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It’s finally rolling into con season for me, which means it’s time for phone charm preorders! I’ll be posting these in small batch posts, so let’s start it off with Fire Emblem!

The FE friends are $10 per charm (not including shipping). If you’re going to be at Otakuthon, though, then you can let me know and we’ll work something out so you don’t have to pay shipping.

You can order them at the following locations!

FE6 [here]
FE7 [here]
FE8 [here]

This is a lightning-round pre-order, though! Which means it’ll only be up a little while. Pre-orders close at 11:59 PM EST on the 10th! That’s tomorrow!

Pre-orders are closed, thank you!

                                           MATTHEW: gift of GOD

I really liked the idea of Jooheon being protected by the tiger’s spirit, and it kinda spiraled out of control into him as some sort of sacred saint. Tibetan tiger prints are my all time favorites since they look so intimidating and powerful, while I also love Cathedral stain glass windows, so this is inspired by literally all kinds of different time periods and cultures. 

I’m so proud of you Jooheon and you are a true gift to us; nothing can stop Monsta X now! *whispers* and the book on the bead chain is the sacred book of rap haha. 

This Sacrament above all inflames the soul with divine love. ‘God is love’ (1Jn.IV,8). And He is the fire which consumes in our hearts all earthly affections: 'The Lord thy God is a consuming fire’ (Dt.IV,24). Now the Son of God came precisely to kindle this fire of love: 'I am come to cast fire in the earth’; and He added that He did not desire other that to see ignited this holy fire in our hearts: 'and what will I, but that it be kindled?’ (Lk.XII,49). And oh what flames of divine love Jesus Christ ignites in each one who devoutly receives Him in this Sacrament!

- Saint Alphonsus

I don’t like to use the term “to create” in connection with art. Man has, ever since he emerged, attempted to make images. Images whereby he can begin to approach an identification with the cosmos. Sacred art, the sacred in art, is a relatively successful attempt to achieve the unattainable…
   I don’t think the function of art is to be “art.” We make it that. And teach it in our art history courses. The function of art has been to communicate ethical, religious values. And it can be done with a landscape or it can be done with a portrait…
   Go into the Blue Mosque and the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul where space, rather than the object, is really the sacred thing, and you become identified with it - you’re enveloped with the space and light…
   The sacred in art is, in a sense, really divorced from the religion or the faith or the socio-political structure. It’s that little spark which tends to unite man to man over the centuries, over the millenia, and that I find the enriching thing…

Ron Bloore       ,    Speaking at the CBC-TV Symposium on the Sacred in Art, printed in artscanada, April/May 1971

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Hey you guys! So I’ve started making prints of some of my work. I’m really excited and would love your support. I’m using this guy as my test run, if you would like one, I have some 8 x 10 prints available for $15. Let me know if you would like one, I could even add color if it’s something that anyone would be into. :) thanks beautiful people. I hope you all have a beautiful day.