sacred boy

In the middle of battle:
  • Bard: I use Prestidigitation on a leaf and I eat it.
  • DM: uuhhhh.... what?
  • Bard: I'm concentrating on this Faerie Fire but I want to do something so I'm gonna eat a leaf.
  • DM: um. Okay. Roll for it.
  • *rolls a 3*
  • DM: it tastes like shit.
  • Bard: I eat it anyways.

The Rifter Series by Ginn Hale / Character: John Toffler/Jath‘ibaye

there were even times–when he pressed his hands down […] to the dark, rich earth–that he almost sensed something reciprocal, a warmth beneath his fingers […]  he sensed that the very earth felt his affection and returned that sentiment.

[Ravishan] [previous John]

so that weird tangent awhile ago about me living in a tiny house by the sea being a fisherman with little ladybug boots sparked me to FINALLY look into Wadonohara and the great blue sea (sea witch and the sea folks) 

I’m crying I love it so much its so cute but SO INTENSE but something tells me this is going to be the summer of the sea 

to meet joshua you gotta flip a coin behind a bar and get tails five times in a row then down the coin with an entire bottle of vodka in exactly 31 seconds, but you can only do it on a tuesday night at 10 pm and the day has to be the 11th

and to meet lute you have to eat 1,287 pears with hot sauce in one sitting