I remember reading a tumblr post months ago comparing Erwin Smith to Reinhard Heydrich, the notorious Nazi Chief of Police and one of the main architects of the Holocaust, and I felt this was such a complete disservice to Erwin. The blond hair aside (one of Heydrich’s nicknames was The Blond Beast), these two men have absolutely nothing in common.

Now, it is common knowledge that Isayama patterned Erwin after Erwin Rommel, also known as the Desert Fox, the legendary Nazi commander who ultimately turned against Adolf Hitler, but there is another Nazi officer whom I feel Erwin has a lot in common.

I present to you Count Claus Philipp Maria Justinian von Stauffenberg, pictured above (and yes, Tom Cruise played him in the film, Valkyrie). The physical similarities are striking to say the least. Moreover, consider the other factors. Count von Stauffenberg was:

- very well educated and cultivated

- not perfect in his initial views about Adolf Hitler but with a strong moral compass, which meant he never turned a blind eye to all the Nazi atrocities when so many of his countrymen did

- decorated for bravery after serving on the same front as Erwin Rommel, and suffered severe injuries resulting in the loss of his left eye, his right hand, and two fingers on his left hand in the course of duty

- a rising army Nazi officer, nevertheless, he expressed outrage and shock at the ill treatment and killing of Jews by Nazi Germany

- with his resolve, organisational abilities, and radical approach, he put an end to inactivity caused by doubts and became the driving force in the planning and carrying out of Operation Vallkyrie, the failed 1944 assassination plot against Adolf Hitler

- aware that he was committing treason, he told his junior officer quite openly, as early as 1943,  “ich betreibe mit allen mir zur Verfügung stehenden Mitteln den Hochverrat…” (“I am committing high treason with all means at my disposal….”)

- justified his actions by citing his right under natural law (“Naturrecht”) to defend millions of people’s lives from the criminal aggressions of Hitler

- knew increasingly that the plot would fail, but carried on as this would be the only way to prove to the world that the Hitler regime and Germany were not one and the same and that not all Germans supported the regime

- was caught after incurring a gunshot wound to the shoulder and executed at the age of 36 for his role in the failed July plot. His brother Berthold was also tried and executed by slow strangulation, reportedly by means of piano wires

(source: Wikipedia)

- a hero and a LEGEND, just like Erwin Smith. Their sacrfices are not in vain. Their stories will be heard long after they have passed on.


No offense, but I honestly hate games where if the protagonist dies, then that’s the end of the game. I’m glad that the Dark Ritual existed because you get to carry on the rest of the game. People may see it as a cop out, but come on…. If you level up a character and get some sweet gear for them, then you start to get attached.


You got to have a big heart to sacrifice your love for someone just for them to be happy, You have to be a strong person to suffer from abuse to let the ones you love live, to keep your kingdom a secret from your abuser and take all of it with the thought of them not knowing of your sacrifices.

You have to care so much to have a heart willing to do that for you kingdom, your friends, your family. You have to be to selfless to think about nothing but others.   

Reading ACOMAF I couldn’t help be at awe with the kind of person Rhysand is to go through all those things and not worry for himself but his kingdom, his friends. Rhysand went through so much and I don’t think once in the book did he complain and also him being in love with Feyre but he didn’t once try to stop the love she had for Tamlin in the first book by telling her that she was his mate or in ACOMAF because he wanted her to be happy, he would sacrifice his love for her to have hers even if he wasn’t happy.


Warm up doodles cause I lost control of my life.

Plus was listening to “st James infirmary Blues” by cab calloway and “we’ll meet again” by Verra Lynn while doodling this. Anyway let this ship set sail! I think I’ll call this ship “love comes at a sacrfice”.

yugi: i sacrfice my blue eyes white dragon to summon THE DARK MAGICI-


yugi: im from japan 

bandit keith


soo.. it was leaked on the cn app. i watched it and i am forever shook.

FIRST off “are you my dad” was aquamarine. In ‘Marble Madness’ while steven was counting off names of his friends, including his dad. Peridot made a list of those names and yellow and blue diamond sent aquamarine and topaz to find them and bring them back for some reason. 

steven tried getting the people out and when the door opened there we had the one and only alexandrite boiii . they all jumped out and aquamarine froze them with her little wand, expecting to bring them up.. UNTILLLL STEVEN SACRFICED HIMSELF AND SAID HE WAS ROSE QUARTZ SO THEY TOOK HIM AND SAID “i love you” to everyone UGHHHIM FOREVER SHOOKETH

btw im in love with aquamarine even tho shes a brat

Losing weight isn’t just about the looks, it’s how you feel internally. When I lost weight, I was obviously loving the way I was looking, but I was loving the fact that I was loving myself more. I’m not saying that you should only love yourself if you’re making yourself look better, but you love yourself more because you’re taking care of yourself. You see yourself gettting up every morning to do something good for your body and that honestly makes you become closer to yourself.
When I lost the weight, I had a better relationship with myself. Because I actually was showing myself that I cared… think of it this way… when you’re boyfriend/girlfriend shows you how much they care… you fall more and more in love with them, and appreciate them and you want to spend more time with them… well guess what? That goes the same way for yourself. If your partner neglects you, doesn’t treat you very well… you resent them. It’s all the same with yourself!

It’s honestly imprtant for me to run a blog that doesn’t just promote weightloss, I want to promote self love and happiness.. cause in the long run looks fade and it’s important that as a generation we dont depend on looks to make us happy. The younger you learn this, the happier you’ll be!

 I want people to feel the love I have gained for myself for themselves, I never knew how important it was until I started to treat myself better, it was like a rude awakening. When I was overweight and when I didn’t care for my body or for myself for that matter it was all I had ever known… that was that and I didn’t feel like there was much more to love about myself, I was content with what was, even though that meant I wasn’t happy… I lost control over myself and I was in so much denial that I would sacrfice my own happiness if that meant not coming to terms with how badly I was treating my body.

I could honestly go on about this subject because I have learned so much and I could just talk about it all day, but this is me putting my story online to help others realize that you never lost control of yourself, you still have control and once you realize that you can become a happier, healthier version of yourself you take action and take all that control back and use it.

 My advice on my blog isn’t coming from a Nutritionist to a person.
It’s not coming from a personal trainer to a person.
It’s coming from a person who went through it first hand with no help from anything to a person.

I struggle with how losing weight has become something so commercial. Products are being sold, there are these teas you see everywhere telling you you can be happy and healthy and have the perfect body if you drink it… it’s all bull shit. You don’t need a easy way, you just need you to want to treat your body well. Worokout and eat healthy, yummy foods, be good to yourself, be positive, surround yourself with awesome people and do things you love. THAT’S IT!!! You don’t need body shapers, teas, pills, surgery, YOU can do it on your own and when you do it on your own it’s more rewarding.

I am here for every single one of you, and if you ever feel discouraged never hesitiate to contact me, I answer to everyone and take the time you deserve to give the best advice I could possibly give… we’re in this together, lets get you happy and healthy!


anonymous asked:

i was wondering if you could point me in the right direction of a fic? i rember that kurt was being sacrficed to some god (blaine) in order for a good harvest. he could only be sacrificed if he was a virgin but he got raped. i remember that sebastian was the god of death and Burt died while kurt was with blaine and then sebastian turns kurt immortal so he can be with his mum and dad forever?

If anyone knows this fic, please send it to our ASK. Thanks!

Archive adventure: other shit that i left unfinished

That comic with Sylvia and the other Agatha:
-Sylvia was going to sacrfice herself with other monsters so monsters couldn’t exist anymore.
-The other Agatha was the most OP character in all existence
-Edgy monsters
-Edgy everything
-I still want to do a story with my country’s mythology but this one was really flawed and it haunts me now.

A space comic:
-Bunch of space criminals are sent to participate in a game
-The game wasn’t one where people killed each other but where you had to form teams and stay alive
-Everyone was killing each other
-The aliens were kinda cool
-Main characters were a human and 2 aliens
-There was this really fucked up astronaut that was abandoned in some moon with their crew, they ended up killing and eating the crew to survive and then turned into some monster.
-They murdered most of the other criminals.
-The last page I drew was the main characters hearing that someone was following them and next page was them finding out who it was but there was never a next page.

This one has so many lost pages:
-Guy gets a message from an old friend
-Surprise! That old friend is a ghost and posses him
-Both fight who controls the body
-Something about dont having much time left
-Both share body forever I guess ????