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Killian “Emma is the most beautiful vision in the universe” Jones

I love the look in his eyes. The three ocassions are special; first date, a ball in Camelot, THEIR WEDDING; Emma is using a beautiful dress, she prepared herself specially for the ocassion; but Killian is seeing much beyond this: he is seeing her beauty OUTSIDE and INSIDE, and considering himself so fortunate because such a woman choose him.

so my aunt put a statue of the Virgin Mary on this huge rock in our front yard (for Catholic reasons), and it was really windy today and it fell over and broke and it was full of people???? also some animals

there’s a bunch more figurines in the statue that wouldn’t come out. and the statue had no openings or any way to put stuff in it, which means they were put in the statue when it was made. anyways it freaked my uncle out (I yelled across the yard to him that “Mary broke and she’s full of people”) and he told me to bring it inside to show my aunt, who will presumably have some Catholic metaphor/wisdom to explain it.