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Alas!! 8x16" Gicleé prints of the greatest masterpiece / activation painting to date “Goddess of the Sacred Feminine” by visionary artist Tori Bird Pope @jah-feel are now available to bless your heart and hOMe!
~Printed on Epson Ultra Smooth Fine Art paper~
~One inch boarder around image~
~100% recycled cardboard backing
~100% recycled plastic seal
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***Painted & Printed in Kaua‘i***

“As the caterpillar enters the cocoon. A new life enters the womb. Pure soul awaiting to be reborn. Merging into physical form. A butterfly emerges in the heart of the mother. Transformation into unconditional love like no other. Inhale. Exhale. Repeat. Opening and releasing. Rainbows crystallize by her feet. In her aura these colors meet. Visualize. Connecting to the soul star above. Raining down golden Christ light and love. Purifying. Cleansing. Healing within. “I call upon the violet flame.” The violet flame begins to burn. Transmuting any and all illusion into love. Surrounding the goddess. Grounding the light & love from above. Through the sacral and the root. Creating a grounding cord. Penetrating Mother Earth towards her center. Raising the vibration of our planet through this practice. Breathing. In and out. Focus. Feel the love of the light fill your closed eyes. The creator within us all. The throat opens. Truth of Gods love begins to sing out in hues of blues. “WE ARE ONE!” She sings. Indigo light in her third eye rings. The truth of this creation. One being reflected into all forms of manifestation. “A baby, another me, another we.” Feeling the body lighten. How to let it all go and not be frightened? To know there is no end. Never fear. Just the beginning of a new life. Rebirthing into a higher light. Surrender. Giving love with every breath. Release the grip of fear and begin to fly. An owl in the starry night sky. Looking down at your creation. What a pleasure it is to come to this realization. One with it all. I open my eyes. To a visionary painting, created to see through all the lies.”
~Tori Bird Pope

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Have you seen these fabulous feathers strutting around the Zoo? The Indian peafowl is the national bird of India and is protected in that country. To Hindus, the peafowl is a sacred bird; the spots on the peacock’s train symbolize the eyes of the gods. (📷: Jerry Phan)


Within DEITIES verse, a variety of divine creatures can be found inhabiting both Duat and the overworld of Egypt. These beings – who often appear as composite hybrids of different animals – are not generally regarded as “gods” in their own right, or to the same degree as true deities, but they also do not share the primal affinity to chaos energy that demons have. Instead, divine creatures are known to serve as allies, protectors, and companions to other beings, and many are revered as sacred beings by both deities and mortals.

Okay so this is why I’ve been more quiet than usual this week, had to wait until I completed ALL THESE DESIGN REFS for the new Divine Creatures notes! These are mainly concepts and variations/examples of how certain creatures from the mythology appear in DEITIES verse. Visual designs and notes may be adjusted as the project develops, and hopefully I can do some color tests and other artwork of these creatures at a later point in between drafting o)9

UPDATED JUNE ‘17: Just completed new artwork for two new divine creatures – The Sacred Cattle and the Ouroboros, both of which have also been added to the updated notes!

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Persephone- goddess of spring and queen of the underworld (x)

Some nagging thoughts

Dear Steph, I love your blog! I want to share some thoughts with you.

1) AMMO- When we see the word AMMO on screen when Sherlock talks to Mycroft it flips on screen reading OMMA. OMMA is ancient greek for EYE. Also the owls-statuettes that we see through TST, owls have night vision and they are the sacred bird of Athena goddess of wisdom.Also the norse god Odin gave his eye for wisdom.

2) Vampire - Sherlock rises as if from the dead (although he is risen already-like a vampire from death) when Mary drugs him, in a crypt, and gets out of the desanctified church (from TAB), his lair, in an unnecessary gothic show with lightning and rain and gothic arches. So who else could be the vampire messaging John?

3) Daisies - The daisy is symbolic of the death of an infant in celtic mythology.

4) White roses - Seen in euru’s office when she is a doctor. Symbolic of pure love and new beginnings and used in weddings.

5) Fern - I may be mistaken but it must be a fern. A fern decorative piece in eurus’s office. A fern on the wall of the Watson’s living room. A fern as a brooch warn by lady Smallwood and Mrs Hudson. Ferns symbolize Ying and Yang two opposites coming together.

6) It’s old actually but I think that on Angelo’s sign we can see two lilies - the big ones. Symbol of male sexuality.

Well, sorry for any mistakes, I’m not a native speaker and I have a fever, but really I had to write it down.Thank you !

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Well, I think you did fabulous for someone who has a fever! I’ve spaced this out for easier reading, but all in all this is all so very interesting!! Thank you for sharing your thoughts!! I don’t know much about symbolism as a whole, but I enjoy reading other people’s interpretations of it all!

White Swan Patronus Aesthetic


White swans also known as mute swans are often the patronus of a person who it’s full of love to give, they protect the people they are close to and will make a life long friend or partner. People with this patronus are beautiful both inside and out. They tend to be extroverted, hopeful and fun to be around.

Swans are often referred to within media as a symbol of love and fidelity because of the fact they have long lasting and often monogamous relationship with their partner. The imagery of two swans forming a heart with there neck could also have a lot to do with this.

A common reference to swans within classic literature is that mute swan would sing beautifully upon it’s own death hence the phrase ‘swan song’.

The white swan is also one of the sacred birds of Apollo, whose associations stem both from the nature of the bird as a symbol of light as well as the notion of a “swan song”. The god is often depicted riding a chariot pulled by or composed of swans.

One Irish legend is about the Children of Lir, their stepmother transformed her children into swans for 900 years. The wooing of Etain is another legend that includes swans , the king of the Sidhe transforms himself and the most beautiful woman in Ireland, Etain, into swans to escape from the king of Ireland and Ireland’s armies.

In Norse mythology it is said that two swans drank from the well of Urd, in the realm of Asgard, home of the gods. According to the prose Edda, the water of this well is so pure and holy that all things that touch it turn white, including this original pair of swans and all others descended from them.

Swans are revered in Hinduism, and are compared to saintly persons whose chief characteristic is to be in the world without getting attached to it, just as a swan’s feather does not get wet although it is in water. The Sanskrit word for swan is hamsa and the “Raja Hamsam” or the Royal Swan is the vehicle of Goddess Saraswati which symbolises the “Sattva Guna” or purity par excellence. Therefore, Goddess Saraswati the goddess of knowledge is seen riding the swan because the swan thus symbolizes “Viveka” i.e. prudence and discrimination between the good and the bad or between the eternal and the transient.

It is mentioned several times in the Vedic literature, and persons who have attained great spiritual capabilities are sometimes called paramahamsa (“Supreme Swan”) on account of their spiritual grace and ability to travel between various spiritual worlds. In the Vedas, swans are said to reside in the summer on lake manasarovar and migrate to Indian lakes for the winter.

Within the U.K. The white (mute) swans are protect by the queen. This was originally done on the name of the crown within the 12th century to stop people of a lower class depriving the royals of their favourite banquet dish.

Today swans are no longer eaten but are still protected by the Queen, it is a criminal offence to harm a swan in anyway. Within the 1980s the swan population decreased due to a particular type of lead weight being used in fishing and due to this they were banned from being used.

Magical Aromatics

I’m often asked about cleansing and blessing an environment. I do cleansings of my whole home every month. I’ve put together this post to help you with this.

Firstly you need to get a bundle of sage. It’s sold in most new age shops. Sage is often bundled with other herbs. Which you choose will depend upon your personal desires. Sometimes the sage was gathered green and is still moist, or has been stored in a humid area. This will make the sage difficult to light and you will need to keep a lighter with you.

When you light the sage, get a good smoke going. Carry a large shell or other container to catch the ashes.

Some people prefer to have the sage burn in the shell, and use a feather to distribute the smoke. The feather can be of a bird sacred to you or just something thats handy.

Before you begin, cleanse yourself by holding the bundle or feather and allow the smoke to flow over and around you.

Speak your incantation. Since this is a very personal thing, you will need to create it yourself. In my case I ask the Lord and Lady to bless me. I also prefer to rhyme my incantations, and repeat it three times.

Now you will go around your entire environment, waving the sage, getting the smoke into every nook and cranny. You will repeat an incantation of blessing and cleansing. When you reach doors and windows make sure to bless all who enter! If its nice weather keep a window open for negative energies to leave. If its cold, I open a door at the end and speak a banishment.

Don’t forget your closets and basement! You can cleanse your vehicle too!

Many people have a wreath or other ornament on the door. Here is an essential oil blend for prosperity and well being you can anoint your decor with.

Remember : don’t get oils on your skin. Put blends in an amber bottle and store in a cool dark place. Don’t contaminate the individual oils by touching the droppers or sharing a pipette. DO experiment and add or subtract the drops to suit you. When you buy your oils, don’t choose the cheapest supplier. Chances are the oils will not be therapeutic grade. I avoid buying from MLM companies as a rule. Never burn oils, use a diffuser!

Sweet orange : 12 drops
Grapefruit : 12 drops
Mandarin : 11 drops
Bergamot : 7 drops
Lemon : 4 drops

I always welcome questions and I do provide personal consultations on a donation basis.