Alex Grey is one of my fave artists that create mysterious psychedelic pictures! What he does is simply mind-blowing! Each and every painting of him has a very special theme, and they are made in such bright colours, which I like as well cause it stimulates vision and wakes my brain up :) 
Check out other breathtaking pictures created by Alex on his website:


Inspiration #56

Mind-blowing watercolour paintings by Stephanie Law, an artist from Oakland, CA. In her pictures you may find mythological and fairy-tale elements, which makes these marvellous artworks even cooler!

More pictures here:


Stunning magnificent art by Charles Frizzell, who captures in his paintings the high-consciousness essence of the American Indian heritage.

In his work, you may see shamanistic, magical, ceremonial, and sacred elements related to the American Indian culture. These pictures emphasize how people are connected with everything around them — Mother Nature, Cosmos, souls of their ancestors, etc. 

More info and paintings here: