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Movie Marathons - Zach Werenski

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A/N: Hey guys! I am so sorry for not posting an imagine in so long, I feel like an absolute piece of trash for making you all wait so long! I made this one a big longer in hopes of making it up to you guys. Also I apologize to all the people who sent in requests, I am working on them and they will be posted ASAP!! Also a big thank you to everyone for sticking around throughout my drought, I love you all for that!! Requests will remain open and I will work extremely hard to get them written and posted within a reasonable amount of time! Have a wonderful day/night, and until the next time I post

Anon Request: could I request a Zach Werenski imagine where the two of you are close friends but get into a huge argument and one of you let it slip that you have feelings for the other? thank you so much! I love your writing!

Warnings: probably a few curse words


Moving to Columbus, Ohio with your best friend was one of the best decisions you had ever made. Zach spoiled you rotten, buying you books, snacks, clothes, and anything you really wanted or needed. In return you cooked healthy dinners for him, did his laundry, and kept him on schedule. But the best things about living together was the Friday Night Movie Marathons you and Zach had every week. Movie plans were definitely easier to arrange when living in the same apartment.

It goes without saying, Friday Night Movie Marathons didn’t always happen on Fridays. Zach was a professional hockey player; he had games to attend, road trips to go on, charity events to participate in and sometimes those things landed on a Friday. So when that happens, you and Zach move the Movie Marathons to his next day off. But recently things had been changing.

Every time you and Zach were supposed to have a movie night, Zach would cancel last minute.

When you were in front of Zach, you’d just hide your disappointment and brush off the canceled plans like it was nothing but the truth was, it broke your heart when Zach canceled. The thought of him going out and possibly meeting someone better than you destroyed you. The fact that he had thousands of girls just throwing themselves at him made you nervous. At any moment he could pick any girl and it made you sick know that it wouldn’t be you because you were… well, you! And it was imperative that Zach never found out you felt this way or else it would ruin your years of friendship, and you’d lose him forever.

Tonight though, Zach promised it would just be the two of you hanging out. He promised that he would be home at 8pm on the dot. He promised to turn his phone off. And he promised to sit down and watch every movie you pick out without complaining. The deal seemed fair, seeing as he had canceled on you for the last month and a half. He even had a bunch of junk food and snacks delivered to the apartment so the two of you had plenty to eat.

Currently, you were in the kitchen struggling to scoop ice cream into a separate bowl for yourself. The ice cream was frozen solid and Zach wasn’t home yet, so you were trying to muscle it out yourself but all you were doing was deforming the container. A few minutes later, the door to your shared apartment opened as you groaned in frustration and slammed the spoon down on the counter.

“Woah, take it easy there, (Y/N),” Zach teased. He pushed the apartment door closed behind him as he walked towards the kitchen to see what was frustrating you.

Looking up at the sound of Zach’s voice, your heart fluttered. He was dressed nicely in one of his game day suits, and you felt your cheeks heat up but you made sure not to miss a beat.

“You are just in time,” you stated. Both you and Zach turned to look at the microwave which displayed the time 8:00.


“And you are just in time to help me scoop the ice cream,” you said. Zach looked down at the mangled container and laughed.

“Is that what’s frustrating you?” Zach asked, pointing at the ice cream mess.

“Yeah, it’s too hard for me, so get to it muscles,” you said. You took a step out of the way so Zach could scoop the ice cream for you.

“Really, (Y/N)? I knew you weren’t very strong but, ice cream?” Zach asked.

“It’s frozen solid, and I refuse to put it in the microwave because then it gets to warm and soupy and it just never tastes the same afterwards,” you whined.

“Well, how about we put it in the fridge over night to thaw out a little? It’ll still be cold tomorrow, just not as hard,” Zach suggested. He took the ice cream container off the counter and put it in the fridge, the spoon still jammed in the ice cream block.

“That’s fine, we still have plenty of snacks for our movie night,” you said excitedly. You grabbed Zach’s hand and began running towards the living room. When you grabbed his hands, you expected to pull him to the living room behind you but he didn’t move an inch. You turned around to look at Zach who was looking down at the ground, instead of you.

“So, about tonight,” Zach started. He lifted his head to look at you, his expression wasn’t what you expected… he was smiling?

“You’re canceling on me again, aren’t you?” you asked.

“Yeah, but it’s for a good reason,” Zach said. You let go of Zach’s hand and took a step back from him.

“I don’t care what the reason is, just go,” you said disappointedly. You turned away from Zach but before you could get far, Zach stopped you. He grabbed your hand and spun you around.

“You ok?” Zach asked. You took a deep breath, gathering your thoughts and emotions, shoving them to the back of your mind where they would stay until Zach left.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” you lied. Zach’s expression filled with excitement… he actually bought my lie? We’ve been friends for how long and he still can’t tell when I’m lying?

“Good, now go get dressed,” Zach said.

“What? Why am I going to get dressed?” you asked. You had little hope that this was so Zach could take you on a date.

“You have a date,” Zach said.

“I don’t remember arranging any such thing,” you replied.

“That’s because you didn’t, I did,” Zach said.

“Why would you do that?” you asked.

Me and Motte were doing this thing where we set each other up on blind dates, and I thought you’d be a good fit for him,” Zach explained.

“I don’t do blind dates,” you said.

“Don’t think of it as a blind date, you know Tyler and he knows you. It’s just a regular date,” Zach said. You shook your hand out of Zach’s grip and took another step back from him.

“Call it what you want but I’m not doing it,” you stated.

“But why?” Zach asked.

“Because tonight’s our movie night and you’ve been blowing me off for over a month. The guys want me to go out with them, everyone’s going out tonight, the Chainsmokers are in town, a new movie came out yesterday and I;m gonna go see it with Wenny, I had a rough day at practice… I’m sick of all the excuses!! We’ve been doing these movie marathons for years now, if you don’t wanna do them anymore just say something!” you said angrily.

“(Y/N), it’s just a movie night. Tonight is your chance to get a boyfriend, Tyler seems to be really into you,” Zach said.

“To you it’s just a movie night, to me it’s more than that… These movie nights are-” you looked at Zach. He obviously wasn’t following what you were saying and it broke your heart. “Ya know what? Nevermind, Zach. Tell Tyler I’m sorry and that I wish him the best of luck in finding someone.”

You spun around once again, this time you were planning on going to your room but just like the previous times, you were stopped by Zach.

“No, Y(/N). You can’t do that, you can’t just start saying something and stop. What are these movie nights so important to you?” Zach asked.

“We just don’t spend time together anymore,” you said.

“We live together, (Y/N). How much more time do you wanna spend together?” Zach asked with a laugh.

“I don’t know,” you said quickly. You gaze fell to the ground as you contemplated your options. 

I can tell Zach how I feel and possibly ruin our friendship, or I make something up and go on this date with Tyler. I mean, Motte was a sweet guy… he just wasn’t THE guy.

“(Y/N),” Zach said stepping closer to you. He lifted your head, forcing you to look at him. “Tell me what’s really wrong.”

“Nothing, I’m just gonna go get dressed,” you said, walking away from Zach. You reached the couch when Zach started talking.

“You can’t run from your problems, (Y/N)! You always used to come to me with your problems and we’d talk but now you don’t!” Zach shouted. You spun around and took a step towards the kitchen so you could clearly see Zach.

“That’s because you keep canceling on me!! How am I supposed to tell you about my problems if you keep going out where we’re supposed to hang out?!” You shouted back.

“Is it such a problem that I wanna go out and socialize?! I have a life too, ya know? You should try it sometime, maybe you can find someone to take the stick outta your ass!” Zach said.

“Screw you, Zach! I should’ve known this would happen,” you said.

“What are you talking about now?!” Zach asked.

“You are so fucking blind!” you said.


“I love you, Zach! I’ve been in love with you fro years now and these movie nights were as close to a date as I’d get with you,” you said. You looked down at the ground again, bracing yourself for Zach’s response.

In a few large strides, Zach was right in front of you. His body pressed against yours. In one swift motion, Zach placed his hands on your cheeks and lifted your head. And without missing a single beat, Zach caught your lips in the kiss you have dreamt about for years.

The kiss didn’t last as long as you wanted it to, Zach being the one to pull away first. You slowly fluttered your eyes open to see Zach smiling down at you.

“I love you too, (Y/N),” Zach said softly. He pecked your lips gently, a large smile growing on your face. “Why didn’t you tell me sooner?”

“I was afraid of ruining our friendship,” you said. You reached up and placed your hands on top of Zach’s hands.

“Nothing can ruin our friendship,” Zach said. You moved his hands from your cheeks, intertwining your fingers with his.

“So, you up for a movie night?” you asked shyly.

“I would love too,” Zach said. He wrapped an arm around your shoulders and began guiding you over to the couch where you had a bundle of blankets and pillows waiting.

“Awesome! I have a list of movies on my phone and we have to watch them all!” You said with growing excitement.

“I can’t wait,” Zach said.

“We can go through the list alphabetically, by genre, rating, release date-”

“Baby, we will watch the movies in whatever order you want,” Zach said with a laugh. You plopped down on the couch, looking up at Zach as he undid his tie.

After discarding his tie, Zach slipped off his suit jacket and tossed it onto the chair by the couch. He kicked off his shoes, and untucked his shirt, slightly revealing his magnificent abs. Your eyes never left him once, curious and entertained by his little strip show.

“What are you doing?” you asked. Zach slipped off his belt, tossing it onto the chair with his tie.

“Getting comfortable,” Zach said nonchalantly.

“Sorry, do carry on,” you said. Zach unbuttoned his dress shirt and threw it onto the chair to accompany the rest of his clothes. Next to come off were his pants.

“Alright, scoot over,” Zach said. He comfortable slid onto the couch, placing himself between your body and the back of the couch. His arms wrapped around your waist and his head rested on your shoulder, placing a gentle kiss to your cheek before letting out a deep breath.

“I feel a bit… overdressed,” you said.

“Don’t worry. We’ll fixed that later,” Zach whispered. Your cheeks burned red, thoughts of you and Zach’s future together causing butterflies in your stomach.

Moving to Columbus, Ohio was definitely the best decision you ever made in your life.

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