I’m back at it again, my dudes! Hope you guys enjoy! Also these are just based on how I think the boys would act if they were 100% in love with their s/o, not just some random sacraficial bride. ~mun Ashe


-Shu: Let’s be honest here, this would be suuuuuuper bothersome for Shu, but if he loved his s/o enough he’d make an effort to make his s/o take regular naps with him, like 1920i30 times more than usual. Don’t expect to be able to move like AT ALL.

-Reiji: Mom mode activate. He’s probably the best boy to have at your side if you’re chronically ill besides maybe Ruki. He makes sure his s/o takes there meds on time, stays hydrated, well rested, and doesn’t overstrain. Probs tries to find potions to help certain symptoms.

-Ayato: He takes his s/o everywhere with him to just keep an eye on them. Will still bug them to do stuff for him, but he definitly tries not to push it. He might even share his takoyaki.

-Laito: Considering the delicate nature of his s/o, he tries not to get,…let’s say intimate, with them as frequently as he would usually. But make no mistake, our boy is still HELLA pervy and down to get freaky-deaky at literally any moment.

-Kanato: Offers his s/o sweets left and right. He’s completely convinced that sweets will help this situtation no matter how many times anyone says otherwise. He also is going to keep doing his usual freak outs, but hey, did you expect it to be any other way?

-Subaru: SOOOOOOOO CONCERNED. He tries to act lke he isn’t but who does he think he’s kidding. Insists on carrying his s/o almost everywhere, concerned that they can’t walk even though he has been assured a million times that the can. Doesn’t really know how to help but dear lord does this poor boy try his hardest.


-Ruki: He’s on top of shit when it comes to taking care of this s/o. He has alerts for meds, is always checking up on them. But make no mistake, he’s still going to punish his livestock if need be.

-Kou: He has nooooooo idea how to help and asks Ruki for advice like 24/7. Tries his best, dammit.

-Yuma: Carries his s/o EVERYWHERE. They have absolutely no say in the matter. He is not going to let them out of his sight. He’s gardening? You can bet your ass he dragged his s/o out there with him to sit there while he works. Makes them eat as many of his fresh vegetables as possible to try and build up their immune system.

-Azusa: He also has no clue how to help so he helps in the 2 ways he knows how: pain (which he quickly learns makes things worse) and clinging to his s/o. It’s all he knows, bless his heart.

So I feel like when it comes to sacrificial protection (and this is just how I see it), it’s not so much the actual dying that triggers the magic, but the complete and whole-hearted resignation to death.

And I don’t know, but I really really want it to be true that Bellatrix Lestrange could never have killed Neville, because Frank and Alice refused to break- they categorically would have died before they gave her, or Rudolphus or Barty Jr, any information which could put their son in jeopardy.