Romeo and Juliet, Costume Research: Georgian Fashion

Men’s Day Clothes:

Gentleman would wear smart summer suits, their coats were tightly fitted. They were usually made of plain cloth that was embroidered on the edges and pockets. Their waistcoats were plain and the breeches were fastened below the knee and tightly fitted. The shirts were frilled at the cuff. They would wear a knotted muslin or lace cravat around the neck. For formal occasions men would wear a wig, tied back with a bow, also their waistcoats would be patterned and made of silk.

Lady’s Day Dress:

Ladies would wear a ‘sackback’ dress. Under this would be a stiff corset with cane side hoops supporting the skirts. Frills were usually worn around the neck, the cuffs of her sleeves were said to be “wing-like”. Women were veiled in a muslin 'kerchief’ and they would wear a muslin cap. For formal dress, women would wear richly brocaded or embroidered silks.