Sac Magique

Finnish artist Sac Magique creates distinct illustrations of rebellious youth that humorously poke fun at the larger more cynical world in which they inhabit. These characters have attracted large recognizable brands such as H&M, Elle, Wired Magazine and Bloomberg Businessweek.  

  1. The Owner #1, 2015
  2. Cover for Trois Couleurs magazine, 2015
  3. from the Society of Disillusioned Illustrators, 2013
  4. The Art of Seduction #4, Limited edition 4 colour Risograph print. Produced in collaboration with Tan & Loose press. Available to purchase here for a mere 18€ +P&P., 2013
  5. Gemini, from Elle Italia Horoscope, 2014
  6. from The Collectors series
  7. Japan, Illustration for Mondo magazine. 
  8. Leo, Elle Italia Horoscope, 2014/15
  9. Fan #2, 2015
  10. Ferris Wheel for Image Magazine, 2013, images posted with permission of the artist. 

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