sacanime summer 2012

hey sacanime attendees, what are you wearing?

I’m trying to figure out what to wear to match people/what people even want to wear. I’m pretty sure Stone Ocean isn’t happening at SacAnime because HAHAHA FUCK HEAT so my list is looking like this

Friday: Casual Makoto/Karaoke contest at which point I might put on some lolita for maximum dance fun, or i can be a dickbag to everybody at Awesomehouse and bring Remilia

Saturday: Possibly Annasui? Possibly Johnny Joestar? Possibly Kanaya (I have a Kanaya costume that’s mostly finished, just need to do horns + skirt)?

Sunday: Possibly Johnny? Possibly Kanaya? Possibly Annasui? Possibly Rarity? Possibly lolita?

All days: HHJKAFKHJALDLHKJA what am I even doing it all depends on what other people wanna do! I can bring out old costumes too, if anybody wants to photo with me in any particular outfit, provided they aren’t my Squiddleknit Rose or my Sayaka. Squiddleknit Rose is on loan, and Sayaka hfkjashdfja I DO NOT WANT TO WEAR THAT HELP OH GOD NO, it got too murphy’s law’d at otakon for me to want to see it again for at least a month more

also notyourwaifu I got your contacts in today, they’re gorgeous :D