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Hey just a reminder that just because trump is a walking evil pumpkin you have no right to bully a 10 year old kid. Barron Trump is not to blame for being born to that evil empty ball sack of a man. If you see anyone coming for his kid online call them out. There’s enough to criticize about the orange baboon let’s not degrade ourselves to child bullying.

Names for the Boogeyman From Around the World

Afghanistan - Bala, “the crazy person”
Bahamas - “Small Man”
Brazil - Homem do saco “The bag man”
Canada/Quebec - Bohomme Sept-Heures “The Seven O’Clock Man”
China - Yao-muo “monster, ugly, hideous”
Congo - Dongola Miso “Creature With Scary Eyes”
Czech Republic - Bubák
Denmark - Bømanden “The Boo Man”
EgyptAbu Rigl Maslukha "Man With Burnt/Skinned Leg"
GermanyDer Schwarze Mann “The Black Man”
Haiti Mètminwi “Master of Midnight” 
Iceland - Gryla 
ItalyL'uomo neron “The Black Man”
Japan - Namahage 
LebanonAbu l Kees “Father Sack”
MexicoRobaniños “Kidnapper of Kids”
PakistanBhoot or Jin Baba
Portugal - Papão
Russia - Babayi
Slovakia - Strašidlo
Trinidad and Tobago - Jumbie “The Babbooman”
Vietnam - Ông Ba Bị
Zimbabwe - Tokolosh “Short Boogeyman”

Update 4/6/16: This post is still getting a lot of shares and a lot of comments! If you notice something misrepresented from your country or would like your countries “boogeyman” included in the list please message me! I’m more than happy to make edits and additions to share the proper/most information possible!

Secrets - John Version

Requested by anon:  Any Pairing: Reader x ?. I’ve got an idea where (Y/N) is hiding something and acting strange but when her boyfriend questions her about it, she avoids answering. This continues until he accuses her of cheating and during their argument she blurts out she’s pregnant (or something).
& Anon:  There’s not enough love for John!!! Can I have a protective John please?? Reader is johns wife or girlfriend and something happens?? Reader is close friends with Sherlock who is also protective of course…but I’m craving protective sweet John!!

Pairing: John Watson x reader

Word count: 1,584

Warnings: I’m not sure.

A/N: This gave so many twists… I swear there are five different versions of this story, but this one won over the others.


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The case had been difficult; the criminal was a true mastermind of simplicity. They had taken so much time to figure it out, and then to chase after him was even worse. But perhaps, the worse thing of them all was that (Y/N) had been involved accidentally.

She knew John would be following Sherlock all night long until they caught the criminal, but she had never expected her best friend to be the ones they were looking for. So when Sherlock and John appeared at the café and started the persecution, she had no other choice but to help them catch him.

Everything was fine, until he ran towards an alley with literal whole all over the pavement. For John and Sherlock it was nothing hard to jump them or dodge them, but to (Y/N) and her high heels it was more than a medium obstacle, which resulted in her falling to one of the whole and hurting her ankle. Thankfully, her friend’s heart remained the same, and he stopped to check on her, allowing Sherlock to arrest him.

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~ Boogeyman AU ~

“My classmates said they thought they saw a boogeyman and got seriously afraid. After those stories went around, everyone couldn’t sleep. I asked mom what a boogeyman is and she replied that they are nothing to be scared of, they are like imaginary friends.

Mom was right. You are my friend, and I am not even afraid of you. At all!”

Okay, so I just researched that Brazilians have this one called Homem do saco or The sack/bag man. That carries naughty children away?! Ouo ( Brazilians can correct and educate me more of this please. xD )

I really love Brazilian folklore characters

* theres a headless mule who still spits fire somehow (Mula-sem-cabeça/Headless mule);
* a ghost boy that haunts fields because he suffered a horrible death by being dumped into a poisionous ant colony (Negrinho do pastoreio/Black boy from the fields);
* a forest boy-thing that has his feet backwards and plays pranks on people who want to harm the rainforest (Curupira);
* a man that carries around a big sack to kidnap kids who misbehave (Homem-do-saco/sack man);
* a mermaid who lives in the rivers in the north of brazil and lures men into the dangerous waters (Iara);
* a pink dolphin-thing that has the power to transform into a handsome young man every ‘festa junina’ [which is a party that happens in june] and he dances with all the unacompanied women, and sometimes lures them into the lake and knock them up (Boto-cor-de-rosa/Pink boto);
* a black boy that has only one leg and he goes around playing pranks on people, and the only way to capture him is to throw a sieve into a swirl (Saci Pererê);
* an old woman that has a face like a crocodile’s who eats children (Cuca);
* a giant snake that has flaming eyes, who sometimes burns the forest and other times he protects it from wildfires for some reason (Boitatá);

Surprise Gift ch. 2

Once morning had come Yondu woke up from the hotel bed and went to look in the mirror. Throwing water on his face he looked at the three small scratches over his cheek and then down to the bandage wrapped around his hand. Unwrapping the white cloth he looked down at the now healing deep wound. No doubt it would scar. He gave a huff at the thought, ‘bitch marked me before I could mark her’. Remembering what Stakar had said about showing her who was in control he grabbed his jacket and made his way out.

After getting the items he wanted he saw Kraglin walking down the street over to him and smiled. “ere’. Hold this.” He said, throwing one of the large sacks to the man. 

Going to lift up the flap on the bag Yondu smacked his hand “What is it?” Kraglin asked.

“A present fur me new woman.”  Yondu smirked and led them back to the ship. 

Once he had them going to their first heist Yondu grabbed the bag from beside his chair and motioned for Kraglin. “I'ma gonna go to me chambers fur a bit. Ain’t nobody to disturb me unless it'sa emergency, got it!” he said and saw Kraglin nod. Throwing the bag over his shoulder he walked towards his chambers. Taking out the keys he unlocked the door and quickly surveyed the room for the omega. Seeing a pile on the bed under the covers he gave a smirk before stepping inside. Before he could close the door someone tried to push their way past him. Grabbing hold of her he wrapped both arms around her middle and kicked the door closed. Locking it he carried her squirming body over to the bed. She kicked and growled at him trying her best to get away. 

“Let me GO!” you yelled at the alpha male that was holding you. You tried with all your might to get away from him but he was so much bigger and stronger than you.

“Oh no princess. I tried ta do this the nice way last night. I told ya if ya didn’t come out when I told ya ta ya were gonna get it.” he told her as he moved to sit on the bed. Shrugging the bag off his shoulder he let it fall to the floor with a thump. Holding her with her back to his chest he held her wrists in one hand and had his arm wrapped around her waist to make sure she couldn’t get away. “Now darlin’ ya gonna calm down!” he said but heard her give a grunt before she threw her head back and hit his nose. “Oaww!” he yelled out in pain, letting go of her wrists to bring his hand to his nose. Feeling blood dripping down his lips he gave a loud growl before yanking off his belt and tying it around her wrists. Once her hands were bound he moved her to lay over his lap. “Ya are gonna learn who is in control!” he snarled. Raising his hand he brought it down on her backside and heard her let out a yelp. Again and again he smacked her ass until she was crying out in pain and his hand began to sting.

Standing he threw her onto the bed and moved to knell beside her. As soon as she went to crawl away he was holding his her down with his body weight. Ripping the fabric of her gown away from her shoulder he bit down on her neck making her cry out in pain. She tried to flinch away from him at first but it only caused him to tighten his jaws and wrap his arms around her. He felt as his eyes and fin glowed as he claimed his female. A deep growl flowed around her skin in his mouth and after a while she went limp in his hold. He felt the prude in his chest grow when he felt her fighting stop. Swallowing what blood was still in his mouth he pulled back to look down at the wound. It was deep and round, flowing with blood. Giving one long lick over the wound he heard her whimper and let out a deep sigh.

Letting go of her he stood from the bed and looked down to see her laying in the same position he left her in. Reaching for her wrists he undid his belt from them, setting her free. “There’s some clothes I got fur ya in the bag and some girly stuff. Ya are ta stay in this room. Ya already know where the bathroom is. I’ll get one of me crew ta bring ya up somethin’ ta eat.” he told her but she still didn’t look at him. Letting out a small growl he went to walk away. Getting to the door he stopped when he heard her voice.

“Can I at least know yer name?” you asked from where you laid on the bed. Tears rolling down your cheeks from the pain and sadness that filled you.

Looking over his shoulder he could hear the sadness in her voice. “Yondu.” he said before walking out the door, locking it behind him.

You laid there for a while until finally getting up and going into the bathroom. Dropping the bag on the counter you looked inside to see a few pairs of red pants and black long sleeve shirts. There was a single pair of pajama shorts and some women bathing supplies but no undergarments. Knotting your brows you gave a growl. Turning on the shower you peeled your now torn slaves gown over your head, letting out a whimper at the pain in your neck and shoulder. Looking in the mirror you had to get on your tippy toes to see your shoulder. On the nape of your neck was a angry looking claiming bite. It was red and swollen, the skin around it puffy. You were still bleeding somewhat and felt your eyes burn as the tears built up behind your eyes. 'I don’t even know this male and he has already claimed me. Made me his.’ you thought. Getting angry you punched at the mirror making it crack. Feeling a pain on your knuckles you looked to see them bleeding now as well. Shaking your head you stepped into the shower and winced when the water hit you sore bottom. He had claimed you, spanked you and locked you up. Some improvement this was turning out to be. 

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Myths & Legends: El hombre del saco

El hombre del saco, or Sack Man, is a boogeyman-like figure that collects disobedient children in a large sack and devours them. He is typically described as being skinny and incredibly hideous. The legend of el hombre del saco hails from Spain though similar legends do exist worldwide. In Brazil he is commonly known as o homem do saco. In this version of the legend, he does not eat the children but sells them. Needless to say, children worldwide are urged to be on their best behavior lest the Sack Man get them!


T’Tony fic in which Tony is under the impression T’challa hates him, and T’challa is under the impression that they’ve been dating for a month. 

“Why on earth are you crying?” Rhodey asks when he finds Tony attempting to tie his tie through bleary eyes. Tony punches his shoulder, careful not to make the man lose his balance in the process.

“I am not crying. I was just thinking about T’challa. He’s just so damn pretty dude, like have you seen him? He’s so damn pretty.” Tony explains, wrangling his tie into submission under Rhodey’s unimpressed gaze.

“Which explains the tears how?” Rhodey asks, thinning his lips slightly when Tony opens his mouth fully prepared to bullshit his way out of the room.

“What like nobody ever cries staring at beautiful art?” Tony defends, crossing his arms over his chest and attempting to slip around Rhodey. “Even if he hates me I can still look.” Tony shoots back, accidently showing his hand. Rhodey’s eyes widen in realization and Tony barely stops himself from backpeddling.

“Two things Tones. One, comparing a person to art is a little offensive. Just Saying. Like King T’challa is a person he’s not just there for your viewing pleasure.” Rhodey starts, and Tony blushes sheepish at the gentle scolding. “Two, he doesn’t hate you, why would you think that?”

“I have a list!” Tony defends, choosing to ignore the valid point that his attempt at bullshit was mildly offensive to focus on the invalid point that T’challa doesn’t hate him. Because he does. Tony knows this for a fact.

“Of course, you do.” Rhodey mumbles, as Tony scrambles about for his Stark phone to apparently pull up a list.

“Okay well first, there’s the fact that he’s housing Cap and Squad. Like they have to be talking shit about me all the time, and if they’re friends with him he’s gonna hate me.” Tony explains, adamant. Rhodey shakes his head, and pats Tony’s shoulder comfortingly. “Then there’s the fact that they probably told him I’d try to buy his affection because he doesn’t trust me to pay for anything.” Tony scowls at the memory of their last meeting to talk about the accords. T’challa had absolutely refused to allow him to pick up the tab and it stung.

“Or maybe he has more money than you and can pay for his own stuff.” Rhodey mumbles, unimpressed by Tony’s logic.

“And, and, and, every time we meet for the Accords he always stares at me like I’m going to do something wrong Rhodey. I know they probably told him I was a backstabber.” Tony says, and his mind flashes back to Clint’s jab. “He doesn’t trust me.” Tony mutters, and Rhodey’s heart breaks for the ridiculous sad sack of a man in front of him.

“And here I thought I was staring at you because you’re so beautiful.” T’challa purrs from the door. The door which Rhodey would have been able to see that bastard. Tony shoots his friend a betrayed look. Rhodey looks away and whistles innocently rocking forward in the braces. “After all, why wouldn’t I focus on my date?” T’challa asks before Tony can decide whether or not to tackle Rhodey.

“Date?” Tony absolutely does not squeak, he is manly and he asks the question with dignity thank you very much Rhodey.

“Well of course, we’ve been dating for a month now, today’s our anniversary.” T’challa explains, and Tony’s jaw drops. They were dating? This whole time? He thought T’challa just wanted to meet about the accords.

“Oh gosh, I didn’t get you a gift.” Tony blurts, embarrassment flushing his cheeks. T’challa laughs beautifully, and Tony’s stomach drops out at the sight.

“That’s okay love, seeing as how you didn’t know we were dating I won’t hold it against you.” T’challa assures. Tony is weirdly relieved at the assurance that he hasn’t managed to ruin the relationship he didn’t know he was in. “I did however get you a gift.”

“You didn’t have to do that.” Tony replies, blushing when T’challa strides forward to kiss his cheek and pushes a small bundle of black fur into Tony’s arms. Which Tony definitely noticed prior to that moment. He just didn’t think it was important okay. The cat king carried a cat it wasn’t that weird, and it’s not like Tony was distracted by the fact that he was dating a king or anything.

“Of course, I did, as King, if I want to court you properly I have to provide you with gifts, and there is no greater honor than that which a cat can give.” T’challa informs Tony, who is stroking the little ball of fur with a shocked look on his face. The cat purrs. “She likes you.” Rhodey quietly exits the rooms, leaving them to their moment.

“Does she have a name, or do I get to name her?” Tony asks, rubbing the kitten’s ears gently. The kitten paws at his tie, and Tony pulls it loose so she can better play with it.

“She’s yours to name love.” T’challa assures him. Tony blushes bright red, and T’challa leans in bold in the face of Tony being adorable, and presses a soft kiss to his cheek. The kitten makes a swipe for his tie and Tony turns an even brighter red.

“Pantera.” Tony whispers. “It’s Italian for panther, to remind me of both you and my madre.” Tony explains, turning towards T’challa with a soft smile on his face.

“A beautiful name.” T’challa replies, and Tony leans up onto his toes, kitten held gently in his arms, and presses a kiss to T’challa’s lips.