sacha blue by herring & herring

Operation Serenity

I’ve proved two things to myself today.  1) I really have gone a bit mental and 2) Yep still not able to write a one-shot.

I know I said I’d do it and then @cinemastill upped the ante with a dare.  So here it is.  I give you AAU Vs. Keller - I’ll pop it under a read more just to save y’alls dash.

AAU Vs. Keller


“I can’t remember a night shift that’s been this quiet in ages,” Fletch moaned and massaged the back of his neck.

“Ai, FLETCH,” both Bernie and Serena turned on him.

“Hush,” Bernie commanded.

“You’ll jinx it,” Serena finished, “and Lord knows we could use a calm night.  I don’t know about you but Hallowe’en left me ragged and I for one am not looking forward to the Christmas rush.”

“Right, sorry,” Fletch raised his hands in front of him, “it’s just there are only so many times I can inventory the supplies before I go right bloody mental.”

“Be happy we have supplies Fletch,” Serena said drily as she looked back down at her charts.

Bernie wandered over to where he was standing.

“Hmm, that does look fascinating,” she smiled. “Good to know the NHS is keeping us hip deep in gauze, tweezers and………latex.” She quirked her eyebrow at Fletch as she fingered a pair of  disposable gloves.  

She grasped his arm and steered him away from Serena, “You know when I was with my unit, when everyone was going a bit bonkers during a lull there was this thing we’d do….”

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We’re searching. || Vergil & Nikki

Nikki slowly swiped her phone as she read the snapshots of a conversation she held dear. The plans that they had made. A long dormant fire began to flicker back into existence. She felt her heart tug and twist as the feelings came flooding back. She couldn’t put a name to them. Didn’t know how. Couldn’t understand it. Sacha was…special, she supposed. But Nikki had no other way to describe their relationship. So she went to the closest one to her who might’ve been able to help her. Vergil. 

So that’s exactly what she did. Except, she made it relevant to him. His personal experience which she would compare to her own. “How did you know you were in love with Megan?” It was seemingly out of the blue but not to her. She was trying her luck, she didn’t know how sensitive this part of the subject was.