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Iconic™ Kaz Brekker Moments

-’Kaz was just glad he used the damn door.”

-“You can put him in a coffeepot for all I care.”

-”Even worse, if I fail, I don’t get paid.”

-”You might actually have had to uncurl that lip and treat me with something closer to respect.”

-Ripping Oomen’s eyeball out and shoving his handkerchief in the socket.

-”I’ll just hire Matthias’ ghost to kick your ghost’s ass.”

-”Hold the book up so we don’t have to look at your ugly face.” (Kaz, be nice to Jesper)

-Nina: “And I can tell you’ve never given enough thought to your haircut.”

Kaz: *runs a self-conscious hand through his hair*

(only Nina. Only Nina can make Kaz in to a seventeen year old, concerned about his haircut)

-”Jacob fucking Hertzoon”

-Talking tree jokes??????

-Matthias: “We go from aspirant to novice drüskelle in the ceremony at the sacred ash.”

Kaz: “Where the tree talks to you.”

-Kaz: “The Dregs need a better initiation (I’m over here wondering what the Dregs’ initiation is)”

Matthias: This is only one part of Hringkälla.”

Kaz: “Yes, I know, then the tree tells you the secret handshake.”

-”Of course you don’t [like speculation]. You like things you can see. Like piles of snow and benevolent tree gods.”

-Or you were dead wrong about Matthias and you’re going to pay for all those talking tree jokes

-’They blew up the lab. I definitely did not tell them to blow up the lab.’

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inquisition companions react to finding out the inquisitor (who always covers their face) is actually the hero of ferelden? (Plus warden Alistair and Morrigan pls?)

Morrigan: She knew instantly, of course. It was the walk, the bearing, the weight on their shoulders and the pride that kept them tall. And their eyes. Those eyes, peeking out from behind their mask, would likely haunt her for the rest of her life, for one reason or another. “I’ll keep your secret, old friend, if you truly do not wish these others to know,” she tells them when she announces that she’s to join the Inquisition. If Romanced: “Ah, my love, how difficult it will be to keep your secret when we shall be sharing a bed. I will not be moved from this. We shall be a family once more, and that’s final. Now, take off that ridiculous mask and kiss me.”

Warden Alistair: Inwardly: Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit. Okay, don’t panic. It’s only your damned commander here. No need to panic. Or say anything dumb. “Heeeeeeeyyyy there!” Damn it! If Romanced: Well, if the way they steal into shadowed corners frequently isn’t enough to give the Warden away, nothing will. But by the Maker, he will spend time with his lover! They’re out here risking their life against impossible odds, as usual, and he doesn’t even get to stay by their side for the duration! Necking in the corner is the least of their worries at this point.

Bonus King Alistair: Yeah, he really didn’t have time to notice. There were more pressing matters to deal with. If Romanced: “Keep that beautiful face covered, love. Your identity is a vulnerable point, as much as I hate that. Our enemies would use you to hurt me and use me to hurt you. If I can’t be here with you, at least you can try to stay safe.”

Leliana: She knew immediately when they were found in the Temple of Sacred Ashes, but she didn’t know what to do with the information. She kept it to herself, allowing Cassandra and the others to think whatever they wanted to think until she had the opportunity to speak to them alone. “Why are you here, what happened?” she asks them. Though their answers are far from satisfactory, she’s willing to trust that her old friend would never have done what they are accused of. If Romanced: “My love, we must stop meeting like this,” she giggles to them even though they’re shackled in a cell. She’s cleared the room to speak to them, ostensibly to question the prisoner. She grins at them, completely certain in her belief that they are innocent, that something else is at work, and she’s simply grateful to be back with her lover even under such circumstances.

Cassandra: She’s suspicious, especially with how careful Leliana is being around them. She wonders why they insist on the mask upon having their hands unbound, but allows it anyway. She has her suspicions about who they are but keep them to herself. When she finally knows for certain, she’s more confused than anything else. “Why not simply tell us who you are?” she asks. “It would have helped remove suspicion from you to know that you were the one who ended the Blight!” If Romanced: “You didn’t trust me with this?” she asks them, a bit hurt. “You are a great hero, someone I admired before we even met. And I treated you so poorly when we met. Knowing this would have saved us both a lot of trouble.”

Cullen: Though the last time he saw the Warden was in the midst of his torture, he remembers them as clear as day. He knows who it is that stands before him on the battlefield, masked and cloaked though they are. He could never forget. He would rather forget. If Romanced: “I knew it was you from the first moment I saw you, mask and all,” he confesses, rubbing the back of his neck. “I wanted to thank you, to ask your forgiveness for what happened the last time we saw each other, but I realized that you must be hiding for a reason so I stayed quiet. I’ve kept your secret, and I will continue to do so if that is your wish.”

Solas: He knows the name, he knows the title, he knows the significance of their actions, but he doesn’t know them. He recognizes them as he studies the Anchor, but it seems to him that their identity doesn’t particularly matter. He keeps it to himself more out of indifference than any desire to keep their secret. Whatever they seek by hiding won’t affect his plans at all, so it doesn’t matter. If Romanced: “I knew. I’ve seen your face in the Fade more than enough to recognize you, but I saw no reason to reveal this information. We were both under enough suspicion as it was without adding to it unnecessarily.”

Sera: She didn’t know. She had no idea. She thinks it’s kind of cool and she’s impressed that they were able to keep the secret so long. “If you’re that good at hiding yourself, think you’ll be that good at pranks?” If Romanced: “So you were a hero even before all this Coriffyshite? Wow, you’re even bigger than I thought. Famouser. More famous. Oh, you know what I mean. Now give me a kiss, you big hero.”

Blackwall: He’s taken entirely by surprise, and one of his first thoughts once the shock wears off is why they didn’t out him as not being a Warden. He’s too afraid to ask, of course. It’s humbling, though, to be in their presence, to know them so well and work together as they do. If Romanced: Again, he wonders why they didn’t tell everyone he wasn’t a Warden, but he figures that someday he’ll work up the courage to ask. “I’m sort of honored that you would want me, after everything, out of everyone. You could have just about anything or anyone you want, but I’m so glad it’s me.”

Vivienne: She didn’t know enough about the Hero of Ferelden to pick them out of a crowd, but the mask made her suspicious since they clearly weren’t Orlesian and it wasn’t decorative like hers; it was a mask to hide behind, not a mask to show off. She tried many times to parse their secret, to discover what lay under that mask. She had a feeling it was important and a good thing to know, but after a while she decided to let it be. If they wanted to tell her the truth, then they would, but all she was doing was exhausting herself. When she finally does find out, she’s more delighted than anything else and congratulates them on their ability to keep their identity secret for so long.

Dorian: Honestly, it wasn’t his business and he didn’t really care to find out why they always wore a mask. When he does find out, he thinks it’s all a marvelous joke and spends quite a long time trying to figure out what everyone would think if they found out. If Romanced: “Well, that’s… oddly intimidating, now that I think of it. You defeated an archdemon. Oh, amatus, and now you have to face another one? One that is controlled by an evil, ancient magister, no less? Don’t worry, I’ll be right beside you the whole time.”

Iron Bull: He had his suspicions. He’s not Ben-Hassrath for nothing, after all. But he kept his thoughts to himself and went along as if everything were just peachy. When the truth is finally revealed to him, he claps them on the shoulder. “No wonder you’re so good at slaying dragons!” If Romanced: “Yeah, I know. Thanks for trusting me with it, though. It’s okay, kadan. I’ve got your back.”

Varric: He didn’t know until they told him. “Look at that! I get to fight alongside both big heroes of the age!” he cries. “This is so going in my book. It’s way too interesting not to.”

Cole: He knew. Of course he knew. “Yes, tainted blood, aching heart, you’ve seen so much death, lost so much of yourself. It’s okay. I’m here. I’ll try to help.”

Josephine: She didn’t know, didn’t guess. She knew there was something worth hiding under there, of course, but she didn’t expect this. She wonders what the secret will do to the Inquisition, if it should be revealed or not. She leaves the decision up to them, but worries about the consequences if the secret is discovered by their enemies or accidentally revealed by their allies. If Romanced: “Oh, my love, why didn’t you tell me? This changes nothing about my feelings for you, of course, but I wish I had known!”

you: makes endless jokes about how Dragon Age as a title is a misnomer, as if there are barely any dragons

me, an intellectual: points out that Origins has 3 high dragons (one of which is the final boss) + 2 more if you have Awakening. not to mention the smaller male dragons you fight in the Circle tower, Deep Roads, Temple of Sacred Ashes, and Brecilian Forest. and the secret Orzammar Dragon

continues to point out that Dragon Age 2 has the Sundermount dragon, the Deep Roads thrall dragon (and all the dragonlings it summons), and the Bone Pit high dragon
and of course the 10 high dragons scattered about Inquisition, plus Flemeth’s dragon if you drink from the well of sorrows, and Corypheus’s blighted dragon :^)

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Can we get a reaction to the Inquisitor being a bloodmage?

I’m doing this for the Inquisitor not performing human sacrifice for power, just using their own blood or that of their enemies during combat.

Cullen: He’s horrified. The first time he sees the Herald use blood magic, he feels like he might throw up, memories of pain and betrayal almost overwhelming him. It takes him a long time to trust the Herald, but it helps that they never summon demons or kill anyone for their blood. If Romanced: With how strained their relationship was in the beginning, he takes a lot longer to trust her enough to enter into a relationship, but once he does it’s no less intense. Yes, she’s a mage. Yes, she uses blood magic. But she’s still a protector and a good person. Eventually, he sees her call upon the power of blood and feels relief because it means she’s even more powerful.

Josephine: Like Cullen, she’s horrified at first. She recommends keeping that aspect of the Herald hidden from public eye. There is, after all, a very powerful stigma against the practice of blood magic outside of Tevinter. If Romanced: She’s hesitant about the power the Inquisitor wields, but she can’t help but be charmed out of her fears. It’s just another aspect of magic, she realizes after a time, as long as it’s not misused.

Solas: He doesn’t mind. The Inquisitor clearly knows the limits of the morality of it and doesn’t cross them. He finds it rather fascinating, in fact, but isn’t bothered by it in the least. If Romanced: He worries about demons hurting his vhenan as a result of her practice of blood magic and takes great pains to ward her dreams, but he’s actually sort of proud of her for practicing such an art.

Leliana: She’s seen blood magic do terrible things and she’s seen it do great things. She keeps a very watchful eye on the Inquisitor and looks for any sign of demons or abuse of power, but otherwise she doesn’t interfere or make any comment.

Vivienne: She’s disgusted. It’s uncouth and it’s a big contributor to the stigma about mages in general. No one should ever use blood to fuel their magic. She makes her distaste for the practice known.

Dorian: It reminds him of home, and not in a good way. He spends some time talking to the Inquisitor and making certain they won’t use blood magic for harm or to control others. Once he knows that they’re careful with it, he leaves the matter alone, though he does watch them closely. If Romanced: He mentions, briefly, that they might discontinue the practice for a lot of reasons, but if the idea is met with resistance he lets it drop. Like Solas, he takes pains to help ward his amatus against anything that might hurt him as a result of the magic.

Cassandra: In the beginning, it fuels her conviction that the Herald must be guilty. And even after what she sees at the Temple of Sacred Ashes, she’s wary of them. It’s unnatural, an affront to the Maker. She tries to hold her tongue, but she can’t help but ask why. If Romanced: Her views change. She’s not unreasonable, after all. The magic is just another power, just another ability, and the stigma comes from those who abuse that power. And yet a bad politician can do the same or more damage and not suffer the same repercussions as a blood mage. And if a politician kills a lot of people, all politicians aren’t punished the way mages are. Blood magic isn’t the problem; people’s fear is.

Blackwall: He can’t say he’s pleased, but he doesn’t have a strong opinion one way or the other about it. He believes in forming his own opinions before judging; after all, who is he to say what’s right? When he sees that the Inquisitor is using the power to help rather than hurt, he just grunts and accepts it. If Romanced: He worries about backlash from people and from demons. He wants her to be safe, but he wouldn’t ask her to change for him. He wants to protect her.

Iron Bull: “Demons shit up everything,” he mutters as the Herald uses blood magic. He’s uncomfortable with magic in general, though less so than most Qunari, but blood magic just has to be bad news. He keeps his mouth shut for the most part, but he’s always on the other side of the battlefield from the Inquisitor when they use blood magic. If Romanced: At first, it’s not a factor in the relationship. They’re having sex, they’re unwinding, the Inquisitor needs somewhere to be able to let go. The magic isn’t a factor until he realizes that it’s not just sex, it’s not just a way to unwind. He cares for the Inquisitor and it’s looking more and more like they care for him, too. That’s when he gets worried. What if they get possessed? What if they get lynched? What if Thedas turns on them because of the magic? It’s as he’s having these thoughts that he realizes that his only problem with their blood magic is the potential risk to their safety, not to his or anyone else’s. He’s not afraid of their magic, he’s afraid of them getting hurt for it.

Cole: Slice and it’s warm, flowing, glimmering with power. I can do this and not be corrupt. I can do this and help people, not hurt them. I don’t have to hurt them. But you worry about demons. Don’t worry about them. You’re still safe.” He comforts them whenever they start to feel unsure about what they’re doing. He doesn’t mind the magic. It helps.

Sera: Ew, no. Magic alone is bad, but blood magic? Extra bad. Is the Herald one of the baddies she needs to stick arrows in? She can’t tell. It’s confusing. Why can’t it be simple?! If Romanced: No one is allowed to badmouth Inky! She still doesn’t like the magic, but no one is ever allowed to say that! Her honeytongue is hers!

Varric: He’s seen the kind of damage blood magic can do. But he’s also seen the kind of damage the stigma against blood magic can do. After all, Daisy couldn’t hurt a fly if she tried. He waits until he knows the Herald better before deciding if it’s a good or bad thing that they practice blood magic.

My favorite part of the Urn of Sacred Ashes is when you see the high dragon and everyone is like “Oh hey we should not fight that.” and the Warden is like 

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Hey I was wondering if you could do the companions and advisers reacting to a Inquisitor with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? You don't have to if you don't know what it is or if it's too hard or anything; it's just I have it and idk I would like to see how they'd respond. Thanks for whatever you decide :)

Cassandra: When they first meet Cassandra, to her eternal shame, thinks they are lazy. Anyone who needs that much sleep and is still tired must not be used to hard work, and she is more than happy to make them learn. But in short order- mostly after they traipse through most of the Hinterlands with no complaint- the Seeker begins to doubt her first belief. It’s not just the constant exhaustion that she begins to notice. It’s the headaches and memory loss and the swollen nodes. And when she finally breaks down and asks them their answer- that they have suffered this for years- shames her further. After that she goes out of her way to make things as easy for them to deal with as she can, and woe betide anyone who suggests that the Inquisitor keep watch.

Solas: Solas discovers early on that something is not right. The first time he sees the Inquisitor rubbing their temples he offers a small burst of restorative healing magic to relieve it, but is confused to find that the headache- rather than being a simple stresser or migraine- is instead bound by a thin dark line to a malignet net reaching all throughout the Inquisitor. A few pointed questions has the whole story before him, and while a cure seems unlikely the mage is more than willing to help develop symptom treatment to make their days a little easier.

Varric: Well, he’s been saying it wasn’t a good story for heroes, but even he didn’t see this one coming. BUt for all his posturing and jokes Varric is at heart a compassionate sort. More than that he is observatn as all get out, and it is he who first begins to notice the INquisitor flagging on that first hike to the Temple of Sacred Ashes. Even after the healers and mages confirm that someting is truly the matter and begin working on treatments he remains vigilant, always keeping an eye on their fearless leader in case they need anything. It’s no different, in his mind, than watching any of his Kirkwall companions after a fight- stubborn lot that refuse to admit weakness- and in a way the role is almost familiar.

Sera: LIke Cassandra Sera is inclined to believe that the Inquisitor is lazy and too big for themselves when they first meet, but when she gets the whole story the Red Jenny becomes one of their staunchest defenders. Anyone who says anything bad about the Inquisitor is mercilessly pranked, and she is always trying to get them to take a nap, even though she knows it doesn’t help.

Vivienne: It’s not the first time she’s seen a condition like this, and so the Enchanter takes it in stride. There is no cure that she has heard of for it, but months of taking care of Bastian has given her a talent for symptom treatment, and brews a cacophony of potions, elixers and tonics to help them combat the worst of it. In her mind it is a challange- which she loves- but also a way to allieviate a burden that one already so burdened should not have to carry. And any who give the Inquisitor grief over their condition is very quickly made to regret it.

Blackwall: He can’t say that he understands exactly what the healers are going on about in depth, but if the Inquisitor needs as much rest as they can get and the occasional early stop to a day’s travel, or even just someone with a sharp memory then he is their man. Anyone who has suffered like they have suffered shouldn’t be judged -not that he is the one to judge any- and more than one they lose an argument about him not carrying their pack. Anything he can do to lighten their load he does, and hear’s no complaint.

Dorian: Despite his reputation for being a slugabed Dorian is the first to be willing to pull long hours, and in the beginning he thinks that the Inquisitor has been indulging in one too many nights burning the literal midnight oil. But as the symptoms add up he is very suddenly concerned; their symptoms are very similar to Felix’s day to day life, and it makes his wary. But once he has a clearer picture of what is happening he is determined to make himself useful, and shares with Vivienne those draughts that were most beneficial to his departed friend. 

Iron Bull: Among the Qunari such things are rare- the pysiological differences between Qunai and other races being the main reason- but among the Viddathari there have been documented cases. So long as the person who is so affected is loyal to the Qun and fulfils their tasks allowances can be made– this is partly due to the fact that even Qamek does not affect the biological symptoms of the condition. As such the Iron Bull notices what is going on early and make sure that there is always something or someone in place to help the inquisitor do what needs to be done.

Cullen: If there is anyone who is in absolutely no position to judge someone for needing to rest it’s the commander. He is in awe of them for suffering- far more than he is suffering in some ways- and still going out week after week to save a world that doesn’t always understand. To his end he does everything he can to make their load lighter, and sometimes when the withdrawl gets too bad he takes both inspiration and encouragement from them and tells himself that if they can do it so can he.

Josephine: She can’t even imagine. For someone who spends hours and hours awake, fighting migraines brought on by head aches and then falls happily into a soft bed, the ambassador can not even endure the idea that sleeping in that sme bed would do nothing to relief the exhaustion or quell the headache, or bring the fuzzy edges of a memory into focus. Add tot hat the burden of being a religious icon and the last hope for Thedas, and she is almost in tears for them. But it also lights a fire in her, and Josephine Cherit Montiliyet will go to the trenches for the Inquisitor, doing everything in her power to make them comfortable and safe.

Leliana: For almost a year Leliana watched two wardens battle nightamre fueled exhuastion, hunger and pain from the blight within their very blood, and the grinding, grueling agony of being the last hope for a nation. At the time her ability to help was limited to the hands on, but now? With an army of spies at her back and a quarry of steel in her spine? There is nothing the spymaster will not do to help the Inquisitor with whatever they need. 

Cole: “Tired, so tired, but sleep doesn’t help. Joints ache, muscles twitch, you know they said something but  can’t remember. Eyes won’t focus, have to see what is coming but your head hurts too much to focus. No, you aren’t crazy, just different. They want to help, they don’t judge. To them you are perfect, exactly what they need.

–Mod Fereldone

Temple of Sacred Ashes Art

I was going to do a much bigger post, but honestly there’s so much here I’m not ready to wrap my head around just yet, so I decided to limit it to the artwork present within the Temple of Sacred Ashes (hereon out called ToSA).

We do know from previous work done that there are elven murals of Mythal at the ToSA, which are taken during Inquisition. BUT, this is actually NOT the first instance of Mythal we see in this temple. On a hunch, I went about staring at artwork and dredged up this:

These are the images from the in game files that are used for the murals on the wall in the brazier room. These murals (there are 8 of them on each side of the room, but they’re actually just repeats of these three pictures.

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