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Lilly, what's your opinion on March Eridan? I know a lot of people on here are offended by him and there are others who don't mind him. What do you think about him?

OK, since I seem to be opening cans of worms lately. Here’s my bit on March Eridan.

I enjoy March Eridan as an excuse to draw Eridan in pretty dresses. That’s it.

Clearly I have no problem with that.

Let’s take a look at the canonical March Eridan:

This was for a calendar, for March. Hence, March Eridan.  People have since interpreted March Eridan as very sexy, to the point of of either being jailbait, a stripper, it goes on.

What I get from this image is, Eridan competes with Rose in everything (first lesson in showmanship, etc), and he’s doing this as “Let me show this bitch how to dress.”

Trolls fundamentally don’t care much about clothes, so it makes sense that they wouldn’t assign clothing to particular genders. At the least, it’s a show of power (Feferi and Eridan both as seadwellers have weird fashion tastes, but Kanaya is the anomaly of them all.) I could just as easily picture the other guys going “hey look a skirt is more comfortable, neat.” Similarly, I think everyone would react to Eridan waring a skirt as “well eridan’s wearing flashy clothes what else is new”

So I enjoy the concept of Eridan using clothing as competition, expression, or a way to make himself stronger.

What I DON’T enjoy is the concept of “Eridan Wearing Girl’s Clothes” as a big joke. ESPECIALLY when using transphobic slurs and ideas.

So I look forward to March because Eridans in pretty dresses making it wwork, but I kinda dread it in that it’s an endless parade of SEXY DESPERATE MARCH ERIDAN HEEHEE jokes.

I mean, look at that canon art there. Does Eridan look desperate? Troll is here to dress up and beat bitches. And he just finished getting dressed.

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This is the anon before. I'm sorry to bother you again but what I meant to say was that in canon, in the comic, Feferi types it with a space in between. I'm sorry again. ^.^

((But she doesn’t. I copied and pasted that FROM canon. From THIS pesterlog. There ISN’T a space.

CC: )(-E)(-E!
CC: Glub glub glub!

It’s just the font- Courier makes it look that way, but there isn’t a space. There’s no space.))

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things that are unfair: feferi and tavros never interact :(

Oh I know! :C

Although part of me really digs them being kismesis. Like … She assumes she knows what’s best for him, and coddling is a thing and he’s like, no, really, i got it, can u not, and she continues to press and press and delicious awful passive-aggression ensues.

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Can I just say that this blog and the art for it is absolutely both adorable and beautiful at the same time and seriously I just love it? But there is one thing that bugs me a little, I don't think anyone has said anything about it and it's not a big deal but I'm pretty sure when Feferi types her ") (" there is actually a space between the parenthesis. I just thought maybe I should point it out, not actually a big deal but just letting you know. : )

((I’ll be damned if I can find the post. But because of the font, it only looks like a space. This is directly copied and pasted.

CC: )(a)(a sorry!
CC: I cant really control t)(e glubs.

Unfortunately this has been perpetuated a lot when it’s just appearances. I’m glad you like my blog. Thanks for following me!))

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Not sure if asked before but Feferi and Tavros? I just want to know your opinion on the pair really


Like ok. Listen. Listen to me.

Feferi likes to cull/coddle the infirm and disabled. She’s a baby condesce. She thinks she’s being a good ruler and good person by coddling those less fortunate.

Tavros, while he has weaknesses, isn’t a pushover, and he would DEFINITELY not want to be coddled. Also, given his ancestors/dancestor’s need to buck the ruling class, I can imagine Tavros would be in the oH hELL,,, no category about Feferi swooping in to tend to poor wittle broken Tavros.

It would first be insisting he’s fine, he’s managing, and then escalate into, no, really, I don’t need your help, step off you bitch, and then no really I hate your guts you sanctimonious (check it out, EHA) bitch.

Meanwhile Feferi would go from, Oh no, poor baby, he doesn’t understand to i must help him it is the seadweller’s burden, and then dammit this is for your own good you squirmy asshole.


Especially if you take into account the idea of Feferi/Vriska being Moirails and her insisting Vriska had learned and changed and tried to put them together in the same room to R—ESOLV—E t)(eir DIFF–ER-EN-S—-EAS!

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Not to be rude but has humanweek just die off?

((Not at all, anon! Honestly, what happened was I got a great deal of backlash over it- and it was expanding beyond what a simple askblog’s mission should be: Which is to try and stay IC and answer questions! So instead, it’s branched off into its own illustrated fanfic I’m still writing, called Clover. I figured it would make more people happy to move it away and off of AT)(! ))

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I don't know if anyone told you yet, but you got Kankri's quirk backwards! D:

((Message received, please leave me alone about it, I can’t fix it at this point. And honestly. Quirks are sort of one of the least of my concerns when I make these.))

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I don't mean to be rude, but could you please explain the appeal of AraFef?

What makes AraFef such a great ship? :?

You sent this twice, unsure if this is meant to be a challenge or not…

Superficially: Wow look at those two cute lively girls with fluffy hair and cute faces wow wow such cute

Non-superficially: There’s lots of reasons. I’m always fond of the parallels of Highest/Lowest bloodcaste, Princess and the Pauper, and of course, the complete opposite of Handmaid/Condesce’s interactions.

I enjoy them red or pale; Aradia has a good, earthy sense to her and will easily ground Feferi’s need to coddle and frankly, complete misunderstanding of her culture and the plight of lowbloods. Feferi, is eager to help and change the world, and would want a right-hand lady. These all apply for excellet kismesis, too.

Both Feferi and Aradia enjoy adventure, animals and exploring. Both of them also don’t take shit.

They’re also both morbid as fuck.

I like to see them as goddesses of death and life, and both aspects of it.

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Have you read before I sleep? It's on archiveofourown. If you haven't, Please do so! It's about the sighnless and at the end it talks about ufut! It is hard to read and I did cry, but it's sooooooo good! (/;—;\) *gross sobbing*

((Just gonna cover this one! Of course CC and I have both read Before I Sleep! It’s wonderful story and well-written and definitely emotionally impacting! But it’s actually out of the continuity of this blog, and out of the Unwanted Free Ugly Troll/Loophole universe. It’s an alternate examination of the same universe, but not part of the story. You Are Needed, our joint fanfic, explores Horuss in our universe, and expands a bit on Mindfang’s history as well! C: ))

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Why do you like feferi so much?not trying to be rude or anything i just love to hear people's reason for loving who they love ^u^


I love Feferi for lots of reasons. But I’ll divide them into good and bad reasons. Well, that sounds weird. But more like… The traits I find about her that are interesting?

  1. She’s Bright- and I don’t mean colors- I mean she’s actually very astute. She picks up on other people’s feelings, and also plans for her empire to come. 
  2. She’s Kind- she genuinely feels kindness toward other people, which is kinda a rare trait in trolls and sometimes it’s nice to see it.
  3. She’s Funny- Aside from her puns, which are adorable and funny, she sets up jokes, and is genuinely playful.
  4. She’s Brave- Kanaya said in canon that no one had the burdens she did, but she took them on because she knew everyone had a job to do. And, when she knew it was safe, she broke off a toxic relationship with Eridan. That takes a lot of guts.
  5. She’s fucking creepy- She’s a Horrorterror Princess. She’s literally Cthulu’s baby girl. She looks in the face of these undulating, enormous monsters and goes, “mama!” She goes and kisses dead, bloodsoaked bodies and shows up in people’s dreams just to fuck with them. What the hell, Feferi.
  6. She takes no shit- From anyone. From Eridan, from Sollux, even with Vriska she turns it on her head and outbitches Queen Bitch.
  7. She’s pretty! - I mean let’s be honest here.
  8. She’s blunt - Fef doesn’t really mince words. She’ll say how she feels exactly how she feels them and, well, there you go.
  9. She’s also really weird-looking - Okay, she’s got these goofy goggles and this weird skirt and sharp teeth and big silly earfins, she has the potential to be the prettiest princess in all the lands or the weirdest looking goober ever.
  10. She’s a privileged brat- Let’s get real. Feferi is a really excellent example of privilege in motion. She’s literally the next in line to run the whole empire. She captures cute animals “for their own good” and supports coddling castes beneath her, thinking she’s doing the right thing. This is the kind of girl who absolutely means well but manages to give backhanded concern and ignorant compliments. We can see what Feferi did as an Empress. For me it’s important to see a character like this and recognize those same flaws in myself to keep them in check.
  11. She has/had potential- this is primarily Homestuck, but since Feferi isn’t as developed, it’s fascinating to see what direction her character could’ve gone, and maybe still could go. She could grow out of her condescension and mature. (having a goldblood boyfriend would do that), become a benevolent Empress. She could become corrupted, a deliriously happy, violent Empress. She could step down from leadership altogether, choose a quiet life with animals. We don’t know! It’s interesting to explore her, and I think that’s why I like her.

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I feel bad because I probably sent this already and not sure if tumblr likes to eat my messages or what but You are one of my heros of cosplay and I really look up to you VuV but I wanted to know if you could give me a little advice on how to make a striped lolita ish skirt like your T!Jane's?

OK! My skirts are basically rectangle skirts; pretty much two long rectangles sewn…together… with elastic and hemmed…pfft.

So for T!J, it was basically a little more than the amount I normally use, then I cut the rectangles into strips, sewed the stripes, and then hemmed it. The tutorial for my Feferi skirt follows this save for the stripes.


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Do you have any tips for sewing very big and poofy dresses?

First, tackle it slowly, know your pattern. But most importantly, be sure to have the proper underwear! :D

And by that I mean the floof that makes it poofy. MOST fabric will not be poofy on its own. Even if it’s gathered, fabric is inclined to drape, and it’ll need help to stick out from your body.

For example…

Keep reading

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look at all the abuse apologists you got. enjoy the fucking eridan fangirls you helped enable. i wish u weren't in the fandom and stopped shitting up feferi by putting her anywhere near him. she HATES him now jfc???anyone would hate seeing someone paired with their abuser so stop pretending ur such a smart feferi fan when you have that dumbass erisolsprite stiched on SAMPLEr LMAO

Yes, I do have that sampler.

It’s actually one of my favorite possessions. Do you know why?

Because someone- ammifina, a reader, read my blog enough to know I had joked, once about wanting this as a cross-stitch, and she had the kindness in her heart to actually DO IT, for me, because she wanted to.

And you know what’s amazing about that?

It’s that something fictional, prompted someone real and human and alive to do something kind for something else. I love that cross-stitch to death and you fucking bet I’m going to hang it in my Philly apartment in a place of honor, not because it’s Homestuck, not because it represents my favorite relationship, but because it meant someone, out there, had a fucking good enough heart to want to make something that makes another human being smile.

And you know what?

This is my art wall. Well, an old picture of it.

Some of these were prints I bought, but a lot of these pictures are precious drawings friends and convention folks gave me. And when I look at this wall, I see their joy in something that we both share love for.

And that’s what’s important in fandom, Anon, it’s not the characters, it’s not getting them right or shitting them up, fuck all of that.

It’s about real, live, human beings, connecting and bonding with each other because something makes them happy, and doing kindness for each other because they want to.

And I’m not going to fucking lie, you upset me, anon, I can’t sit and joke and pretend you don’t.

But all of these people, and that fucking sampler, will trump any bullshit you have to say to me because it’s only coming from cowardly malice and not producing anything at all.