sacrifice a lamb or two

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Canon Prompt: With the dying hum of a generated magitek field powering down, a figure materialized from shadow. "Three names I give, with two lambs for sacrifice. Kill them in their home and draw the third to the slaughter. Make her blind with fear, and make her hurry. Be gone when she arrives, I care not, so long as she does not come to harm and that she gets there to find the carnage."A sack of gil was extended forward. "When the deed is done will have the rest, dear Demon. Do you accept?"

One last pull on the tightly rolled paper he had been smoking. One last moment before things would change. It was foggy, caused by a mix of hot temperatures with steady rainfall. It made for a dreary setting.

Upon hearing the sound of the magitek field, he plucked what was left from his lips and flicked it far off. Licking dry lips afterwards. He had been expecting this contact for a while now. With his arms crossed and his head tilted down he stood silently. Eyes closed. Listening to the proposal. It was simple enough…though making a deal with a demon was never simple - he kept a straight face for now.

“I accept. Two bodies as bait. Be gone when she arrives. Blind with fear.”

He reiterated the words to make sure things were clear.

“Lambs…should be easy enough.”

Granted these things were often anything but easy. Regardless there was no going back now. Slowly opening his eyes and looking at the outstretched hand holding a bag of gil. Slaughter came easy for a demon. Reaching out he took the bag. Tossed it once, twice, testing its weight. Then put it inside his jacket and began walking off.

“Get me the names, I’ll be waiting.”

Bjorn gave a half-hearted wave over his shoulder. Better to keep interactions short with this type of business. Though once a few steps away, a sadistic grin slid across his face. One step closer.


The Tigray region of Ethiopia converted to Christianity in the 300s and maintained contacts with other Christian communities around the eastern Mediterranean including those in Syria and Egypt for millenia. Tigray also became a very important ally of the Byzantine empire. This is a double-sided Gospel leaf are from a group of early 1300s. Its illustrations feature a revival of motifs that reached Ethiopia from the eastern Mediterranean, probably in the 600s.

Both sides of the leaf are inscribed in Ge'ez, the ancient language of Ethiopia. On the front is a dramatic octagonal Fountain of Life flanked by peacocks, which are identified in the inscriptions as “ostriches” (royal birds in Ethiopia), and gazelle-like “babula." On the reverse, the Crucifixion is represented by a monumental jeweled cross topped by a Lamb of God, symbol of Christ’s sacrifice. At the sides are the two thieves bound to their crosses.