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(This is an idea that’s angsty af an probably would be better going to Holly but Imma share the tears anyway.) Tobirama has always been super smart, moreso than Hashirama when academics are involved, but as the clan wars drag on he starts going a little crazy. The first time he uses a human for Edo Tensei, it’s when he uses some faceless, nameless ninja from the Land of Lightning to bring back Itama (who is a little confused at first, but is more than happy to see his brothers again, and then more than a little hurt when the look on Hashirama’s face is one of fear directed at Tobirama). The Senju are horrified, such a jutsu is downright sacrelige. The Uchiha are intrigued, they’ve lost so many over the years, and they invite Tobirama and Itama to join them, promising to help Tobirama in his research so he can find a way to truly bring their loved ones back to life. He discovers the truth about the Rinnegan, and sage mode, and how the chakra of the bijuu can bolster that of a mortal. He seeks out Matatabi, begs her aid and allows her to basically possess him of both their own free wills. Just… sorta crazy Rinnegan-wielding sage jinchuuriki Tobirama who was basically adopted by the Uchiha.

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I was in a flag shop recently and I was going to get a Saltire, but the color blue was horrendously off (like the French or American blue) so I decided that I just couldn't buy a flag that sacreligous to the spirit of Nicola Sturgeon. I bought a Québec one instead.

Ahhh that’s a bit shite, I’ve got a saltire that I carry with my everywhere on my travels. It’s lived in South Africa, Gambia, France, China, Mongolia and Russia so far!

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oh my god this is like truly unpopular like borderline sacreligous to anyone over the age of like 16 but like i……don’t really like robin williams all that much. i just feel like he overacts and he’s a bit frantic and i get really nervous watching his movies

I think there can actually be a connection made between how America paradoxically has both low voter turnout while also enormous reverence and veneration for the act of voting in the civic culture and the rabid reaction people have towards people who make conscious decisions to abstain from voting. “Non-voter” is the default mode so moving from that towards being a voter is seen as an upward trajectory in terms of virtue so if someone were to consciously refuse to vote (or refuse to vote for the “live” candidates/parties at the very least) this is a kind of civic sacrelige in a sense sorta like its one thing if someone doesnt vote bc they are politically ignorant but if they are not politically ignorant and still abstain then its because theyre like evil or something.

Like I think that partially explains the attitude behind all those articles that are like “If you refuse to vote its because you are exercising white and/or male privilege” operate under the liberal idpol idealogy that ties social categories of “privilege” to personal morality and by viewing voting abstention as a immoral act the authors work under the implicit assumption that it can only be done by someone they consider “privileged”

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30, 41, 50, and 35, 36, 51 for de, 35, 51 for cc <3 :*

30. Favorite line you’ve ever written.

again, i love too much of my writing to pick my best thing EVER but here’s my one of my favorite parts from ‘our father’

i’m so gay for that part. every time i read it i get gayer. 

41. How many stories do you work on at one time?

uhh two at the very least, one main story and one side story to switch to just in case my inspiration is tugging me in a slightly different direction!! having only one project is.. a.. drag.. it’s awful… it kills me

50. Weirdest story idea you’ve ever had.

again i think the premise of our father is the weirdest but i think that’s also just because it’s so sacreligous and i was raised christian and i can never think of the synopsis without thinking ‘oh god my mom would hate me if she read this it’s def not even my weirdest story tbh it’s just… THE SUBJECT MATTER… 


i’m assuming these are for my half which, tbh, beat me up if i don’t start that by the end of next week,

35. Tell some backstory details about one of your characters in your story:

drake ran away from home after a fight with his parents and they really want him back, they’ve tried to put every effort into reconciliating because it is KILLING THEM that their son is out of the house but he refuses to go back out of spite and pride and he’s determined to make his own lil empire, so to speak,, which is what starts his complex with taking care of other people (in his way) because he’s just got it SET in his mind that he could do it FAR better than his parents ever could

36. A spoiler for story _________.

drake is DED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE DEAD! GOOD RIDDANCE but i lov him

51. Describe the aesthetic of your story _______ in 5 sentences or words.

foggy cloudy street puddles.. yeah. that’s five words but that’s the ~feel~…


35. Tell some backstory details about one of your characters in your story ________. 

rachel was more or less raised as a child soldier by her father. while she insists she went into the training on her own accord, he was the one drilling these ideas in her head about justice and what her worth was and what taking an active part in the world could mean while also stressing the hiearchy in their family… her mother was aware of this but was VERY adverse to conflict within the family… she never really fought back against her husband’s treatment of her either, so rachel saw that and started obsessing over the idea of overthrowing her father if she got stronger enough… they just had a lot of messed up concepts of power floating around…

51. Describe the aesthetic of your story _______ in 5 sentences or words.

meteor showers… and… lava cooling… again, five words, i rly don’t like the aesthetic question cuz it feels LIMITING SOMEHOW HRM