On April 22nd, two of my classmates were involved in a car crash, sending both to the hospital immediately with life-threatening injuries. Shortly after, 17-year-old senior and captain of the baseball team and passenger of the crashed car, passed away. [News Report of this incident can be found here].

This year’s graduating class is around 75 students, causing us all to form a close-family like bond. This incident to us was more than just a loss of a classmate but like a loss of a family member. 

The victim, Mathew Ybarra, was a loving, fun, charming boy who was loved by the entire school and faculty. Between prom in just a few weeks, graduation in a month, and expecting to attending Sacramento State University in the fall, Mathew had so much life left to experience and many memories in his future. His excitement and love for his future education lead his parents and classmates to start a fund in memory of Mathew Ybarra intended for scholarships in order to help send other students with the same excitement for college as Mathew. 

If you would to donate to help support Mathew and his family the Memorial Fund can be found here. Thank you.