the pack and Theo




You heard her let out a blood curling scream. You heard the beast run off.


Your hand reached down to your abdomen, applying pressure on it.


 Your phone made a beeping sound, not that you could reach it, your whole body was in pain.


 “(Y/n)” you heard Theo’s voice. Or maybe it wasn’t him. You were losing a lot of blood. You could have been seeing things.


“Theo” you whimpered.


“(y/n)” Theo said, kneeling beside your head.


“(y/n), you’re bleeding pretty badly” Theo said, taking your hand away from the wound, and applying pressure on it.


“No, shit” you gasped out, coughing up blood.


“Stay away from my sister” Scott growled, storming into the room.


“Scott” Theo said, as Scott pulled him away from you.


Liam, Stiles and Malia came by your side.


“Apply pressure on her wounds” Stiles said, looking like he was going to faint.


“I know you hate me but let me help your sister” Theo said, looking at you.


“Why should i? So you can hurt her. I know your using her Theo” Scott yelled.


“I love her Scott” Theo yelled, pushing him out of the way.


“She needs to go to a hospital” Theo said, kneeling beside you and grabbing your hand.


“Well I’ll take her” Stiles said. Making Theo look at him.


“And faint at the wheel? I’ll take her” Theo said, picking you up.


“Why so you can give her to the dread doctors” Stiles said.


“You can think what you like, but I would never but (y/n)’s life in danger” Theo said, walking out of the classroom.


“Well someone is going to have to go with him” Stiles said.


“I will, she’s my sister” Scott said, walking out of the room.


“I’ll sit with her in the back” Scott said, as Theo put you in the back seat.


“You know I wouldn’t hurt your sister Scott, I love her” Theo said, as he looked into the rear view mirror.


“If you love her then drive a bit faster” Scott said, grabbing your hand and taking your pain away.


Theo pulled up, pulling the keys out of his Ute (truck), and opening the door, leaving it opened.


He opened the back door.


“Here” Theo said, grabbing you from Scotts arms.



“I need help, she needs help” Theo yelled, gaining the attention of a few nurses and your mum.


“That’s my daughter” Melissa said, as a nurse took you out of Theo’s arms and onto a bed, wheeling you into an operating room.


“It’s best if you don’t come in here Melissa” one of the nurses said, as she closed the door leaving her with Theo


“Mum” Scott yelled, running up to her.

“What happened?” Melissa asked, looking at Scott.


Scott then looked at Theo.


“We don’t know” Scott answered.


“You don’t know?” Melissa repeated. Glaring at both of them.

“If she doesn’t make it through then I’m going to hurt both of you” Melissa threatened, walking away from them.


Scott looked at Theo, as he leaned against the wall, his head in his hands.


“Even though I hate you, I can tell you love my sister, which is why am I going to regret this. I’ll let you be with her, but if you hurt her I will kill you” Scott said, walking away.





“If you wake up I promise, I will get you some ice cream” Melissa said, holding onto your hand.


“I get ice cream right” you said, opening your eyes.


“Yes” Melissa said.

“Where’s Theo?” you asked, trying to sit up but your mum pushed you back down.


“Do you want me to get rid of him?” Melissa asked. Making you shake your head.


“No, I want to see him” you said, making her nod.


“I’ll go get him” she said. Getting up and walking out the door.


You closed your eyes for a few seconds.


“Hey” Theo said, making you open your eyes.


Theo’s fingers intertwined with yours.


“I love you” you said, looking into his eyes.

“And I love you too” Theo cooed, moving closer to you, his free hand cupping your cheek, as his lips touched yours, kissing you passionately…