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A human’s sacrifice, is something the Almighty cannot predict. It wasn’t a part of his plan. That’s because it’s a momentary instinct and a choice solely made by that human. It’s a choice only humans can make.

She gave a sad answer to his wicked question.

Love is not just being happy together

…., writing statuses about each other, tagging in those sweet pictures, holding hands, shopping trips and dates.

True love is a lot beyond all this. It’s actually not seeing each other every day and still trusting each other more and more. It’s holding onto each other when the times get tough. It’s knowing each other’s imperfections and loving each other more. It’s that understanding you both have in between. It’s those sacrifices you go through all this way.

Love is a tough battle with the sweetest rewards.

Eurus Holmes

I loved Eurus Holmes quite a lot, and Sian Brooke was absolutely amazing. BUT. Imagine a Newtonian-level Eurus Holmes with a scope and goals beyond getting her brothers’ attention. Imagine an anti-hero, big picture, sacrifices-must-be-made-for-the-greater-good Eurus, who wants to save the world and isn’t worried about who might get hurt along the way.

Imagine five year old Eurus realizing that Victor Trevor is only ever going to amount to a mid-level banker who occasionally hits his wife, but his death would push her brother to be the greatest detective the world has ever known. Hundreds, maybe thousands of lives can be saved. No brainer. Into the well he goes.

Imagine 20 year old Eurus realizing that she can save the world, and all she has to do is burn it down first. She knows just how to pull the threads that will create a lasting utopia on planet earth within 100 years. Yes, 4 billion or so people will die along the way, but the earth is overcrowded anyway. She sets about her work, manipulating poor Uncle Rudy and her older brother and the idiots at Sherrinford along the way. At first her access is limited, but she learned patience at an early age.

It gets lonely. She decides to seek out a little helpmeet in her adventures. She knows there is no one else in the world who can match her intellect, but she needs someone who is both smart enough to keep up with her and flexible enough to do what needs to be done. Someone who is not boring. She hopes she’s found that in Jim Moriarty, but within 20 seconds of meeting him she knows that he’s too invested in burning the world down to ever want to rebuild it again afterwards. Ample observation has confirmed that Mycroft, while more intelligent, does not possess the necessary mental and moral flexibility. A quick twitter search confirms that there are no other serious contenders - it will have to be Sherlock.

She sets her nets and she waits. Dear Jim is invaluable in this endeavor. She devises a series of trials that will teach Sherlock about the weakness of sentiment, drive him away from his pets (er…“friends”), and to make difficult decisions for the greater good. She carefully calculates the variables and concludes that once he has killed their brother, he will be ready to listen to what she has to say. She can be very persuasive.

But the day arrives and Sherlock not only refuses to kill their brother, he is prepared to die for him. Eurus is wrong. WRONG. She has never been wrong in her life. If she’s wrong about this, her own brother, what else could she have miscalculated? Could she have been prepared to sacrifice 4 billion lives on incorrect data? Eurus retreats into her own mind, shattered by her failure, destined to spend the rest of her life seeking the one variable she will never understand - love. Sentiment. Amo.


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FT angst week Day 2: Monsters/Demons

I thought I’d give my poor babies Lucy and Natsu a break for this prompt (my blog is basically built upon Nalu angst so far, poor darlings) and pick on Erza and Jellal instead. Yeah, remember that almost-kiss that Jerza got just before the GMG started? We all knew Jellal was lying about a fiancee thanks to Meredy spilling the beans, but imagine if the same thing happened in Edolas between Mystogan-Jellal and Erza Knightwalker - and Jellal wasn’t lying about it.

For added angst, reread the comic while thinking about my headcanons for the Edolas Erza-Jellal dynamic. Basically, I like to think that Erza and Jellal were raised together as children in the palace, Jellal obviously because he’s the Prince, and Erza because she was training to be his knight ever since she can hold a sword because she’s the daughter of two famous knights and everyone could see her prodigious talent. They’re childhood best friends and sweethearts, even though everyone else around them knew they couldn’t ever be a thing because of their class difference. Then one day, seven years before FT starts, Jellal disappears without a trace (because he needed to go to the human world to close up the anima holes). Erza essentially loses it, goes out of her mind trying to find Jellal, and that’s how she was led astray by the King to the point where she could hunt down magic users without any remorse. The King convinces her that that was what Jellal would have wanted her to do – serve the Kingdom – and also that the more they could hoard up magic, the more magic Erza can use to try to find Jellal. So Erza, half out of her mind with worry and grief (and a tiny bit of resentment - why had he disappeared without telling her, his best friend and most dependable protector? Why had he left herbehind?) slowly loses her warmth and humanity and focuses on collecting magic with which to track Jellal down. So with seven years of her life dedicated to hoarding magic and ‘protecting’ the Kingdom, it’s no surprise she becomes obstinate and shoots Lily down even after she finally sees Jellal - she spent seven years committing atrocities to a) protect what will be Jellal’s Kingdom soon and b) to fucking find him, and he shows up after that on the opposite fucking side of the war, having spent seven years undoing exactly what shewas trying to do?

…. of course Jellal gets crowned King and pardons Erza and she goes on a journey of redemption for seven years (because a royal pardon won’t erase the fact that she killed FT guild members and other magic users), and when she finally DOES come back to the Palace, this ^^^ is what happens.

… I’msorry


there’s a good reason these tables are numbered honey, you just haven’t thought of it yet // panic! at the disco

So I’m back…. ish. The Comic Con on my country has come and gone and I had great, although really draining, time with a friend, waking up early, going to bed late and walking and walking and walking the con floor for two whole days.

Now I’m trying to come back to the groove of things and trying to get pages done, now that I’m also on Christmas break from the small Marketing course I’m taking. I just realized, at the speed I’m going, it will be a loooooong time until the comic of the Blood Promise volume will be finished. So before I loose them or forget I had made them already, here are the covers I made for Spirit Bound and Last Sacrifice, made when I thought things would be easy and not take much time.

Ugh, love these covers to pieces and I’m rarely proud of the stuff I make XD I hope you’ll like them too and that you’ll still be around by the time I start the comics they represent. Although you might be middle aged by then XD

By the way, am I out of the loop where it comes to VA stuff? Are there any news? Because things have been quiet, but for a week now there has been an onslaught of VA posts, every tumblr I fallow has been posting or reblogging new stuff so I was just curious.

Anyway, have a great day/evening/night guys!