Ward and Coulson at the end of 1x17

University First Year Move in Day:

University 2nd-4th Year Move In Day:

so my last request for junk food is platano chips and glazed donuts. No pizza, no subway, not even chinese food. Idk what’s wrong with me but thats what I’m craving. Supposedly this is the last day I can enjoy those things. Last night I shopped for healthy food so tomorrow my strict diet begins. 

I hate waking up early and that’s something I have to do every day now :[ 

But I’m ready. 

Upcoming Answers and Articles
  • Relationship between Loki and Freyja for an anon who submitted a question a year ago, before I was mod. Not sure if the OP is even still around, but an answer is in the works.
  • In depth and expanded afterlife/soul post for nimblermortal
  • Havamal (Lodfafnir and Odinn’s Sacrfice) for the Poetic Edda Read-Along series
  • 3 Warrior archetype article, Boar, Bear and Wolf
  • Norns

There are only 2 questions left in our inbox, which means we are almost officially caught up after the mod switch, which has been about 8 months ago. My spring break is coming up, so hopefully that means I’ll be able to get at this list and whittle it down.

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I cannot help remembering bioshock infinite while gaming “Life is Strange”. Anyone who has played bioshock know about the all “constant and variaves” stuff, and I keep thinking that at the end to save the city from tornado Max will have to make a big sacrfice.

Then the bioshock phrase “always a man always a city always a lighthouse”  also applies to Life is Strange, right?

for all the past years ive been in school, this college days is the BEST. best tropa and best profs. Yung technique sa pag cheat ng exam, yung kopyahan. yung gala, yung inum at foodtrip, yung pang bubully, yung trippings, yung away, yung pahiyaan, yung kakikayan, yung project na sobrang hirap ipasa dahil sa mga pahirap na prof. sa loob ng apat na taon.. nakagraduate akong walang notes! HAHAHA degree holder. ☺👍 thanking my family for all the sacrfices and effort,this is for them, ready to face the reality. #HumanResources #2015 🎓