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Overwatch Characters With Anime Names: Defense Types

Memeing continues because I am a silly man.  If you gave anime names to Overwatch characters what fits them most?


Our Quetzalcoatl pins came in and they’re awesome! We already sold out of the limited black and gold variant and the green and red ones are doing well. I couldn’t help but take a picture of him with the rest of the Aztec pantheon pins that we have. The last image is of all our pins and patches that weve made and are available on pur Etsy page.

To Team Chrom

that was fucking hell-

Every time you guys turned the tables on us,I was jumping up and down


tHe sTrEsS you guys are straight up tough,And it was a fucking HONOR fighting against ya’ll

Let’s all join forces in the end to take down Lucina,and beat the odds.

I believed that we could always become friends after war just like Chrom does. And it stands true now.

You made great opponents,so I would love it i we could all be great allies as well.

But let me just say one more thing

SsHiT jESuS I sWeAr i hAvE gRaY hAirS noW-

iT wAs sO goD dAmN iNtEnSe

I had no fucking idea who was gonna come out on top and you guys made it fun and a challenge ((jEsUs))

And Thanks for such a great match Team Chrom!