sack jacket

The Riveted Sack Jacket by Old Jo & Co.

We take a look at some of the beautiful products by Old Joe & Co.
Established in 2007 their passions hold true in designing high quality garments. Inspired by excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail forgotten in todays manufacturing, its a respect for the sophisticated work done by hand as it was in times gone by.
Old Joe & Co. take inspiration from the wear and tear a garment only gets through long use, loved and worn time after time its hard to replicate but Old Joe & Co get it just right. The deep creases every product shows each have their own story and background, from the pattern, planning and colouring each adds meaning and value to the garment.
Their dyeing methods use a unique recipe incorporating the traditional Japanese way. Each garment is sewn precisely by hand in Japan thus paying respect to the Japanese artisans who are known globally for their exceptional craftsmanship! We like.