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Abbe Paris. Sacred Geometry, The Solar System, The Cause of Spring and Neap Tides, The Apparent Direct and Retrograde Motion of Venus or Mercury, The Earth’s Rotundity, The Eccentric Revolution of a Comet Round the Sun, The Diurnal Motion of the Earth, The Annual Motion of the Earth Round the Sun, The Eclipses of the Sun with the Transit of Venus. The Elements of Astronomy Explained. 1795.


Fractal Cities - A Geometry of Form and Function

This book presents an initial attempt to apply fractal geometry to cities. In fact, we go beyond this and argue that cities are fractal in form, and that much of our pre-existing urban theory is a theory of the fractal city.

In terms of theory, we show here that the architect’s physical determinism concerning the city can be captured and elaborated in terms of fractals while the geographer’s concern for the economic theory of location is entirely consistent with the use of fractal ideas.

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Sacred Geography: Deciphering Hidden Codes in the Landscape

The land shimmers with sacred power. From prehistoric times on, our ancestors were aware of this. They sought healing, wisdom, and shamanic access to the spirit realm through interaction with the powerful forms of the natural world, and they built their ritual sites in intimate harmony with its contours.


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Sian - Sacred Geography (Original)

Sacred Geography: Deciphering Hidden Codes in the Landscape

In this book, you’ll join writer Paul Devereux as he travels the globe-from the Scottish Isles to the mountains of Tibet, from the Australian Outback to the deserts of South America-in a quest to unlock the potent spiritual meaning of hills, caves, and standing stones. Attending closely to the archaeological evidence and making use of the latest research technologies, Devereux shows us how to look at our surroundings through our ancestors’ eyes-once again perceiving the sacred geography that is everywhere embedded in the landscape.