sacred seasons 2


Imagine Being Sacred To The Clave

Part 3

For My Followers

The door to Victor Aldertrees is before you.

You’re about to go against everything you believe, but it’s for your family.

Holding your violently shaking hand up you knock twice.

He opens immediately and you walk in.

“(Y/N) it is amazing to see you!” he exclaims and embraces you. You feel wrong in his arms but you return the hug. It’s time to be charming.

“It is well to see you too,” you force out and pull from the hug. Victor gestures for you to sit so you plop down in a leather chair before his large desk. Victor sits down at his desk and you clear your throat.

“I’ve come to negotiate,” you say.

“I’ve figured, there is so other reason you would come to see me. So (Y/N) what do you want, but more importantly what are you willing to give?” he inquires and you swallow the growing lump in your throat.

“Lift the dead or alive order on Jace, allow Clary and Jocelyn Fairchild to leave when they please, let Downworlders back in, let me stay here for as long as I wish, take weight in my guidance, and overall just don’t be a jerk,” you demand somehow keeping your voice clear.

“In return?”

“In return I will do as the Clave wishes.” Victor gives a cunning smirk that makes you stomach twist. “Oh and this deal with the Clave happens on my terms. I’ll do what they ask but they will have to have my permission for every action they take after.”


He slides an angel binding document across the desk, one he’s had prepared ever since the Clave discovered your powers.

“For my family,” you utter under your breath.

He hands you a pen and you sign.

Chris is going to be so angry.

“Thank you (Y/N) Branwell for your dedication to the Clave.”


Alec finds you exactly twelve hours later in his room crying.

You became especially close to Alec in your time at the Institute, he’s like a big brother to you.


“(Y/N) what’s wrong? Why are you crying? Aldertree lifted the dead or alive warrant on Jace! And he’s allowing Downworlders back in!” Alec exclaims happily.

“He also lifted the lockdown on Clary and Jocelyn and has decided he will listen to my guidance,” you add somberly and look up at Alec.

He understands what you did instantly.

Alec comes to sit next to you and you lean into him.

“Oh (Y/N) why?”

“I did it for you, for Jace, for Clary, for Izzy, for Magnus, and for Simon. Alec I did it for my family.”

Tears start running down your face as Alec wraps you in his arms.

“At least I’ll get to stay here with you,” you whisper. “I’ll be with my family.”

“And we’ll be here for you,” he promises.

In these next months you’ll need them.


Alec let you cry yourself to sleep and then he carried you to Chris.

Chris then sequestered you in your room.


When you wake up Chris is waiting. He’s cradling you and petting your hair.

“I know you’re probably angry,” you murmur.

“I am but not at you.”

“Chris you know what I did,” you state.

“What you did was the most selfless thing anyone could ever ask of you. Just tell me one thing (Y/N),” Chris utters.

“Ask away,” you say.

“Was it him?”

“Yes it was him and yes it will be his.”


“Chris don’t, please don’t blame yourself for not keeping a closer eye on me. I chose to do this. Chris I just need you to stay with me.”

“I will, I vow to protect you until I die.”

I see a lot of binary code and the crossed-out eye emblem.

Nice to see that Dipper doesn’t have negligent homicides to account for.


That was the best episode of the series so far, and in my mind it’s not particularly close. This was an episode that cared about previous events and set up the future in a big way. It was the biggest Stan episode by a long shot, and it simultaneously set him up as a protagonist and at the same time reinforced how much he has to hide.

What’s he searching for? What will he do when he finds it? 

Dipper is in way over his head and I hope he realizes it soon, before he causes another disaster. He’s lucky that only Soos appears to have died, and he got better. 

The gloves are off. Nothing is sacred. Welcome to season 2.

This was an easy 10/10 episode and I can’t wait to see what comes next.