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From the developers:

The Luminous Spirit Tarot is a companion app for the physical deck that focuses on channeling inner will into action using the phases of the moon to guide your path forward.

* Set Goals - Sync your intentions with the phases of the moon. Each phase of the moon’s cycle represents a stage of manifestation and creation. Carry out tasks according to ancient wisdom, and feel in tune with the universe.

* Readings for Every Phase - The cards help you analyze every stage of your intention and manifestation. Get a reading whenever there’s a new phase. Get inspired, get advice on overcoming obstacles, and questions to reflect on past decisions.

* Tarot Database - Built alongside the Luminous Spirit Tarot Deck, you can also get meanings of each particular card.

* Complete Free - No ads, no shenanigans. We are supported by physical purchases of our deck. Sacred knowledge remains free.

Luminous Spirit Tarot is part of a trio of apps dedicated to using the tarot to explore the self and its potential.

I’ve seen a few posts about the other two apps, The Golden Thread Tarot, and Labyrinthos Academy, so I wanted to post about this one since I just downloaded it today and it looks pretty cool! I think there are still a few bugs to work out, but it definitely seems to have potential.

The Signs and Cities:

Aries: A city of ripplling marble walls that stand fast against the sea. A city of hidden gardens.

Taurus: Vast umber halls now buried. A grand courthouse now a necropolis that guards sacred remains.

Gemini: Cities separated by a great bridge, the methods of its construction now lost to time.

Cancer: The streets of an old port city reclaimed by the sea. Host to new dwellers.

Leo: A city tied in knots. No map will be of use.

Virgo: A city carved from the bones of something titanic and long dead.

Libra: A holy city cloaked in iron and coffee.

Scorpio: A market district so vibrant it has a language and an embassy all its own.

Ophiuchus: The city of pipes, shafts, and poverty. A refuge from the shining city above.

Sagittarius: A city on rails. So many shifting parts it feels as if it may depart any moment.

Capricorn: A city of srtorms. A city powered by a thousand funnles, aquaducts, and dynamos.

Aquarius: A grand capital. A headstone to every city like it that came before.

Pisces: A palace now pinned to the earth by trees. The dusty crown worn by wolves.

White Hipsters

Let’s “beard and handlebar mustache” face it
you’re a hipster
But by literal definition
hipsters never called themselves hipsters
you’re too urban outfitters cool for dat
but come on now
Everything about you hipster
you dress hipster
you go to hipster ass places
You act like you’ve been thiftshopping and
going to flee markets well before immigrants and poor people did
wearing yo lumberjack flannel and skinny jeans with the holes right above the knee caps
All hipsters know how to accessorize
So you rock out with your yarn threaded friendship bracelet
that you got volunteering in Ghana
Matched with your fake gold plated arrowhead necklace from Forever 21
You must all your hipster superpowers from dem energy crystals

you do to culture what you typically do with jewelry
Try too much of it on
Wear once or occasional
dispose when out of fashionable trend
You make it seem like culture
Is a dream that you can catch
So you get a forearm tattoo of it

You must understand this horrid but fundamental truth
your ancestors colonized mine
so inescapably, you are accountable
stop appropriating the riches of third world peoples
allow the silk in our swag
The majesty in our weave and braid
The complexity in our patterned step
Remain sacred to us
You have the privilege to
Dress up culturally for sense of fashion
but never for a sense of identity
Know we bear these threaded beads for survival
Cause everything around us
tell us to slaughter ourselves
mare down and gouge out our ancestral roots
Tells us that we are inadequate

And please
I don’t care how many times you traveled to Vietnam
don’t ever tell me how to eat my pho
The stab wounds of telling myself
That I’m not Vietnamese enough
Already burns deep
without you squeezing your
Trader joe’s sriracha sauce on top of it
You take time to afterschool tutor me
Give me lessons on my own history
Gentrify my language
And tell me how my accent tones are not sharp enough
You seem so sure of it
Hip hop probably called something like that
“Macklemore it”

Our culture is not yours to possess
Not for you to dictate authentic
Authenticity lives in between the loud banter
Of aunts from Hue and my mother from Saigon
Arguing the proper herbs in canh chua and banh tranh
There is no one way to do it
But authenticity is knowing that it is ours to claim

Whenever I go to a white own ethnic restaurant
I always feel like I got the wrong order
Me: “Hi, sorry but I asked for the spicy Pad See Ew”
The waiter says,“Sir, there’s already spice in your pad see ew
And I’m like “hmmm…What kind of spice? like Pumpkin Spice”
US appropriation has properly conditioned Ethnic people
To always ask is it hot or like white people hot

as much as I want to pour that mircrobrewy beer down your head
And slap you with organically grown kale
I have to admit
I’m just like you
I mean, look at my thick frame glasses
I’m basically asking someone to hand me a mason jar
So if there’s anyone to give you advice
its me
your very very very distant cousin related to you
by pure oak coffee tables and boats shoes
As much as I’m annoyed by white hipsters
I know the movement will need white allies
But I need you to be better
you are special by nature
And not by whatever contrived counterculture design
that you think you’re undermining
stop acting like a unicorn

I get it, you don’t wanna be mainstream
But it’s far more necessary to critical
Then just to avoid conformity
It is not coincidence that
In these dark times of denying water and life
and ugly orange hair presidents
We are in the era of hipsters
Young people that want be something different
We are the reaction to what this world needs

But there is a careful line that we tread
A line that separates of what’s hip
to what’s just basic to whats subculture
To what’s just appropriating it
To what’s just a selfie to what could be a political statement

That line for me is to simply ask myself
Is it just about me
Or is it really about everyone else
do you want to just be different
Or do you want to make a difference

White Hipsters
by Fong Tran

Thoughts of an African witch on  ethnocentrism

It is an increasing source of frustration, this belittlement of African witchcraft when describing the different kinds of pagan practices throughout the world.

Frankly the only mention that ever alludes to it is the practice of Voodoo and Hoodoo, both immensely important and powerful forms of practice which I include in my own… but they are never retraced back to their sources, only to their most recent forms found in the Western parts of the world.

It started by a conversation with a French friend the other day, during which I was trying to explain the difference between Vodun and Hoodoo. I was appalled at her ethnocentrism. Western witchcraft was “legitimate” whereas “African “traditions were only backward and superstitious mumbo jumbo”.

I did not change her words unfortunately.

This sort of rebuttal is something I experience very often, and I’m not alone in this. Hence this slightly long and concerned rant.

I wonder if the source of said frustration stems from the ties it has to colonisation in not so faraway times, or the neo-colonisation that still steeps in anything tied to my continent. Our traditions (whether animist, polytheist, etc.) have been beaten, shot, rended from us in order to embrace whichever new monotheistic God came to tread on our soil. In order to survive, and to keep our traditions alive, we needed to conceal them. Cloak them under psalms and surats and give them a new name.  Merge them with what we have never known to keep them safe. 

I wish I had the time to start an in depth study about African religions, by an African for once. Something that has yet to be understood by folks from another part of the world, is that no matter how much you can read  about or experience a culture, there will always be a lens through which you will be experiencing it. A simple ritual will never have the full meaning and significance that it holds to someone who has been living this experience since birth. 

The point of this entire thought is simple: for the love of everything that still remains sacred on this planet, please don’t invalidate someone’s traditions when they don’t align with your own, especially when it’s so very obscure to you. And on the flip side, if you are going to build an interest in said traditions, respect their origins and understand the limits you will find in them for yourself.

When you write or talk about paganism or witchcraft throughout the world, please don’t ignore more than half of the population of the world. And by that, I mean African, Asian, Latin American and South American, Pacific, Mediterranean and other forms of paganism. I don’t mean you should document each and every one of them, hell I don’t know them all. I am eclectic in my practice, so it would be hypocritical of me to confine everyone in their own culture and shun the amazing possibility of sharing and adapting to each other’s paths.

But keep an open mind and invite discussion and education about what you don’t know. We are all just trying to make our own way after all.

P.S. If anyone is interested in a further discussion on the subject, I am more than happy to converse.


“Din..With her strong flaming arms, she cultivated the land and created the red earth. Nayru…Poured her wisdom on to the earth and gave the spirit of law to the world. Farore…With her rich soul, produced all life-forms who would uphold the law. The three great goddesses, their labors completed, departed for the heavens. And golden sacred triangles remained at the point where the goddesses left the world. Since then, the sacred triangles have become the basis of our world's providence. And the resting place of the triangles has become the Sacred Realm.”


Every true Mason has come into the realization that there is but one Lodge - that is, the Universe - and but one Brotherhood, composed of everything that moves or exists in any of the planes of Nature. He realizes that the Temple of Solomon is really the Temple of the Solar Man -Sol-Om-On - the King of the Universe manifesting through his three primordial builders. He realizes that his vow of brotherhood and fraternity is universal, and that mineral, plant, animal, and man are all included in the true Masonic Craft. His duty as an elder brother to all the kingdoms of Nature beneath him is well understood by the true Craftsman, who would rather die than fail in this, his great obligation. He has dedicated his life upon the altar of his God and is willing and glad to serve the lesser through the powers he has gained from the greater. The mystic Mason, in building the eyes that see behind the apparent ritual, recognizes the oneness of life manifesting through the diversity of form. The true disciple of ancient Masonry has given up forever the worship of personalities. With his greater insight, he realizes that all forms and their position in material affairs are of no importance to him compared to the life which is evolving within. Those who allow appearances or worldly expressions to deter them from their self-appointed tasks are failures in Masonry, for Masonry is an abstract science of spiritual unfoldment. Material prosperity is not the measure of soul growth. The true Mason realizes that behind these diverse forms there is one connected Life Principle, the spark of God in all living things. It is this Life which he considers when measuring the worth of a brother. It is to this Life that he appeals for a recognition of spiritual Unity. He realizes that it is the discovery of this spark of Unity which makes him a conscious member of the Cosmic Lodge. Most of all, he must learn to understand that this divine spark shines out as brightly from the body of a foe as it does from t he dearest friend. The true Mason has learned to be divinely impersonal in thought, action, and desire. The true Mason is not creed-bound. He realizes with the divine illumination of his lodge that as Mason his religion must be universal: Christ, Buddha or Mohammed, the name means little, for he recognizes only the light and not the bearer. He worships at every shrine, bows before every altar, whether in temple, mosque or cathedral, realizing with his truer understanding the oneness of all spiritual truth. All true Masons know that they only are heathen who, having great ideals, do not live up to them. Th ey know that all religions are but one story told in divers ways for peoples whose ideals differ but whose great purpose is in harmony with Masonic ideals. North, east, south and west stretch the diversities of human thought, and while the ideals of man apparently differ, when all is said and the crystallization of form with its false concepts is swept away, one basic truth remains: all existing things are Temple Builders, laboring for a single end. No true Mason can be narrow, for his Lodge is the divine expression of all broadness. There is no place for little minds in a great work. The true Mason must develop the powers of observation. He must seek eternally in all the manifestations of Nature for the things which he has lost because he failed to work for them. He must become a student of human nature and see in those around him the unfolding and varying expressions of one connected spiritual Intelligence. The great spiritual ritual of his lodge is enacted before him in every action of his fellow man. The entire Masonic initiation is an open secret, for anyone can see it played ou t on the city street corners as well as in the untracked wilderness. The Mason has sworn that every day he will extract from life its message for him and build it into the temple of his God. He seeks to learn the things which will make him of greater service in the Divine Plan, a better instrument in the hands of the Great Architect, who is laboring eternally to unfold life through the medium of living things. The Mason realizes, moreover, tha t his vows, taken of his own free will and accord, give him th e divine opportunity of being a living tool in the hands of a Master Workman. The true Master Mason enters his lodge with one thought uppermost in his mind: “How can I, as an individual, be of greater use in the Universal Plan? What can I do to be worthy to comprehend the mysteries which are unfolded here? How can I build the eyes to see the things which are concealed from those who lack spiritual understanding?” The true Mason is supremely unselfish in every expression and application of the powers that have been entrusted to him. No true Brother seeks anything for himself, but uns elfishly labors for the good of all. No person who assumes a spiritual obligation for what he can get out of it is worthy of applying for the position even of water-carrier. The true Light can come only to those who, asking nothing, gladly give all to it. The true brother of the Craft, while constantly striving to improve himself, mentally, physically, and spiritually through the days of his life, never makes his own desires the goal for his works. He has a duty and that duty is to fit into the plans of another. He must be ready at any hour of the day or night to drop his own ideals at the call of the Builder. The work must be done and he has dedicated his life to the service of those who know the bonds of neither time nor space. He must be ready at any moment’s notice and his life should be turned into preparing himself for that call which may come when he least expects it. The Master Mason knows that those most useful to the Plan are those who have gained the most from the practical experiences of life. It is not what goes on within the tiled lodge which is the basis of his greatness, but rather the way in which he meets the problems of daily life. The true Masonic student is known by his brotherly actions and common sense. Every Mason knows that a broken vow brings with it a terrible penalty. Let him also realize that failure to live mentally, spiritually, and morally up to one’s highest ideals constitutes the greatest of all broken oaths. When a Mason swears that he will devote his life to the building of his Father’s house and then defiles his living temple through the perversion of mental power, emotional force, and active energy, he is breaking a vow which imposes not hours but ages of misery. If he is worthy to be a M ason, he must be great enough to restrain the lower side of his own nature which is daily murdering his Grand Master. He must realize that a misdirected life is a broken vow and that daily service, purification, and the constructive application of energy is a living invocation which builds within and draws to him the power of the Creator. His life is the only prayer acceptable in the eyes of the Most High. An impure life is a broken trust; a destructive action is a living curse; a narrow mind is a strang le-cord around the throat of God. All true Masons know that their work is not secret, but they realize that it must remain unknown to all who do not live the true Masonic life. Yet if the so-called secrets of Freemasonry were shouted from the housetops, the Fraternity would be absolutely safe; for certain spiritual qualities are necessary before the real Masonic secrets can be understood by the brethren themselves. Hence it is that the alleged “exposures” of Freemasonry, printed by the thousands and tens of thousands since 1730 down to the present hour, cannot injure the Fraternity. They reveal merely the outward forms and ceremonies of Freemasonry. Only those who have been weighed in the balance and found to be true, upright, and square have prepared themselves by their own growth to appreciate the inner meanings of their Craft. To the rest of their brethren within or without the lodge their sacred rituals must remain, as Shakespeare might have said, “Words, words, words.” Within the Mason’s own being is concealed the Power, which, blazing forth from his purified being, constitutes the Builder’s Word. His life is the sole password which admits him to the true Masonic Lodge. His spiritual urge is the sprig of acacia which, through the darkness of ignorance, still proves that the spiritual fire is alight. Within himself he must build those qualities which will make possible his true understanding of the Craft. He can show the world only forms which mean nothing; the life within is forever concealed until the eye of Spirit reveals it. The Master Mason realizes charity to be one of the greatest traits which the Elder Brothers have unfolded, which means not only properly regulated charity of the purse but charity in thought and action. He realizes that all the workmen are not on the same step, but wherever each may be, he is doing the best he can according to his light. Each is laboring with the tools that he has, and he, as a Master Mason, does not spend his time in criticizing but in helping them to improve their tools. Instead of blaming poor tools, let us always blame ourselves for having them. The Master Mason does not find fault; he does not criticize nor does he complain, but with malice towards none and charity towards all he seeks to be worthy of his Father’s trust. In silence he labors, with compassion he suffers, and if the builders strike him as he seeks to work with them, his last word will be a prayer for them. The greater the Mason, the more advanced in his Craft, the more fatherly he grows, the walls of his Lodge broadening out until all living things are sheltered and guarded within the blue folds of his cape. From laboring with the few he seeks to assist all, realizing with his broader understanding the weaknesses of others but the strength of right. A Mason is not proud of his position. He is not puffed up by his honor, but with a sinking heart is eternally ashamed of his own place, realizing that it is far below the standard of his Craft. The farther he goes, the more he realizes that he is standing on slippery places and if he allows himself for one moment to lose his simplicity and humility, a fall is inevitable. A true Mason never feels himself worthy of his Craft. A student may stand on the top of Fool’s Mountain self-satisfied in his position , but the true Brother is always noted for his simplicity. A Mason cannot be ordained or elected by ballot. He is evolved through ages of self-purification and spiritual transmutation. There are thousands of Masons who are brethren in name only, for their failure to exemplify the ideals of their Craft makes them unresponsive to the teachings and purpose of Freemasonry. The Masonic life forms the first key of the Temple and without this key, none of the doors can be opened. When this fact is better realized and lived, Freemasonry will awake, and speak the Word s o long withheld. The speculative Craft will then become operative, and the Ancient Wisdom so long concealed will rise from the ruins of its temple as the greatest spiritual truth yet revealed to man. The true Master Mason recognizes the value of seeking for truth wherever he can find it. It makes no difference if it be in the enemy’s camp; if it be truth, he will go there gladly to secure it. The Masonic Lodge is universal; therefore all true Masons will seek through the extremities of creation for their Light. The true brother of the Craft knows and applies one great paradox. He must search for the high things in lowly places and find the lowly things in high places. The Mason who feels holier than his fellow man has raised a barrier around himself through which no light can pass, for the one who in truth is the greatest is the servant of all. Many brethren make a great mistake in building a wall around their secrets, for they succeed only in shutting out their own light. Their divine opportunity is at hand. The time has come when the world needs the Ancient Wisdom as never before. Let the Mason stand forth and by living the doctrines which he preaches show to his brother man the glory of his work. He holds the keys to truth; let him unlock the door, and with his life and not his words preach the doctrine which he has so long professed. The Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man were united in the completion of the Eternal Temple, the Great Work, for which all things came into being and through which all shall glorify their Creator.

—  Manly P. Hall


Pills that make you think that you are happy
Pills that make you think that you are sad
Pills that make you love most anybody
Pills that make you altogether mad

– “Pills,” lyrics: Charlotte Martin

Life is a button. This button is singularly stuck forever, it seems, on repeat. Loops and whirls; the ouroboros eating itself. The issue was that Sadhbh, seated before double-plated windows (must make sure the inmates do not break out cannot break out. Look at the sunshine, but don’t touch!) could not tell if she was the ouroboros. Or if she was eating herself, inside out. Or if this place…this … 

They called it Sacred Hope. As if anything in a mental hospital remained sacred and as if everyone that came out of here still ticking might do so with hope. 

The world doesn’t like not-crushing hope. 

The hallway she is in is so clean that the caged, wrapped, modern looking fluorescent lights above highlight the solid, faintly bleach-scented pale tiles in long dashes. They reminded her of em dashes from her favorite poetry–as if the reflection of light, too, was pausing to breathe. Sun warmed her through the window. She had a terrible, smog-encrusted view of the city, but did not care. Her hand, at the window, had been there long enough to create a halo of condensation. She breathed out, breathed in, watching the way, for a moment, she could become a little god creating clouds on clear substance. 

Dotted with bolted down chairs beside the windows, the other side of the hallway was painted a cheery, modern bright-spring lime color. Doors painted in the same shade broke the clean flatness of it. Behind each door was an office, each office holding a tiny double-paned, wire in between the glass to reinforce and make sure the outside world could not penetrate within. There were placards by each door. She didn’t read them. She didn’t care. 

She was focused on the sun. On the pale of glass. Her created-clouds. The way chimneys and cars went by (the cars looked like blood passing in viens from up here.)  Not her reflection. 

She didn’t hear the distant footsteps, crisp, clicking on the tiles from down the hall. She didn’t hear the smaller, faster, muted squeak of a nurses shoe trying to keep up with a longer, stronger stride in better shoes. 

She didn’t hear the murmur of voices. 

“As you can see, Mr. Perez,” a gushing, female voice. “The facilities here at Sacred Heart are of the height of new technology designed around–” 

Sadhbh sang a little ditty, to herself: 

Little spring running clear and loud
Nightingale that, in the forest
sings and weeps
Hush, while the cradle rocks–” 

“–our patients needs,” enthusiastic female continued, louder and clearer as they travelled closer to the white girl at the window.  “We’ve also installed several high end computer servers for better patient medication tracking, record tracking and–” 

“–Come, let’s sing a lullabye
Let’s sing a while…” 

The lullabye, tremulous and nearly whispered, trailed off. She did not turn from the window to see who was approaching. 

anonymous asked:

This was a question and answer from Tom in April 2016 (so does single to Tom mean not married): When I asked him for a status update on his dating life this April — he was last rumored to be dating Elizabeth Olsen, his co-star in the Hank Williams biopic I Saw the Light — he said, “I think some things have to remain sacred,” then added, “You could write that I’m single. There’s no ring on this finger.”

Yep I saw that.


I would like to speak to you of Haven—the village in the Frostbacks, close to the Temple of Sacred Ashes. It was home to the Disciples of Andraste, as they called themselves. After the Hero of Ferelden discovered the Temple of Sacred Ashes…what remained of the cult moved on, and Haven was abandoned to the ice and the snow.
Marc Chagall (part of the Jewish Encounter series)

Novelist and critic Jonathan Wilson clears away the sentimental mists surrounding an artist whose career spanned two world wars, the Russian Revolution, the Holocaust, and the birth of the State of Israel. Marc Chagall’s work addresses these transforming events, but his ambivalence about his role as a Jewish artist adds an intriguing wrinkle to common assumptions about his life. Drawn to sacred subject matter, Chagall remains defiantly secular in outlook; determined to “narrate” the miraculous and tragic events of the Jewish past, he frequently chooses Jesus as a symbol of martyrdom and sacrifice.

Wilson brilliantly demonstrates how Marc Chagall’s life constitutes a grand canvas on which much of twentieth-century Jewish history is vividly portrayed. Chagall left Belorussia for Paris in 1910, at the dawn of modernism, looking back dreamily on the world he abandoned. After his marriage to Bella Rosenfeld in 1915, he moved to Petrograd, but eventually returned to Paris after a stint as a Soviet commissar for art. Fleeing Paris steps ahead of the Nazis, Chagall arrived in New York in 1941. Drawn to Israel, but not enough to live there, Chagall grappled endlessly with both a nostalgic attachment to a vanished past and the magnetic pull of an uninhibited secular present.

Wilson’s portrait of Chagall is altogether more historical, more political, and edgier than conventional wisdom would have us believe–showing us how Chagall is the emblematic Jewish artist of the twentieth century.

Visit for a virtual museum of Chagall images.

View on Amazon

~Land of Fireflies~

I come from a land of fireflies
Of sterling moons and florid skies
Where twilight melts the days away
As crickets chirp and sunsets wane
I come from a place of rolling mists
Where man and mammals coexist
Surrounded by a blessed earth
Where mankind values all she’s worth
I come from realms of mystery
Of rooted truth and history
Where sacred stones remain untouched
And Nature is my only judge
I come from a wealth of lullabies
Of boundless realms and twisted vines
Where timeworn trees and bracken groves
Remain man’s vested treasure troves
I come from a time of lessons learned
Where songs were sung as timbers burned
And from those embers, we did rise
To dance beneath star-speckled skies
I come from a land far, far away
Where gallant souls embrace each day
Where virgin meadows rest un-roamed
Within a land I call my home

—  © 2016 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved.
Protect your work!

I’ve already talked in length about secrecy in a couple other posts, found here, and here, but it seems to be coming up more and more these days, and I just want to reiterate the importance of keeping certain practices secret in order to protect them from abuse. For me this is of the utmost importance. 

While I freely talk about folk medicine, remedies, beliefs, and traditions here, there is a lot of what I do that I keep secret. Protecting your work in this way ensures, at least to some degree, that what you are doing will remain sacred, free from the abuses we see all over internet-land. Talking about what you’re doing, or showing images of sacred items/practices, opens a doorway for people to work against you and your clients. Not only is showing the work you’re doing for someone highly unethical, but it also allows others to replicate and sometimes reverse whatever you are doing. And throwing around images of sacred spaces and items leaves you vulnerable to enemies and people who wish you ill. 

Last year I had a bunch of sacred objects, several of which were ancestral objects, stolen from my home, and I’m still not 100% sure it wasn’t someone who might have seen these things photographed and posted on the internet. I learned my lesson, don’t make the same mistake. Mark my words, people will take and twist what you’re doing into something horrible then most likely start selling it to others. 

If you’re thinking to yourself, “But if all this stuff is kept secret how will anybody learn it?” Rest assured that if it’s work knowing, and if you’re really meant to learn something, you can find someone willing to share. But the road is long and difficult, you might actually have to drive somewhere, or God forbid, talk to another human being, or worse, train for a long amount of time. Don’t be lazy. Don’t grab at things because they pop up on instagram or in your Tumblr feed. Do it the right way or don’t do it at all. It’ll mean a lot more in the long run, and you aren’t likely to get caught up in something dangerous or fake.

Protect your work! For yourself, for your ancestors, and for the real folks who one day might learn from it. Treasure what work you do, resist the temptation to share, to post, to photograph. It’s not worth it. So much has already been lost this way. Keep your sharing until that time when you find someone truly worth receiving what you have to offer. 

advice for the signs: cap edition
  • Aries: Your chronic positivity can be draining. A little negativity can be liberating.
  • Taurus: We want to hear your thoughts because we trust your opinion. Not because we're trying to pry. You see yourself as an outsider but our doors are open.
  • Gemini: Don't take people's reaction to you personally. They just don't get it.
  • Cancer: Try to trust others when they say things are under control.
  • Leo: You don't always need to voice your opinion. It's nice for some thoughts to remain sacred.
  • Virgo: You sting without meaning to and it gives you a bad rap. Mind your tone and your wording with others.
  • Libra: Sometimes peace just isn't worth it. Speak your mind and embrace a little havoc.
  • Scorpio: Your intensity is beautiful and you are beautiful. People's put-downs come from a place of ignorance. It really is their loss.
  • Sagittarius: People are not puppets, but if you must play them, at least cover it up.
  • Capricorn: The world isn't going to hell. Try to embrace technology, novelty change and progress.
  • Aquarius: Your time has come so everyone is trying to be like you. Show them how it's done, but don't be bitter.
  • Pisces: Your inner world is glorious, but try not to let it make a mess of the outside one. Take lot of holidays, or at least make personal time to retreat.
honeymew asked you: Hiya Lupa! I'm trying to figure something out: aside of the typical communicating and dancing, are there any bonding exercises I can do with my skin spirits? I know that dancing and communicating are important and require much discipline, but they get hard to do after the first hour x.x Any ideas? :P Thanks!

These are very good bonding exercises, and they’re good active ones. However, sometimes one of the best ways to bond is sleep. I know a lot of people who sleep with their hides piles on their beds, for example. Even skin spirits like to snuggle. It may be necessary to put some of them, such as bones, next to the bed, like on a nightstand. But it’s the close proximity that counts. Some people are even visited by the skin spirits in their sleep! I have had the spirits in the skulls and hides that stay in our bedroom visit me in dreams. Usually it’s just in passing, but sometimes there are longer conversations.

In the same way, carrying or wearing animal parts is another form of proximity. That’s part of why so many people wear fox and other real animal tails–to have a piece of their totem or guiding spirit or chosen symbol close to them, and the spirit within that tail. I’ve also known people to carry or wear entire hides with them, though this is less common. And there’s also jewelry which incorporates small bits of bone or teeth or other small remains. So if there’s a way to carry the remains with you in a way that works, even just around your home, that can also just be a way for you to spend time with the spirits.

Let me know what you think of these ideas :)
Native Americans Protest Planned French Auction of Artifacts
Native American leaders are protesting the latest plan by a Paris auction house to sell off part of their tribal history, and their demand for the return of their ceremonial objects is getting bipartisan support. Hundreds of religious items and art pieces from the Americas, Africa and Asia...
By ABC News

Please support The Pueblo and all Indigenous peoples by urging @UN @French_Gov  @USEmbassyFrance to #StopTheParisAuction. Native remains and sacred ceremonial objects will be auctioned off on Memorial Day. Please make an effort not to post pictures or links of items for auction as that will only drive up the price.


So the idea right now is that Emma’s heart can’t be taken by anyone because she has the heart of true love right ?

okay so…

Regina lost her first love ( true love ?) because Cora ripped his heart out cuz love is weakness…( Cora’s words )

Cora could not rip Emma’s heart out, cuz love is strength ( Emma’s words )

My headcanon will forever be:

Emma’s heart is protected by the literal gods because she was always destined to be Regina’s “replacement” True Love / Savior.

 Literally everything that happened after Regina lost Daniel was meant to lead her to Emma and Henry. (Not going after hood, not killing Snow etc., the curse) The Gods were like:

There was a time
I used to look into my father’s eyes.
In a happy home
I was a king, I had a golden throne.
Those days are gone,
Now the memory’s on the wall.
I hear the songs
From the places where I was born.

Upon a hill across a blue lake,
That’s where I had my first heartbreak.
I still remember how it all changed.

My father said,

“Don’t you worry, don’t you worry, child.
See heaven’s got a plan for you.
Don’t you worry, don’t you worry now.”

Everything in their lives is connected, they are literal twin fucking flames !!!


It is said that Twin Flames, also called Twin Souls, are literally the other half of our soul. Each of the Twins is a ‘complete’ soul in and of itself; in as much as we can describe a part of the whole as being distinctly ‘complete’.  But together both souls create something more.  

Some believe that we each have only one Twin, from which we chose to move apart and effectively go our separate ways, incarnating over many lifetimes, generating a full spectrum of human experience and moving ever closer to expressing more love in the journey to remembering who we truly are.  

It is said that there will be times, when the forces of Creation, driven by the impulse of Life to express every greater beauty and truth, conspire wonderfully to bring the Twins back together again.  Such a reunion holds the promise of something amazing emerging from the power and passion that represents the potential of the Twin relationship.  This reconnection of the One Soul, at a human level, involves the awareness, balance and integration of our masculine and feminine components, raising individual and joint consciousness.  It is also said that the Twins come back together in their last lifetime on the Planet, so that they can ascend together.

Some characteristics of the Reunion are shared by many; such as the initial meeting being wholly unexpected and unanticipated, and in many cases unwanted.  Both Twins may already be in solid committed relationships, many with family and fully established lives.  Both Twins will have evolved independently, to the point of being relatively happy in themselves, and quite sure of their purpose and mission.  Normally, this union tends to be between two relatively evolved souls.  However, when they meet, and recognise each other, a process begins that can challenge and disrupt their lives in ways that neither could have imagined.

Traditionally, when this happened in indigenous cultures, there was an understanding of the phenomenon; and the tribe, village or community would support both families in moving towards the potential - as it was believed to be something that would eventually benefit and elevate everyone.  However, in today’s society, there is oftentimes not this level of awareness and compassion, and the Twins movement towards their shared destiny is seen as fundamentally ‘bad’ and destructive.  

But it must be remembered that the ultimate reality of this relationship is to explore and express Love in a way that can inspire and guide others to do the same.  The experience invites and offers the Twins a profound opportunity to reach towards and make manifest a Love that knows no bounds or limits; a Love that can carry them and anyone who feels the energy, to a deeper sense of Self Love and desire to serve all of Life.  It involves the generation of a shared destiny that is far greater than either Twin could realise on their own.  

The most difficult part of the process can be the desire to integrate the relationship into pre-existing structures.  Many times this is just not possible.  One or both Twins may feel that it is all a bit too much, and collapse or retreat back into their previous lives.  Other times both Twins strive courageously, and with great faith and imagination, to build a life that honours the truth of who they are to their Twin, and their very real existing commitments to their families and communities.  Ultimately, this relationship is borne from Love, and it is elevated by Love.  And as with so much else in the human experience, the level of difficulty and pain experienced and expressed is a perfect reflection of the level of resistance (individual and collective) to what IS, or what is meant to be.

It must be understood, that despite how the relationship might appear to others, it is primarily one that involves spiritual service to the Great Unfolding.  This is the main reason for the Twins finding and reconnecting to each other, as the relationship generates a massive amount of creative energy, which is utilised not just for their own evolution but for the good of all.  The Universe is orchestrating this spiritual potential, and realising it through these unions.  It is a fast and very efficient remedy in the service to the rising expression of consciousness on the planet.

At a human level, where the fear, confusion and resistance tends to manifest, it is sometimes difficult to know if you have met your Twin, or if the intensity of attraction being experienced is actually due to some expression of karmic entanglement.  There are no litmus tests that can be carried out to distinguish the truth of this; it comes down to the depth of feeling and the attraction at a soul and spirit level.  This cannot be meaningfully shared or described to other people, and it remains a sacred secret that exists between the Twins themselves.

It is worth noting, that even if you are completely sure that you have met your Twin, there is absolutely no guarantee that one or both of you will be able to face or indeed survive the intensity of the relationship.  This intensity expresses primarily at a soul level, but will reach out and affect all other aspects of our being.  In such cases, the meeting may act as a catalyst for a conscious acceleration of spiritual development for one or both Twins, which may bring them closer to being able to be together at a practical level.  In essence, the ability to stay together and manifest a coherent and integral life together, including the loving elevation of the families involved, depends on the strength, soul level awareness and overall commitment and service to Love.

One primary element of the the Twin Flame relationship is that your Twin knows you better than any other person in the Universe, even if you have not had much or indeed any time together in ‘real’ life.  This Knowing transcends, experience, personality or habitual behavioural programming, and provides an impetus for change that is fast and furious.  Anything that needs healing is healed; anything that needs letting go of, is let go.  If it isn’t then the Twins know this and together they move towards its resolution, rapidly.

With many Twin Flame reunions, there may even not be a shared language, as they come from very different countries, cultures and backgrounds.  Yet there is a deep similarity, or resonance, that is unmistakable in its expression and presentation.  Each Twin will have their own connection to Spirit, but together it seems as if the communication is enhanced and optimised.  Twins will rapidly establish and utilise a telepathic connection that is very deep and often comic in its expression.  When you look at your Twin, hold them, kiss them, be with them, it is felt with the intense sensation that you have arrived HOME.  Time together is like being in an oasis in the middle of a desert, or seeing the Sun after a year in darkness.  All relationships up to the point of meeting served to prepare the Twins for this.

Twin Flame Love is not automatically expressed as romantic love, although there will be romantic moments.  It is not merely a strong, physical sexual attraction, but that is often a fundamental component.  Basically if you meet your Twin, you will begin to experience a massive internal shake up, a spiritual revolution, which initiates a greater understanding of yourself and the meaning of Divine Oneness.  It is an opportunity to experience and express unconditional Love.  This is the greatest gifts being offered by this relationship.

At a human level, the Twin Flame relationship is a forge of heart activity and continuous spiritual, emotional, mental and physical testing.  Both parties will simultaneously offer the other a chance to let go of old patterns and programs that limit love, and to move towards greater love in all aspects of their lives.  There will be little or no manipulation, as the other feels this intimately and shuts it down immediately.  Your Twin invites you to look into the crystal clear mirror of beauty and truth, to see yourself as you really are, and at the same time holds that vision for you, without condition, doubt or hesitation.  

This relationship is rarely ‘easy’, and will continue to confound and confuse, evoking fear and doubt, and will spread out like a virus (not automatically a bad thing…) infecting and affecting all others in the orbit of this Binary (Twin) Star system.  It will challenge everyone on every level.  It will push each Twin to integrate their masculine and feminine, and to move towards greater self love; the stepping stone to true unconditional Love.  This potential offers the possibility of a love that will endure beyond space and time.  There really is no choice.  It is the beautiful truth.  It is the Beauty and the Truth combined, expressing as Love.

In finishing, it can be said that the Twin Flame relationship can be seen as a bridge to greater understanding and integration of Love.  It brings both Twins and all in their light to a higher state of being and consciousness.  It gives them opportunity to serve something so much bigger than their previous sense, gifting and blessing them with a mission that will affect all life at a planetary level, and beyond.  The individuals within the pairing are not so important; it is the combination of their strengths and capacity to love that opens the doors to loving emergence for all.


and Snowing are twin flames, clearly

2011: Tom and Susannah are public with their relationship. They attend events together, kiss on the red carpet, he mentions her in passing during interviews, all that coupley stuff.

Quotes from Tom during 2011:

-‘I’d rather live my life than worry about it being filmed.’
-'Better to be frowned upon and stay alive than to be respectable and like the living dead.’

2011/2012: Tom and Susannah break up.

2012 - 2016: Tom is very private about his love life. He may have dated Jane and Lizzie but he never confirms.

Quotes from Tom during this period:

- 'I understand the curiosity. I hope one day when there’s really something to write home about I’ll be able to talk.’ (2013)
- 'Do the work, enjoy the work, take it seriously, don’t take yourself seriously, and keep your head down! Nobody else needs to know anything more - and in a way, they really don’t want to.’ (2013/4)
- 'Some things have to remain sacred.’ (April 2016, when asked about Lizzie, who he assumedly had already parted from at this point)

I understand why people are upset. If you look at the quotes between 2012 and earlier this year it does at first glance seem like he’s gone back on his word and is a hypocrite.

But I think the reaction is actually an overreaction, and is conveniently ignoring other factors and events which may have influenced this 'hypocrisy’.

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