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LOL...I just have to add on to what that anon was saying about no longer being able to enjoy Harvest Moon because none of the male characters in there are like Hak. We share mutual feelings because I've had many anime/video game crushes growing up but I realize I've never crushed on any of them the way I'm crushing on Hak. He really is the whole package when it comes to husband material. He's so cool, amusing, sexy, protective, understanding, and unselfish. And, and he does laundry!!!!

Haha, I’m glad(?) you and the other anon are feeling the same way Harvest Moon anon 2.0 :D Personally, I feel that not just Hak but many of the AkaYona male characters have definitely altered the types of male characters I look for in animanga, because I just love them all!! *sighs* Sensei, what have you done to us, writing such lovely men?? 

(But you’re right there anon, who doesn’t love a man that can also do the laundry - and do it well ;D)


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Mutton slapped the mask salesman on the back if you’re wondering. He’s trying to be friendly…


First haul to break $1000!!! So happy rn ☺️💖✨


💖 Calvin Klein black modern t-shirt bra $60
💖 Calvin Klein black flirty push up bra $70
💖 Calvin Klein black bikini slip x2 $50
💖 Emporio Armani ladies knitted push up bra $80
💖 Levante Lev Maiella crew socks $17
💖 JT ONE Aqua lace bra $25
💖 Heidi Klum jet/cameo rose midi brief $35
💖 Heidi Klum jet/cameo contour balconnet bra $70
💖 Heidi Klum black/toasted almond hipster mesh with lace $17
💖 Heidi Klum black/toasted almond fit bra mesh with lace $45
💖 Heidi Klum pristine/toasted almond hipster mesh with lace $17
💖 Papinelle cashmere blend bed socks (charcoal) $30
💖 Agent Provocateur Stephanie brief (Ivory) $140
💖 Country Road bar fine necklace (rose gold) $50
💖 L'Occitane almond milk hand creme $14

✨ LUSH ✨

💖 The Sacred Truth mask $14
💖 Rosy Cheeks mask $14
💖 Gorgeous moisturiser $75
💖 BB Seaweed Fresh Face mask $14
💖 Magical Moringa Moisturiser $55


💖Witchery rib socks x2 $26
💖Kikki K slim ballpoint pen 5pk $10
💖Colette drop bar earrings x2 $16
💖Victoria’s Secret Secret Angel fragrance mist $49
💖Sportsgirl pout about it lipstick x2 $20

✨💎 TOTAL $1,019!!! 💎✨

My mom bought the “sacred truth” mask at lush yesterday and holy crap I don’t think my face felt this amazing in forever, as soon as I washed it off my face felt like a baby and was soooo hydrated and plump feeling. It’s like the best thing ever for dry skin, I need a gallon for winter lol