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Hi loves! I just uploaded my hair tutorial for Ariana’s hair at her meet and greet in Sacramento. Please like and share the video if you enjoy :)

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Wentworth Miller delivers a speech at the 2016 “ACTIVE MINDS” conference in Sacramento, CA


Deftones Dai the Flu Rehearsal at the spot 

in Sacramento CA


Hendersonville, NC > Greenville, SC > Charleston > Atlanta, GA > Las Vegas, NV > Yosemite, CA > Sacramento > San Francisco > San Jose > Santa Cruz > Big Sur > Pismo Beach > Santa Barbara > Los Angeles > Dallas, TX > New York, NY > London, UK > Glasgow.

That was my August of 2016. I miss every second of it.

The tired drives, the long greyhound buses, loosing half my belongings because of baggage allowances, putting tents up in the dark, having to phone our campsite to see if we had a place to stay due to huge fires, a kind soul paying for gas because the station wouldn’t accept our debit cards, the hostels not having enough beds for us, mermaids swimming in bars, zebras at the side of the road, having no plans between our flights to and from the west coast, almost not getting our rental car due to more debit card problems, living on ramen noodles and microwave mac ‘n’ cheese, arguing over who’s turn it was to charge their phone, having to limit the stops for photos, sharing full life stories in the car, the silence in awe of what was in front of us when we got there, the bar crawls, the walking tours, trekking through cities to our hostel with all our camping gear, sneaking friends into hostel rooms, bumping into friends you didn’t know would be in that city, having that one meal out at a restaurant in every city, watching yourself and your friends grow with the life experiences you were all gaining along the road. I really don’t care how cliche this sounds but my time working in America and travelling for a month afterwards has both scratched my travel itch and made it a million times worse. I can’t wait to be back at camp, meeting more amazing people and catching up with everyone from around the world again. I don’t know if I’m going to travel America again, god knows what state the country will be in this time next year, but I’m so glad this past summer happened and I can’t wait to explore more of the world we live in 🌎


-Danai’s World-

Before I start this lil’ intro i want to verify that these are my real eyes. I actually can’t explain how this came to be, because I don’t really know much about myself. Long story short, I spent some years in Foster Care where I would always isolate myself from everyone. To hide form getting picked on. So I’m used to being alone. I was adopted at the age of 9 by my two heroes. You’ll meet them later on. I’m Danai Davis-Sparks. I’m 22 years old, born in The Bronx, NY – Living in Sacramento,Ca. Moved out here to start my own lil’ life an escape to reveal my 3rd eye if you will. I recently chopped off my hair, randomly decided to get in touch with my roots. ugh well I’m not good with people but hit me up if you want to chit chat.