Old news to some - the J Keydge ‘slack’ jacket deserves some sort of award ceremony for its versatility and its greatness but its only in the last few months that I’ve come round to this way of thinking. I first purchased mine last year from J Simons in the sale after reading all about them on the wonderful ‘The Weejun’ blog. 

The original idea was for it to act as a navy blazer while I hunted for one (still looking after 3 years, let me know if you can help…wink wink). Things didn’t turn out as planned, for the jacket was far too casual in material, look and construction all be it an interesting mix between jacket and French chore jacket. When I got home my original shopping ecstasy gurn and contortion had subsided and I was left with an unsure feeling of it. Still, I persevered and started to warm to it after a few wears.

The  versatility and practicality of it are amazing - you can wear it with jeans without looking like your dad, perfect with Levis Bedford cords or chinos and Madras in summer. The real eureka moment though was when I washed it. I had been holding off this process as I usually do with LVC jeans in fear of any colour fade or shape oddities, you know the drill…but the opposite happened - the ‘slack’ was back! It fitted better, it looked better, it felt better. Now it’s one of my best buys and favourite items and the best thing is that you can walk into a shop and buy one new. 

Slack jackets are unconstructed, have patch pockets and amazing natural shoulders. They come in cotton, seersucker, cord and herringbone - depending on season.  

Buy online from the UK -  Here 

Or if you’re brave or want to see some quality European modelling, the French website is here - J Keydge  (Under Ivy jacket)