@lucassims ‘s sweet hair recoloured

one of my most favourite hairs coloured in a subtle ombre! also if you have any suggestions on what i should recolour next please let me know (i’m not able to do all types of hair unfortunately :’~( i’m still learning) but anyway please enjoy!


you know, i just think minho’s a really nice dude?? like he’s so sweet and nice to everyone. he actively supports, keeps track of, and cheers on his members during their activities, he waves, thanks, and smiles at everyone who attend their concerts and stages, he’s earnest and continuously tries his hardest to show his best, and really, he seems like such a genuine person.

taken from Amanda Grayson’s personal photo archives

in tos i-chaya was already quite old when spock was a boy but really i just wanted to see baby spock with baby i-chaya that’s all 

@enriques4 ‘s puk hair recoloured

as per anon’s request here are some hairs coloured in the plain saccharine palette. this is probably my favourite shaved hair so enjoy! 

  • all 16 swatches from the saccharine palette
  • mesh not included → download here
  • standalone / should have a custom catalog thumbnail (if it works omg)
  • please don’t claim as your own!



After the Engarde trial, Phoenix feels the need to apologize for all the (heartbreaking) rude things he said to Edgeworth after he got back (but i mean like if my crush faked their death and junk i’de be pissed 2 so…….)

for  saccharine-and-dopamine

Before running and after running.

Height: 5'2.5"

In 2011, I graduated from university. University was an experience I loved and hated in equal parts: my first two years were absolutely amazing, my third year was awful, and my final year was a mixture of amazing and heartbreaking. Most of my weight was gained in my third year of university: I started it chubby, bordering on overweight, and left it approximate to the size in the top left photo. I spent 2010 and 2011 in denial of my total lack of fitness and total lack of care as to my body, despite how much I detested myself. I wouldn’t go clothes shopping if it meant trying on clothing, I wouldn’t weigh myself; I wasn’t that overweight, surely?

Then, in July 2011, I graduated. In July 2011, I saw photos of myself from my graduation. I hated every single one of them, and there was no way that I could deny what I’d allowed myself to become: walking up flights of stairs would leave me out of breath, I hated hills, I hated going outside in general because I was certain people were judging me and making assumptions as to what kind of person I was because of my size. I know now that it doesn’t matter whether they were or weren’t, but my self-image and self-esteem were at an all time low and my own self-perception was awful.

August 2011: I joined the gym.

December 2011: I was still going to the gym. I’d lost weight. I was feeling good about myself.

June 2012: I had to run to catch a bus. I wasn’t out of breath when I got on and named my destination. I thought to myself “hey, that running thing wasn’t so awful…”

I tried running on a treadmill. It was awful. I downloaded a C25K app. It wasn’t awful.

I ran outside – deliberately – for the first time in, oh, five years.

I enjoyed it. It became a hobby. After numerous ups and downs (I obtained an injury in October 2012 as a result of the wrong running shoes, and I gained weight in early 2013 as a result of quitting running for a while due to general poor mental health, even though I knew running helped me with that), I went from an estimated 200ish (probably plus, to be honest) pounds to, as of my last weigh-in at the gym, in the PM, after a full day’s work and eating, 119lbs.

I’m fit. I’m healthy. I fucking love running, and I’m going to be running the 2014 Purbeck Marathon (one hopes). I’ve created this blog to track my training ups and downs, and to serve as a reminder to myself throughout the downs that I can fucking do it.

@lucassims ‘s queen bee v2 hair recoloured

I redid my ombres in the new version of the hair which is longer and apparently fixes some shine bugs! also comes in the normal saccharine palette.. enjoy!




Interrupting your everyday Tumblr broadcast to remind you to look up at the date: April 20th. That struck any bell? Let me take you back. Let me tell you a story. A story? Yes. On April 20, 1990 a little game was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System console, exclusively for the Japanese market. It had an opening with several lines written in (questionable) English, and it followed the tale of a prince who fought to regain back his kingdom and ultimately save the world. A little guy whose portrait, despite graphical limits, had blue hair and an orange background. His name? Marth. At the time, probably not many expected this game to grow into the series that is today. Even fewer expected it to go past the borders of Japan, let alone conquer the hearts of millions of players! But it did, and here we are. Some of us are here for the stories, others for the characters. Some delve head-first into the lore, others can’t do without the addictiveness of the mechanics. And not just from Japan, but from all kinds of places everywhere anywhere, we’re here. For the Fire Emblem.

So, yeah. Your favorite japanese strategy role-playing video game series is now officially, precisely, eliwood-ly 25 years old! Congratulations!!!

(Feel like contributing to the series and/or anniversary? The #Fire Emblem Fan Month is still up!)

@simduction ‘s hyena hair recoloured

this is a set of subtle ombres made from the saccharine palette plus two additional swatches (pink & purple). I HAD NO IDEA WHAT I WAS DOING I HOPE THIS TURNED OUT OKAY please let me know if there are any issues…

7 swatches from the saccharine palette, 2 swatches from the 8bitto cafe palette
mesh not included → download here (v1) ←
does not have a custom catalog thumbnail 
please don’t claim as your own!

thank you @johnnyzest for sarah beck, the gorgeous sim I used as a model!