goat-frisk  asked:

Little Sacari Went over to allabie and hugged her. Feeling Scared about something,then alternating to skittles. Thinking that allabie just wants to chill. (I do get scared. I think of ghosts and stuff.... I wish I could just brainwash it all away..)


goat-frisk  asked:

She walked away,kind of wobbly because of being human now,Put them down and came back,her bushy tail swaying as she showed you her drawing she had done,it was skittles and allabie and a Marriage arch behind them,little Sacari was fiddling wit flowrs

“N-Nice drawing!”

goat-frisk  asked:

Sacari runs to skittles(Check allabie blog for what happened while u where gone XD)The little girl hugged him " Your Home!"(we pretended u where not home since mun was unable to connect)

“Hehe, yes, I am back!”

Herp derp okay *Mun goes to see whatchu talkin bout.*