Gotta spam the VT tag a bit more with Sacmis and Markus~~

Sacmis Ayar

  1.  With her water hatchling and a better version of her casual cape.
  2.  WTH.
  3.  I’m not in the group and I can’t even precisely calculate when she will have enough development to be promoted to Rider (only god knows). However, I truly like the design of rider uniforms so I got to give it a try.
  4.  She hates to cry because all that make up is wasted.
  5. Inspired by the artists of VT and their beautiful arts filled with blood and gore mine is like a portrait of kids playing in the playground compared to them.
  6. Alright, you can be the moon goddess tonight. Headcanonical and rather of a silly idea which formed in my mind when I had nothing else to draw about her(because I actually really don’t think about messing with Egyptian or Incan mythology ). At some sort of festival where people put on masks, both her and a kid in her neighborhood put on the masks of moon gods, one is of Egyptian, and the other is of Incan belief.

Markus Arziani

  1. Markus on his way to avenge all the misdeeds his old boss made to him.
  2.  What lays under his covers is a life long burden which makes him despise the living he had before. Some brutal facial scars from the battles he fought, and there is his final scar on the front side of his throat given to him by his old boss, a godfather who tried to kill him with a burning grip to his throat.
  3.  Younger Mark as he receives his first scar.
  4.  Mark preparing his kama for the danger ahead.

As soon as i heard that the second enrollments were going to be held for the RP group Vios Terra, i had to take a short break from all of my studies just in case to earn a place in the group. Take some of my OC Sacmis before her app ( Reviewed and made some changes on her previous look because of reasons) Now the only thing i ever need to get my hands on is a PS programme…