sacred sights

Honestly, do white female celebrities even think before they talk? Not only did Jennifer Lawrence desecrate a sacred Hawaiian sight, she seriously thought it over in her brain and decided it would be a wonderful idea to tell this “funny” story and be condescending as fuck to Hawaiian people on national television. And then you got amy schumer and Lena Dunham and literally so many other white feminists.
Please stop.
Like who the fuck comes up with this shit?




Video reveals UFO sighting in Toronto, where lighted craft ( ? ) form as DNA , strange yet interesting, fake or real it doesn’t matter, the truth of universal truths is within the spiral , the ladder to heaven, kundalini, serpent rising, spiritual etheric electromagnetic fields composing both physical and nonphysical matter- a matter that science is confused about at this time, simply because they haven’t expanded their consciousness - the topic of superconductive fractals, hypercubes and crystalline structure is a real technology that is already in motion within our earths grid networks and within the universal galactic existence - A Reality you must face within yourself, within your own illuminated pituitary gland - with the brightness of your heart the truth comes alive in Vision, the fear no longer exists- the initiation into the true art starts with yourself and Nature. All around you - the signs are, the signs are revealing - and the signs are in the geometric nature of existence - This video was formed to remind humanity that we are being upgraded and updated by Forces of light-
All that is required is the meditative art and the inward sight, for if Eye is One , Body shall be full of light -
The Oneness is a real experience where there is only One consciousness guiding, healing, restructuring and adjusting the Earths System. We are One with this.
Ehani is One with the Family Of Light who CARE for all life, and want Life to flower and blossom in the times to come.
One Light and One Love to All who visit this channel and this video-
There is only Peace, Wisdom, Truth and Art here - Creativity from the Heart-Minds of Many, Collaborating over the course of many years to form a Galactic Database of Universal Communion. 

SU Fanfiction Recommendations (7/4/17)

So it’s been quite a while since I did this, so here we go.

As most of you know, I am an SU fanfiction writer and avid reader as well. I used to do quite a lot of recommendation posts, but they have slowed recently. I am going to now try to be more frequent with recommendation posts. I can’t promise a consistent schedule, but I’ll try to post whenever I have a decent “batch” of recommendations.

One thing that must be addressed first, however, is that I am very involved in the SU fanfiction community and know a lot of fanfic authors on some level. I do not personally feel this affects my personal recommendations in any significant way, but it still bears disclosure and instances where I do know the author who wrote the fic I will place an asterisk (*) by the recommendation just to make that clear.

I will also drop a specific plug of one of my works near the end, which I will make clear in the text because … well, mostly because I’m a bit of a shill and proud of my own work, heh.

Anyway, here are my recommendations:

The Voicemail of Steven Universe by timeisweird *
Summary: “Hi, you’ve reached the voicemail of Steven Universe. Sorry I missed you, I’m probably out on a mission. Leave a message, and uh, I’ll get back to you soon. Love you, bye!”

After he was taken, Connie would call Steven, if only to hear his voice one more time. Sometimes, she left messages.

[Notes: Very slightly dated post-Wanted, but still great Connverse-specific angst that I thoroughly enjoyed.]

The Picture of Steven Pink by citrusella *

Summary: It took a lot out of him.

[Notes: A shortie but a goodie. A pretty dark take on Steven’s healing magic and the effect it has on him. Very cool idea.]

They’re Just … Rocks by RainbowMatildas

Summary: “Steven, are there male Gems?”

The question caught Steven so off-guard that he dropped his crayon. It rolled to the edge of his loft, then fell onto the floor below with a muffled clatter.

“Male Gems?” He repeated slowly. “What do you mean?”

[Notes: Another short one but funny in a cute way and interesting in how it directly addresses the question of Gem gender. Also it has a sweet ending.]

Hair Dye by Jess4400 *

Summary: Steven finds some hair dye. Connie finds a confidant.

*Set in the ConnieSwap Universe but not affiliated with it*

[Notes: Gotta admit this caught my eye since I write for Connieswap now. A very cute Connverse-y slice of life story. Also so good it was probably a partial inspiration for the fic of mine that appears later on this list …]

Best wishes, Connie and Steven, Saviors of the World by Jess4400 *

Summary: The Gems can’t take Connie to a mission in a volcano. Bummer, huh? Now she’s getting dragged into going on a road trip with Steven, who is visiting his uncle Andy with his family in Mountain Town. Sounds fun, right? That’s what she thought, too, until they get stranded at a Waffle House at 1 a.m. with a corrupted gem on their tail.

Written for the Connieswap prompt, “Travel.” As always, this is not an official story.

[Notes: Another Connieswap inspired story by Jess4400. Some light connverse, some fun road trip stuff, and a monster shows up. Just a fun story all around.]

Oh, Sacred Sight by lovevalley45

Summary: His scar was not just a scar.

[Notes: Exploring the idea of Lars having permanent vision damage in his scarred eye. That might not sound compelling, but it really is. Has some great Off-Colors interaction and a surprisingly sweet ending. Short but good.]

Do or Dye by CoreyWW

Summary: Steven asks Connie for help after he dyes his hair pink … and immediately regrets it.

But Connie is more concerned about why he decided to do it in the first place.

Based on a comic by bluewingart, written with permission from original artist.

[Notes: This one was by me, based on the comic linked above. If you like connverse and want some light angst that quickly turns very sweet, hopefully you’ll enjoy this one.]

And thats it for this time. Let me know if you enjoyed this!

Blessed Water Recipe

This recipe can go hand in hand with the Storm Water Spell I posted earlier. Blessed water is used in quite a few spells and rituals, especially ones from the Grimoire for the Green Witch. Anyways, lets get started!


  • Water in a cup/pitcher
  • Bowl
  • Rose Petals/water/extract/oil
  • Salt
  • Small Mirror

Timing:  Full Moon; Hour of the Moon, Mercury, Mars, or Sun.


  • Raise arms under the Moonlight. Recite:

I call upon Thee Great Lady of the Night, to bless this water I pour in Thy Light.  

  • Pour water into bowl, add rose petal and hold bowl up in the Moonlight. Recite:

In this water doth shine Thy Light, that it be consecrated in Thy Sight. Cleansed and purified on this Esbat night, this water is blessed by Thy Sacred Sight. 

  • Lift salt in the Moonlight. Recite:

Through the Lady hast all thing their form, taking salt in the waters and lands of the Earth. Through Thy Bright Light, I consecrate this salt to aid in my work. 

  • Add 3 pinches of salt to the water.
  • Stir 3 times. 
  • Then use mirror to reflect the Full Moon into the water if the light is not currently touching it. Recite:

By the light of the Moon, through the Power in Thy Tides, a portion of Thy Power now herein resides, that blessed be this water. By 3 times 3 this spell I bind, that it be cast with the power of nine. For as I will, SO MOTE IT BE!

  • Set down mirror and bowl.
  • Turn bowl 9 times desoil in the Moonlight.  Recite:

With power gathered and sent within, this spell is sealed 9 times again, that adds together 9 and more, that with these 3 is 9 the core. SO MOTE IT BE!

  • Place water in a bottle with lid and store away from light. 
Source: “Grimoire for the Green Witch” by Ann Moura

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I'm still in awe of your lovely selfie with your teeth showing!😍 You're so beautiful in every aspect of the word, Kels! I don't believe that should be a rare and sacred sight. Display that big, dazzling grin!😊 It's like you're sugar and spice and everything nice mixed with just the right amount of sass. Sounds like the best concoction!😁

Way to make my entire day! Thank you so much, sweet soul. The world needs more people like you!

In many parts of the world, today is Mother’s Day: the day we honor our mothers for being our loving caretakers in childhood, our guidance in adulthood, our first teacher, our first Goddess. For some, this means a biological mother, for others an adoptive mother and for the rest, a mother-like figure. 

There is a saying in Hinduism: Matri Devo Bhava: mother is God.

Often we take advantage of her love for us and forget to give thanks and reverence. How many times per day or week do we praise Devi, saying ‘Jai Maa!’, ‘Jai Mata Di!’ or other variations of praise to Her? But how often do we praise our Earthly mother? Those among us that have left her house and gone off on our own no longer feel obligated to even talk to her besides on special occassions such as today. Sometimes we treat God in this way, too. We have left the mandir, no murti or sacred image is in sight, so why should we praise?
However, as many times as we forget to pray, we still know He and She is everywhere, hears us, watches over us and knows we are safe.
Our mother doesn’t.
Though as Goddess-like as she may seem, she doesn’t possess the omnipresence or immortality of Bhagvan. As much as she would like to watch over your every move and stay with you throughout your entire life, she cannot. Let’s not treat our mothers as we admittedly sometimes treat God.

There is no shelter like the mother. There is no refuge like the mother. There is no defense like the mother. There is no one so dear as the mother… There is no mode of life that is superior to serving one’s mother.” - The Mahabharata