Blessing Herbs:

SAGE: Yes sage, everyone knows about this one, the most common herb used in house cleansing. Sage is used to wash off the oustide world when entering a ceromony or a sacred place. True sages are in the genus of Salvia.

CEDAR: Medicine of protection. Cedar trees have been around a very long time, making them very wise. Users like using Cedar when first moving into a home, protecting a person or inviting an unwanted force to leave. 

SWEETGRASS: Also called Seneca grass, holy grass and vanilla grass. This one herb has a sweet smell, that of vanilla. When burned, it fills the home with a sweet aroma, reminding us of our mother earth, very feminine. If you would like to use hot charcoal tablets, trim pieces of the grass and lay on top of the tablets and burn that way. Whatever is easier and convenient for you.

LAVENDER: A native Europe herb used for invitation of spirits. The name in latin is used as “To Wash”. Users believe it is a safeguard against all evil. Burning lavender is best done on charcoal tablets. 

COPAL: Tree sap from Mexico similar to frankincense. When burned it has a very clean scent, close to citrus. Copal is very important to Mexican natives. Because Copal is the blood of trees, it is offered to honor the great gift given to us by all of the tree people of our planet. Best if burned on charcoal tablets. 

Just a small collection of herbs I have been researching the past few days. I recommend doing research yourself as well to widen your options, whatever suits your needs is best for you. Remember to be comfortable with whatever you are using. 

If you have other herbs you would like to share, please add when you reblog for all of our friends.

Merry Part ~