sacred geometry in space

Lots of changes lately. Mentally, physically, emotional. I’ve been regaining my sense of self and feeling my self esteem rise after being torn down for what seems like has been so long. I’m exercising, living in a new city, and peeling back the mysteries of the universe. Out of ashes I am being reborn.


So, this is happening! This is the first 3 cards of the oracle deck that I am making called Universal Messages. The credit on the pictures above will NOT be on the final product, but because I’m very proud of these so far and don’t want them stolen, I’m using a credit for now. My plan for this deck is 15-20 cards and I will be making it available on The Game Crafter once it’s complete!

Universal messages exist to connect you to your inner comsic nature and always remind you of the bigger picture. We all have a higher purpose in this life. Ironically, life itself can get in the way of us reaching those divine potentials. That’s when the Universal Messages come in; magical, synchronistic nudges from the other realms that offer guidance and insight for our lives on Earth.

There are synchronicities in every form imaginable, but the Universe has it’s patterns. We can see these in geometry and mathematics - Universal language. Crop circles & sacred geometry are perfect examples. Geometry has been used for thousands of years to represent many concepts and spiritual truths. These patterns can be seen in Nature, showing that all is connected.

Repeating numbers, also known as angel numbers, are a phenomena that occurs to many that have had spiritual awakenings. Whether its 11:11 on the clock or seeing 333 & other variations, these numbers all carry messages and appear to us at certain times for a reason. There are no coincidences!

The goal of this deck is to connect you with these signs so that they may appear in your life more often. It aims to help you understand these signals and be able to connect with the vast and wonderful cosmos we are in.

Cards beautifully adorned with a NASA Hubble image will bring calm and a feeling of oneness with the Universe. Each card has a geometric design and corresponding number, along with words associated with that number.

Whether you believe your messages come from extraterrestrials, angels, spirits, etc. doesn’t matter with this deck because the messages are Universal. Starseed and Indigo children may be especially drawn to this deck! You can draw as many cards as you would like at a time, but 1-3 cards is ideal. You can use this deck for the purpose of daily readings, as well.

May this deck provide the guidance your soul desires.