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What  plants can be used for smudging /healing?

‘Sage’ of (all kinds), cedar, juniper, sweet grass and lavender are plants that are used to make ( sticks) (smudging bundles) for removing negative energy, from  spaces, sacred items and also for healing.

With all the energies moving in and around your home its a great time to set the stage with a quick cleansing. Smudge the entryways and corners with sage, sweetgrass, juniper, or cedar. You can also asperge (sprinkle) with salt water moving counterclockwise from one room to the next. As you work repeat the following:
May the winds inspire you
earth protect you
water heal you, and
fire always warm the hearth
As you move through the space, clap your hands to disperse old, stagnant energy, then use a bell or rattle to welcome fresh, sacred energy. If you have one or more sleigh bells, they’re perfect for this Midwinter cleansing.

Since it is believe, in many cultures, that the plants we use to burn and purify ourselves provides us with access to their soul and power, it is essential that people ask  permission before gathering these plants. To take only what you need without damaging the plant and give thanks for what  you take. ‘My advise is to learn how to grow your own ‘healing plants’ and then use them however you wish’. (Recently I was given some  fresh picked ‘Juniper and cedar’ sticks. they smelled so awesome and I like using them in my house for cleansing)… 

‘Remember if you do not pick these plants yourself, know that someone else did that for you and that you could still give thanks for the life of those plants and the people who did pick them’.  Smudge is not an incense.   Don’t buy smudge sticks from health food stores or from anywhere that you can’t be sure the sacred plant was not treated respectfully  from seedling to harvest, as these are sacred herbs/plants. Please don’t abuse the plant.

image: source from my stumbleupon gif  (2008)

Freya, Goddess of gold,
inspire me today.
Teach me to walk through my day
with pride in my own being,
with confidence,
with power.
Goddess of fiery passion,
bless me with the insight
to the marrow of my bones
that I am a person of worth
in the eyes of the Gods
the eyes of the ancestors
and of myself.
May I radiate this
and transforms all I meet.
That is my prayer for this day, oh great and powerful Goddess,
that I may mirror Your presence throughout my day.
In return, I shall praise You always,
and lay amber before Your image,
consigning it to the sacred fires that burn
when the day is at its longest.
Hail Freya, shining Goddess of gold.
I praise You.

The following are photos from my research on young shamans in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. All photographs are with permission for publication and full approval of the shaman.  

The shaman prepares to put on protective mirrors prior to calling his ancestral spirits

A family member, acting as attendant, helps the shaman adjust his massive ceremonial regalia, weighing betweeen 40 and 50 kg (88-110 lbs)

Fully possessed by a Grandfather Spirit (male ancestral spirit) , leaning forward to give consultation and advice. The blue mat is where private consultation attendees can sit to directly address the spirit.

The shaman prepares his drum by anointing it with milk and/or vodka

Wearing a different maihavch, or mask/headdress, grandmother spirit addresses an attendee (cropped for privacy)

Prior to becoming possessed by his spirits, the shaman drums to call the spirits into the sacred area. His attendant burns ganga (wild mountain thyme) around the sacred area.

As the shaman begins to drum, the attendant braces his. At the moment the spirit enters his body, his movement will become very strong.

Grandfather Spirit addresses the collected attendees

Invocation of Kernunnos

By the sacred flame burning bright
O’ Ancient One!
We call yer name of this night
O’ Witch-father!
To joy and terror yer here
O’ Hedge-lord!
We hear your foot steps drawing near
O’ Sitter-Between!
Let us join our ancestors Sabbath
O’ Antler’d Devil!

Turn yer three ever-watching eyes to thee
Bring our spirits across the boundary with glee
Let our souls fly till dawns break
and our nightly flight be enough to sate
The Liminal One We call Tonight

Kernunnos O’Nyrt!
Rise from the Dirt!

Nema! Nema! Nema!

This is my personal invocation to Kernunnos (or alternatively, Cernunnos), my patron god, a liminal Gaulish god of the dead, wealth, and hedge-crossing.

Feel free to use it or alter it as you see fit.

The Aries Witch ♈ Easy ways to cleanse your sacred spaces!

Burn sage and dragon’s blood incense.
Smudging is one of the oldest and fastest ways for how to remove negative energy from your home.Open your front door and the windows in the house. Starting from the back of the space, light the sage and walk around the room covering as much of it as you can. Using a feather or feather fan, waft the sage smoke into the corners of the room up to the ceiling. Make sure to go into every room as you move from the back of the house to the front. When you’ve reached the front, walk out the door and sage around the door and frame. Then, leave the sage outside to allow it to burn off. Afterwards, light dragon’s blood incense and walk through the home again. With so much negative energy in today’s world, this wards off that energy on a deeper level.

Salt the corners of each room.
Pour salt into the four corners of your rooms and let the salt sit for 48 hours. This will absorb the negative energy of previous owners, if you are just moving in, or the negative energy of people who are sick or fighting. After the 48 hours, either vacuum or sweep the salt and throw it away. For extra protection, grind up saffron and mix it in with the salt. In Tibetan tradition, evil energies do not like the smell of saffron, so they won’t enter a space if saffron has been used.

Protect your entrances.
Your entrances and windows act as entrances for energy to enter your home from the exterior. Keeping these areas purified is essential for maintaining a healthy energetic environment. Fill up a bucket of water, and add the juice of five lemons, a cup of salt and ¼ cup of ammonia or white vinegar. Clean all of your doors, doorknobs and windows in your space— don’t forget to wear gloves. This is especially powerful for when people have entered your home or when there seems to be a lot of chaos in the world outside of your home. Afterward, pour sea salt by all your entrances to your home under a doormat to prevent the energy from entering.

Grid with protection crystals.
Black tourmaline absorbs negative energy from both people and things. The best way to use black tourmaline is to place a piece in each corner of a room. Doing so builds a protective shield of to prevent negative energy from entering your space. It also absorbs electromagnetic energy, so keeping it near your Internet router, television, computer, and other devices protects you from their harmful energy. Black tourmaline eases anxiety and depression, so holding it in your hands can pull the negative energy from your own body out. Cleanse these protection crystals once a week to ensure they stay powerful by placing them in a bowl of filtered water and putting them in the sun for at least 4 hours. You can also immerse them in the smoke of burning sage.

Add sound to your space.
If you think about a haunted house, an image of a deserted house might come to mind. This quiet space attracts negative energy and other spirits, which is why sound is a powerful cleansing method for the home. Walk through your home with ringing a bell, chime or singing bowl to prevent negativity from dwelling in your space.


I’ve compiled a short list of some very beneficial herbs to keep in your Witches’ Cupboard if you have one, or if you want to start one.

I’ve also listed “The Witches’ 3 X 3” – a list of nine healing herbs, indicated by an (***) sign.


Pain reliever, heals skin – lips, nose, burns. Sacred to the Godess, used in full moon rituals as an offering to the Goddess, purification, promotes celibacy, heightens physical energy.


treats colds, reduces fever, aids indigestion, curbs flatulence. Strengthens the psychic bond between humans and animals; for courage, true love, lasting happiness.


Very important first aid herb. Does not burn the skin or inner tissues, but feels hot. Helps coagulate blood, internally and externally. Can be sprinkled directly onto a bleeding cut. Good for heart disease.


Soothing to the body & mind, sedative before bed as a tea, mind pain reliever as a compress/ For good luck or changing your luck, prevents lightning strikes to your house or person, prosperity, meditation aid.


Eases toothache pain, calms stomach pain, relieves gas. Banishes hostility or negative energy, increases personal gain, clears a cloudy mind, increases friendship or love.


Pain relief, allergy & cough suppressant. Used in spells for wealth, prosperity & love.


Very nutritious. Sooths the stomach, heals sprains, strains, fractures, sores, arthritis. Used in protection spells and safety when travelling.


Aphrodisiac, improves digestion, relieves cough. Use in sex magick spells, for clairvoyance, divination.


Protection, luck, for a raise or new job; invisibility.


Aids digestion, can be chewed or brewed to tea for weight loss, gas relief, halitosis. Imparts strength & sexual virility. Prevents curses.


Cleanses system internaly. Take at the onset of colds or flu. Doubles money in gambling, use to win in court. Sex magick, hex breaking, aids psychic powers.


Good for hair, skin, digestion, lungs, blood health. Lowers cholesterol & blood pressure. Good for ear infections. Heals colds, flu. Tincture by steeping in olive oil. Use for magickal healing, protection, exorcism.


Relaxing stimulant! Use after large meals to settle stomach, induces perspiration while sweating out a fever, aids the liver. Powerful aphrodisiac when sprinkled in steeping raspberry leaf tea.


Rejuvenates & promotes longevity. Andi-depressant. Use with St. John’s Wort. Equalizes blood pressure & digestion. For use in love spells, beauty & healing spells.


All purpose healing. Gargle with cold brew for a sore throat, use as a poultice for cuts, abrasions, minor contusions. Use in spells for success in gambling.


Anti-spasmodic. Remedy for itchy-skin or mild hives. Apply fresh brew or tonic to skin. Sweetens breath. Attracts love. Use for dream work or divination.


To conquer any situation. To win at gambling, in court. For good luck, money, love, health, protection. To find lost items.


Calmes nervous tic, use as a poultice for snakebite. Attracts money & love. For use in divination, charging crystals, moon magick.


Powerful when used as an aphrodisiac. Potion to induce visions, use in astral travel work, for protection in travelling.


ALL PURPOSE. Stomach problems, nausea & vomiting (used as a tonic) healing, inner peace, peace of mind, anti-stress, finding love, money, protection, attracting good spirits & faeries, purification, peaceful sleep, headache relief, menstrual cramp relief (when inhaled).



Anti-spasmodic, anti-convulsive for epileptic seizures or temper tantrums. Calms pain in small doses, muscle spasms, tension headaches, menstrual cramps. Helps to end addictions & sooth withdrawls symptons.


Appetite stimulant, digestive aid. Visions, dreams, clairvoyance, protection, strength in travelling. To consecrate divination tools, to add or boost power in tools of scrying.


Reverses spells, peacefully gets rid of trouble makers. Use in clairvoyance, divination, sex magick. Use to manifest & draw money.



Repels insects, calms skin itch or nervous itch. Treats & soothes nausea, treats colds & flu. Use in consecration rituals, exorcism.


Soothes nausea & upset stomach, heartburn, colds, flu. Calming, good for motion sickness. Promotes peaceful sleep, visionary dreams. Boosts psychic abilities.


Blood detoxifier for treatment of poison ivy, snakebite, bee stings, mosquito bites, etc. Apply juice of crushed leaves to bites & stings. Reapply often, drink brew of leaves made into tea, eat & chew on fresh leaves.


for kidney strength, infections. Diarreah, nausea, colds and flu. Calming to the nerves as a tonic. Promotes peaceful sleep. Use for visionary work, protection, love spells.


Nerve stimulant, digestive aid. Aids memory, soothes headache, eases depression when inhaled. Use for protection, exorcisms, purification, healing, stimulate lust. Powerful fumitory.


Very nutritious, high in Vitamin C. Take for colds or flu, reduces fever. Mild laxative, good for acne. For spells concerning good luck, use to summon good spirits.


Use as an antiperspirant, healing to wounds. Aids digestion, relieves muscle and joint pain. Gargle to heal sores of the mouth & gums. Healing to colds & flu, reduces fever, preservative. For use in spells for wisdom, healing, money, protection, longevity, powerful fumitory for ritual.


Use a poultice for bruises & minor contusions, reduces fever. For use in clairvoyance & protection spells, purification, meditation. Burned in rituals, aids in magickal work, stimulates sexual urges, aids in healing spells.


Tranquilizer & anti-insomniatic. Sedative (mild to moderate) Eases nervous tension, drug & alcohol withdrawl symptoms, eases menstrual symdrome. Use for fidelity, commitment. Relieves anxiety. Promotes relaxation & peaceful feeling.


Wound healing, immune system booster. Anti-insomniatic, headache relief, eases menstrual cramps. Powerful anti-depressant. Use for protection, exorcism, courage, divination rituals.



For guud luck, draws money, attracts material desires. Wish magick.


Calms nerves, sleep aid. Treats nervous conditions. Antispasmodic. Reduces blood pressure. Use in love magick, purification, divination, black magick.


For minor pains and headache, tooth ache, arthritis, other inflammations. For restful sleep, calming nerves. For protection, purification, consecration, potions for love, creativity.


Because so many herbs are potentially poisonous in various amounts, take extreme caution when dealing with a plant or herb you’re unsure of. Consult a physician, pharmacist or horticulturist before ingesting anything you are uncertain of!


The elements align and the primal fire flows. From the tail of a Phoenix towards the head of a dragon, all currents flow in all directions.

Space does not move … thought does.

Artist: Keith Prossick

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Litany of Troubleshooting

We check the power cord, for from the Omnissiah we draw strength and wisdom!

We confirm that the blessed power switch is in the on position, for only when our minds are opened do we receive Your gifts!

We reboot the sacred cogitator, for Thy wisdom demands we rededicate ourselves to the guidance of the Omnissiah!

We bow our heads, striking our foreheads with our palms, for we are unworthy of your divine wisdom!

We clear the cache, for true sight demands an unhindered mind!

We enter the terminal input modes and perform the rites of reconfiguration upon the wayward Graphical Data Manager, for your servants must be returned to the path!

We strike our foreheads once more, for thy rebuke is stern!

We reset the Administrator Authority, for the authority has been given unto us through divine will!

We curse the Adept who made this machine, for the Omnissiah abhors incompetence!

We boot in safe mode, for we are safe in thy mechanical embrace!

We configure a new boot disk, for through the revelations of the Omnissiah are we guided to perfection!

We reboot the system once more, for we must allow thy revelations to work in our minds!

We re-install the sacred operating system, for thy revelations can only improve upon the imperfect machine!

We undertake the rituals of compilation, pacing about and muttering swear words of devotion, burning sacred tobacco incense, breathing in its relaxing fume, for thy works are many and take some time to complete!

We offer our minds in prayer as we boot up the cogitator, for clearly the cogitator needs divine intervention for its continued proper function!

At long last, we offer praises unto thee upon the completion of the rites of troubleshooting, singing “Omnissiah-dammit, that took for-fucking-ever!”

Daenerys Targaryen: Wants to start a war for the crown she believes belongs to her by right, as the heir to her father, who was King, as per the basic principle of hereditary monarchy. Doesn’t know for sure how the people of Westeros would feel about it.

Fandom: What an entitled, selfish bitch! 

Stannis Baratheon: Started a war to win the crown he believes belonged to him by right, as the heir to his brother, who was King, a as per the basic principle of hereditary monarchy. Knows for sure that he’s not particularly popular with the people of Westeros.

Fandom:  Yeah, go Stannis! Stannis is the one true king! #StannistheMannis

Daenerys Targaryen: Is 16. Has one chapter in one book where she is having sex for pleasure (not particularly graphic or described in detail) with her lover Daario, who she’s quite infatuated with.

Fandom: Booo, what is this book, Fifty Shades of Grey? She’s turned into a foolish hormonal girl and clearly cannot ever be a competent ruler.

Tyrion Lannister: Is in his mid-20s. Has multiple chapters across three books where he is having sex for pleasure (in some cases quite graphic and described in detail) with his lover/prostitute Shae, who he’s quite infatuated with.

Fandom: Shae is a bitch, but Tyrion is cool.

Daenerys Targaryen: Led by her idealism, this teenage leader tries to implement huge reforms in a society that’s stuck in the past; fails, due to a number of reasons, including her inability to really understand and properly read her direct subordinates; as a result, suffers an assassination attempt.

Fandom: She is clearly completely incompetent and can never be a good ruler.

Jon Snow: Led by his idealism, this teenage leader tries to implement huge reforms in a society that’s stuck in the past; fails, due to a number of reasons, including his inability to really understand and properly read his direct subordinates; as a result, suffers an assassination attempt.

Fandom: Jon is the man! He is the hero of the book, Azor Ahai, the Prince that Was Promised, all three heads of the dragon combined, future King of Westeros, future King in the North, and the Song of Ice and Fire.

Daenerys Targaryen: After violently conquering the cities in the (ancient and “civilized”) Slaver’s Bay, and deciding to stay and rule in Meereen, abolishes slavery, but then tries to conform to other local customs as much as possible, making compromises.

Fandom: How dare she interfere with other cultures and impose her cultural norms on the (rich) people of Meereen, Astapor and Yunkai, denying their rights and freedoms to enslave the people from other cultures! GRRM clearly meant her to represent white colonialism, George W. Bush, and Satan, rolled into one!

Stannis Baratheon: After violently defeating the wildling army, decides to settle the (”uncivilized” and “wild”) wildlings south of the Wall, but makes no effort to understand their culture, imposes another religion on them, and lets its priestess burn their sacred trees.

Fandom: Stannis is awesome. #StannistheMannis

Fandom: Clearly, hatred for Daenerys has absolutely nothing to do with sexism. 

Oh, Icarus;
Who knew that the very fire that
Coursed through your veins and
Filled you with sacred breath
Would burn you out.

Now you are ashes,
And he weeps for you –
He knew you were
Destined to be doomed
After all 
(He knew all along)

He saw your joy;
He saw your fall –
And he weeps for the
Woefulness of it all
Your wretched soul in
The Underworld
The very opposite of
Where you wanted to be.

—  the boy who flew too high (and crashed too fast)


To find the shock and awe in the realization of the amazing world that you never realized surrounded you. Samvega

When the 4 alchemical symbols of the elements are aligned in balance with one another, they open up space-time and allow the 5th element to manifest, consciousness awakens to the universe.

Always remember to Stop, Drop and Roll!

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