i am CrabSynth 2.0

da anti mass spectromiters

dydnt send him kilomiters

he nevar left earfs gravitee

it bendid spac concavitee

opin’d door acros dimensun

n’ilanth had but wun intenshun

it an it’s slayvs wer refugee

frum da combine dey aim’d tu flee

but al of dis yu culd hav known

an whil da superportal blown

der is another thret to earf

yu mus protekt yor sacrid turf

how did combine reech communion

choos to mak mult’verse wide union?

cudnt a single cosmos hold

enuf for war? wy be so bold?

somting steers dis ancent war horse

over al fronts as king it reigns

seek out da wun who holds da reins

stop all dis dying at its source

More Joly, Bossuet and Grantaire Headcannons

Grantaire, Bossuet and Joly are completely banned from cooking by themselves with out ‘adult supervision,’ that is really just Combeferre or Musichetta. The reason that they are not allowed to cook unsupervised is because they decided to make the ultimate ice cream sundae with anything that they could find in the kitchen. This ended up with the kitchen looking like it had exploded with all of the surfaces being covered in some gunk and the toaster exploding-no one really knows what happened, but it is probably better not to know.

They have perfected the ultimate dance routine to any song that is absolutely cheesy. The thing is that neither can dance to save their lives and Joly is the worst dance with four left feet. They have perfected so many dance routines that when a Spice Girls song comes on the radio, the three of them will drop what they are doing and start dancing. And when Christmas is around, they will perform the mean girls dance routine and Bossuet always gets kicked in the face with the stereo. The three of them are the life of the party and that is when they are sober, They have even entered several dance competitions, they didn’t win them though as they can’t dance, but it was great banter though. 

Joly, Bossuet and Grantaire are banned  from helping to organised parties by Muischetta, mostly because they don’t end up actually organizing a party and instead they end up just putting booze on the table and  buying helium balloons, just so that Joly can sing in a high voice. You think that Joly singing 'I will survive,’ is a funny thing just the first time, but it never stops being funny. 

The three of them used to live together in an awfully domestic fashion. The Amis made jokes about this and they called Joly the mother and Bossuet was the father and Grantaire was the child as he never cleaned up after himself most of the time. Every week they will have special events such as soup and game night on a Mondays, raman and movie night on Wednesdays and brunch at the Corinthe- a now sacrid tradition that happens every week no matter how hung over Grantaire is, how injured Bossuet is and what illness Joly believes he has, everyone else calls them the 'boozey breakfast club.’ Considently they watch the breakfast club on sundays.

Bossuet and Grantaire take Christmas very seriously and the phrase of 'it is the season to be Joly.’ Instead of a visit from Santa, they have the Holiday Hypochondriac, that is Bossuet wearing Joly’s clothes. They cover the Christmas tree in pictures of Joly’s face and labels of Vitamins and condoms and tampons 'to protect the Christmas spirit from disease.’ And one year Grantaire tried  to put Joly on top of the Christmas tree- Joly was less than amused with this.

They even take a family Christmas photograph wearing Combeferre’s ugly jumpers  and reindeer antlers every year.Each year more and more of the Amis and others join the photo and it makes it feel like a proper family photograph as people are shouting at others to stop moving about (Courfeyrac,) start smiling (Enjolras,) or stop messing around with the photo angle, as Jehan believes that it ruins the 'Feng Shui’ of the photo. 

The three of them end up going on a big camping trip each year as Grantaire needs to have 'inspiration,’ to paint. But in reality they don’t actually even get the paint box out of the car, as they end up lying on the ground after several drinks looking at the stars and listening to Grantaire ramble on about the stars and Greek gods and myths. The camping trips are classic and they usually end up in disaster such as the tent catching on fire, the time they went to the nudist beach by accident and the time when they accidentally adopted a sheep- they named it 'Julian,’ they still visit Julian every now and then. 


/// ALBUMS OF 2015 

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  • Ty Rex - Ty Segall
  • Another One - Mac deMarco
  • Timeline - Mild High Club
  • Man It Feels Like Space Again - Pond
  • Sometimes I Sit and Think and Sometimes I Just Sit - Courtney Barnett
  • Paper Mâché Dream Balloon - King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

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