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Any spells to stop people from gossiping about you wether they live close by and for people that live in other states?

To Dispel Slander:

When you are free from any deed
Deserving blame, whoever speaks
An evil word against your name
Must be rebuked –
And all your works restored to fame:
A length of string in melted wax
Must soon be laid, hung up to dry,
And now in inks of black and red
Be dipped and raised –
Thus drop by drop its stains to shed.
Meanwhile let this verse be said:
Blood and rot,
Blight and spot
Touch me not:
Run to spill
Over all
Who wish me ill.”
– Crone’s Book of Magical Words by Valerie Worth

A Good Remedy Against Calumniation or Slander:

“If you are calumniated or slandered to your very skin, to your very flesh, to your very bones, cast it back upon the false tongues. + + +

Take off your shirt, and turn it wrong side out, and then run your two thumbs along your body, close under the ribs, starting at the pit of the heart down to the thighs.” – Pow-wow: or The Long Lost Friend by John George Hoffman

To Stop Gossip: [Burn an offering of frankincense and olive oil] hold your thumbs and intone 7 times:

Stop the mouths that speak against me, Because I glorify Your sacred and honored names!”
The Goodly Spellbook, Coven Oldenwilde

To Stop Enemies from Mentioning Your Name:
Sprinkle dried and powdered adder’s tongue leaves at the doorsteps of those who have slandered you, and it is said that they will no longer mention your name.

To Protect Yourself from Back-Biting or Meddling In-Laws:
Mix adder’s tongue leaves or leaf powder with slippery elm bark and
brew them into a tea. Strain it, let it cool a bit, and pour it over yourself from
the neck downward nine times as you recite the 37th Psalm. Collect the used bath-water, pour it into a pail of hot water, and add a tablespoonful of
ammonia. Use this specially-prepared scrub water to cleanse the front
doorstep and your living room, so that visiting in-laws do not bother you.

To Slop Gossip:
If someone is interfering in your life by talking about you. take a lump of alum as big around as a dime, pound and crush it up, and put it into a muslin tobacco-sack. Write the interfering person’s full name on a piece of paper and place the name-paper in the sack with the alum. Just as the alum puckers up the mouth, so will this charm bag keep the person you have named from gossiping about you or messing in your personal business.

To Stop Gossip:
Carve the gossiper’s full name seven times on a white Seven-Knob Candle, dress the candle with Protection Oil, roll it in a tray of chia seed, stand it in the tray, and burn one knob each day for a week, beginning on Saturday. The person should stop back-biting by week’s end.

To Stop Gossip:
Bum a red candle studded with whole cloves to stop slander, malicious gossip, and lies: your enemies will become friendlier to you.

To Stop Gossip and Slander:
Place a small pinch of slippery elm in the corners of your room or work place, carry it in a pocket or conjure bag, or wear it in your shoes; this protects the home, rids the premises of evil, and grants immunity from the harmful tales told on you by covetous neighbors, back-biters, and hidden enemies posing as friends. If you born slippery elm to ashes and use the ashes to draw a cross on the bottoms of your shoes, it is said that you can walk among gossips and not become the target of their loose talk.

Protection from Slander:
Carry cat’s eye shell in a red flannel bag with rue and slippery elm for immunity from harmful tales told by covetous neighbors, back-biters on the job, and hidden enemies posing as friends.” – Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic, by Catherine Yronwode