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earl-of-221b  asked:

Hello seoleim! Sorry to bother you, but I have a favour to ask. Would it be troublesome for you to translate the Noblesse OVA trailer? There are many non-Korean readers of Noblesse, and it would mean a great deal if you could translate. Only at your leisure, or no, of course. Thank you very much. :D Ahh so looking forward to the OVA- the animation looks amaaaaaazing!!


It wouldn’t be a problem at all! I’m on break now so I have plenty of time :)

i didn’t really know what would be a good way to format this so :

(i went in chronological order though of course in case anyone was wondering)

I am Cardis Etrama Di Raizel

I am the Noblesse, the supreme being who protects all

I dreamed a long dream for 820 years

“It’s started: the plan we’ve been preparing for hundreds of years.”

“Wipe them out!”

I remember what happened then

War, schemes, betrayal

I wanted to protect them through this chaos

Muzaka, and Ashly(ee)n, I didn’t want to lose you

The sacred duty of the Noblesse might be what leads us to destruction…

The next two bits are just information about its release but I’ll translate them while I’ll at it

The story that was asleep for 820 years wakes up as an animation

In all offline bookstores nationwide bookstores November 28th, 2015