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KNOW YOUR BATS: Emballonuridae family

Emballonuridae is a family of bats commonly known as sheath-tailed or sac-winged bats. I’m surprised these bats aren’t better known, because they have very uniquely appealing little faces. I think it’s the perpetually upturned nose.

They also have a stunning variety of colors, from the pure-white northern ghost bat to the dark chocolate of the Hill’s sheath-tailed bat.

Among them are some excellent camoflaugers, such as the proboscis bat, which looks like a bit of lichen or damaged bark on a tree.

In fact, many species in Emballonuridae roost on the trunks and branches of trees, in broad daylight, depending on their camouflage to keep them safe. They like to do it in neat little lines.

Sometimes they also stack.

You may have noticed their short little tailed. They’re sometimes called sheath-tailed bats because these tails protrude out of the membrane between their back legs, which can be pulled up to “sheath” the tail. Here’s a video if you don’t quite understand what I mean.

As I mentioned earlier, they’re also called sac-winged bats. This is because they have special pouches near their wrists designed to release pheromones into the air when they flap their wings. Below is a close up of the pouch, closed and then opened.

For the most part these are very small bats, with weights as low as three to four grams- one of the smallest, the proboscis bat, can get caught in spiderwebs and eaten.

Aside from roosting in trees, these bats roost in caves, crevices, and occasionally, human-made structures like wells or stone tombs. Because of this, several species are known as tomb bats. They’re pretty adorable little harbingers of death if you ask me.

Photo credits:

Main set (species in photo caption): Bat Conservation Intl / Jasmine Vink / University of KwaZulu-Natal / Merlin Tuttle / Michael Penney

Emedded in text: Bateleur Nature Reserve / ARKive / Riley Pearce / PSUNHM / Christian Ziegler

Also, I just have a lot of feelings about this:


Because Natasha is almost always the one to initiate when it comes to Steve:

  • mentions Phil Coulson’s Captain America trading cards when she first meets Steve to ease him into the chaotic atmosphere of the helicarrier
  • continuously tries to set him up, to the point where she can bring it up in the middle of a mission and he just goes along
  • texts him about business with emoticons
  • steals the hard-drive Fury gave to Steve and, instead of cracking it on her own like she very well could’ve, she goes back to the hospital to find Steve because she wants to work with him, as a team
  • and then literally bares her scars to him and makes a joke about it because making jokes during tense situations is what she does and again, Steve is so used to it that he goes along with it
  • I’m not going to use The Kiss as a point because that’s technically cover stuff, but after, she openly asks him about his “dating life” and rather than seeming surprised or whatever when he admits that he’s kissed at least one person since coming off the ice, she looks happy for him because he’s actually trying
  • he comes to her to ask what’s bothering her after they find refuge in Sam’s guest bedroom, because Steve Rogers comforts people, he tries to help them, it’s what he does - but Natasha reaches out to him, asks him about something that’s very important to her - if he trusts her - because she genuinely wants to know, maybe she’s almost desperate to after he’s saved her life, and she almost can’t help it, so she asks because she wants to know how he sees her
  • joins in on teasing Steve about the “language!” and instead of acting exasperated like with the others, he actually teasingly fights back
  • accepts their supposed impending death in Sokovia with this sad, small smile on her face, looking perfectly content to spend her last moments with him, so comfortable in his presence that she doesn’t even have to look at him -  his presence is enough

Natasha almost goes out of her way to connect with Steve and I love it, not just as a shipper, but as someone who loves Natasha and hates seeing her characterized as emotionally distant and detached. Is she cautious? Yes. Is she not as affectionate as others? Yes. But she doesn’t shy away from being openly affectionate with the people she cares about, the people she loves. It manifests in different ways - snarky banter with Clint, an understanding akin to loyalty with Fury, sympathetic conversations with Bruce. And with Steve? It means reaching out to him and making the first move. I think we all see a terrible loneliness in Steve and Natasha doesn’t want that for him. She wants him to feel like he belongs with them, in this time, because this is his home now and he deserves to feel that way. From the very beginning, she’s been the one to initiate a personal interaction with him and I think that says so much about how their relationship works, because Steve isn’t the one that wears his heart on his sleeve with personal matters like this, and he isn’t the one that is trying to fix her - she’s trying to be open to him, reaching out to him in a way she believes will finally get him to reach out, too. Maybe not to her specifically, which is why she tries to set him up with someone else, but she wants to see him reach out to someone, to lean on someone and not carry all of this weight on his own shoulders anymore. She wants to chip away at the ice so that he can have an intimate connection with someone and not be so alone, because if he has that with someone then it means that he finally has a reason to truly exist in this new life he was thrust into, and that means Natasha would’ve finally gotten it right.

Dear Florida

I’ve heard ppl say they hate living here my entire life. All 26 years of it. While it gets old, I understand! There’s a lot of bad stuff here, like SO much, but I was born here and I have so many memories here, I can’t imagine hating it with my entire being. I grew up near the gulf in the suburbs and then moved to orlando so I know my experiences may not be universal but whatever :). Here’s some Florida positivity and feelings:

- I know it doesn’t appeal to everybody, but perfect beach weather! I grew up near pine island and I swear my family had every birthday there. Eating burgers and hot dogs at the picnic tables so close to the water, the gulf breeze ruffling sundresses and cheap plastic table cloths.

- where I lived there was a large wooden tower you could climb up and watch the sunset/rise from. Years of teenaged graffiti had been carved into it’s beams and made you nostalgic for the days of hanging out with friends during the summer and not worrying about having to pay your bills or go to work.

-swimming at the spring, crystal clear cold water with the warm sun at your back, your nerves awake and tingling.

- ice cream sandwiches and freezepops while you walked down the cracked pavement, prickly grass poking through.

- nature always shines through the urbanization, Florida can’t stop being Florida.

- gaggles of kids during the summer, running up to any house where there was evidence of another child and ringing the doorbell, asking if there were any other kids there to come out and play.

- the cities are ugly and regular draughts dry up the grass and ponds, but there’s something weirdly nostalgic and unique about those stretches of road, lined with failed businesses and strip clubs and used car lots. As a kid I always imagined those empty parking lots as the perfect place for a fight between superpowered folks or werewolves lol idk

- waking up early to see the sun rise from the overpass and waving to the cars below as ppl commuted to work. ALMOST as beautiful as the sunsets.

- imagine if you got to see the most gorgeous explosion of color in the sky every single night. So much so that you almost get used to it and then, one night, you stop to really looked at the gradient of pinks and purples and oranges and realize all over again how breathtaking it all is.

- the stars at night over the beach and the smell of fried food from a seafood shack close to shore.

- cicadas screaming while you try to get a dragonfly to land on your kayak or catching lizards and grasshoppers in the grassy lot near the woods.

- little crabs scurrying in the sand and finding a seagull feather to put in your headband. Sandhill crane couples making their way across the street and making you late to class (but they’re so pretty!) And the sounds of wild peacocks while you swim in your friends pool before dark. Signs of animals everywhere you go.

- publixes in Orlando with the best guava pastries and even better croquettes. The subs! The fried chicken!! The sweet tea!!!

- tiny ice cream shops like papa Clyde’s thatve been around for 30+ years and have the best handspun shakes you’ll ever taste.

- the mermaid shows and tubing down a lazyriver and manatees that are too chill. Getting lucky enough for a baby manatee to fearlessly brush against your leg.

-a warm breeze rustling through the palms at night. Bonfires during the short winters while the dogs dig in the dirt for a nice cool place to sleep.

- theme parks just an hour away. Knowing every loop of the coasters by heart and leading your out of state friends on a tour of a place you know like the back of your hand.

- hurricane parties and waving to your neighbors as you wade across the cul-de-sac, water up to your knees. You haven’t spoken to them in a while but you catch up under an umbrella and ask if they need any batteries or toilet paper.

- fresh oranges and feeding baby Gators and the scent of sunblock and a hot water bottle rolling around the floor of your car.

Feel free to add any good/nostalgic Florida memories!

Requested by @tiny-totodile

The stereotypical “ribbit” a frog makes is loud, echoing croaking sound. In fact, some frogs can be heard over a mile away. In most species, only male frogs croak, since croaking is used as a way to attract mates, protect territory, and warn others of danger.

The secret to croaking lies in their expandable vocal sack in their mouth. Frogs have larynxes and vocal chords just like humans do that emit the noise, but to make the noise loud, it uses its vocal sack. Some frogs have two vocal sacs, one on either side of its head like cheeks.

First, a frog will inhale and fill its lungs with air, and then close it’s mouth and nose and push the air into its vocal sac, filling it up. Just like puffing out your cheeks. The space in the vocal pouch then acts as a resonance chamber. The sound waves echo and bounce off of the skin, and as they bounce around the sound waves can combine, making the croaking louder and louder.

Each species of frog has a unique croak, so they can attract the right kind of mate. Interestingly, though, populations within the same species can have different “accents” or “dialects” of croaks, depending where they live. 

Some frogs are able to croak underwater, and others, usually frogs that live near loud running water, croak in ultrasonic frequencies. Concave-eared Torrent frogs, for example, live near rushing water. Humans can’t hear their croaks, and they wouldn’t be able to over the running water anyways, but other concave-eared torrent frogs can pick up the ultrasonic frequencies.

Politoed pushes air into its vocal sac, expanding its throat. The sound it makes then bounces around in the cavity, combining and becoming louder.

Politoed is quite different from Poliwag’s other final form, Poliwrath. Poliwrath evolves with a water stone, and Politoed evolves from being traded with a King’s Rock. Frogs are one of the few animals in our world that do “evolve” like pokémon, through metamorphosis.

As we’ve talked about in our evolution tag, stones cause evolution by reacting with cells in the pokémon, triggering this metamorphosis to happen. Poliwhirl has two options for metamorphosis, so it has two different kinds of cell receptors corresponding to each evolution. Whichever one that is triggered, the water stone of the King’s rock, is the metamorphosis that happens.

Poliwhirl has two options for evolution, Politoed and Poliwrath. It has different cell receptors corresponding to each evolution, and the one that is triggered is the one that happens.

Hey guys! How’s everyone this new year? :D I just got back from holiday vacation and excited to share some drone photos and videos with you all. But before I have time to edit them, Sac Anime is coming up this Friday and weekend so I’ll be busy there.

If you’re in the area, come by and hang out! Come chat and share your 2016 stories, or your 2017 aspirations :) My table is in the Artist Alley at A13. The con is held at the Sacramento Convention Center. Hope to see you there!

I'm sorry, I just can't believe critics gave alien covenant a 73? Like come on.

My mother is scared of EVERYTHING, and she saw EVERYTHING coming.

We were laughing in the damn theater because of how absolutely stupid the crew of this ship was.

Like what fucking idiot finds out that a lone android likes the murderous aliens that have been murdering his crew members…


and then proceeds to bend over and look RIGHT into an egg sac that’s MOVING up towards him?

Like even if that was a safe fucking goo, it still isn’t a good idea to put your stupid fucking face in it.

Plus this evil android thing is so tired.

Michael is a great actor ok?

But come on, I didn’t find these crew members original or interesting at all.

And I saw that stupid android switch happening the SECOND David fucking cut his hair.


Plus there’s not a single scene that’s original and not ripped from the goddamn original.

Chest bursters are a great concept that they keep expecting to carry the film, but we’ve seen them so many goddamn times now.

And they overused the xenomorph too!

They seriously shoved it on screen so often that I started thinking it was goddamn CUTE.

Like yes. Xenomorphs are AWESOME.

But we’ve SEEN their little secondary mouths and we KNEW that they were gonna shove through someone’s mouth like a shitty 80s horror movie.

We HAD to have a shower sex scene.

We HAD to have a lot of aliens biting chunks out of women and ripping heads off and tearing bodies apart.


I’m just…

I KNEW it looked like shit.

I knew going in what was going to happen.

But a little part of me was hoping I would be wrong.

A little part of me was hoping that they wouldn’t keep doing the same shit they always do with these movies.

But it died.

I’m dead inside.

The only truly original thing that happened was Michael Fassbender kissing Michael Fassbender.

And as fun as that was…and bizarre…the rest was just so depressing.

It was dreary and flat and nothing really even HAPPENED.

Their ship got fucked up, they had to go to the planet, the planet has xenomorphs, they wreak havoc, the evil android switches with the nice android, and he then promises to kill everyone aboard.

Was this a setup?

Is there going to another alien where there’s an army of xenomorphs?

Because that might be interesting…if completely fucking up the personality of the alien movies, that awesome close quarters terror associated with being stuck with a huge almost unkillable biological monster.

And if it was it gonna be a set up…


Covenant was just disappointing.

The only entertainment I got was narcissistic God complex android love.

Which is always fun but…it can’t carry an entire movie.

anonymous asked:

If you designed vampires what do you think their anatomy would be like?

I do have vampires! 2 kinds
One is ur average people shaped vamp bc they used to be people, but their Guts are all wrong. Basically only have Heart Lungs and big ol..blood sac. Which is like, a repurposed stomach+intestines all into a nasty blood bag

Pretty much all the other organs are kinda..messed up..and don’t really matter Anyway

I don’t have it all nailed down, but basically everything from the Blood Bag gets spread throughout the bod by the heart like normal blood until it starts goin bad, at which point it’ll recollect in said sac to be barfed up as disgusting coagulated Sludge, n then they gotta feed, rinse, repeat

So, whatever that system looks like…there u go

Vampire type 2 is actually a living creature, but it does live off of blood and kill humans
Really big pest, not human, haven’t designed it yet so WHO KNOOOWS

Alive and Kicking / Jace Wayland

I’m not too pleased with this…but I wanted to hurry and finish it before all the SACs I have coming up. So I apologise for what you’re about to read. But I do hope it’s not that bad and someone liked something about it. Preferably the kind anon who requested it. 

Words: 1584

No matter what the activity was-from training to missions to who can stand on one leg the longest-(Y/N) and Jace were always competing. It had been like that for the longest time, from the moment they met even. The pair clicked straight away and had been practically conjoined at the hip ever since. 

They were friends, the best of friends…but also something more. 

It was hard to explain to anyone who didn’t know the pair-not that those who did really understood what they were anyway. 

They confided in one another like friends, fought one another like siblings and cared for one another like lovers. 

Their behaviour was so commonly accepted and known by others in the institute, that it came as no surprise to Izzy and Alec when they went to go find (Y/N) and Jace for a mission-they had found them in training room challenging one another at full strength in hand to hand combat.

It was a sight to see. Two equally trained shadowhunters going at one another to prove whatever point they had to. While it was something the dark haired siblings saw often, they always found themselves amazed as they watched them both spar.

Amusement was a result of their mundane challenges like racing to see who can be the first to a room…or who can win the most amount of staring contests in a row…but seeing them in action, with their full abilities on show was something else. Something incredible.

(Y/N) held Jace in a lock but the blond easily flipped the girl over his shoulder. Lying on the floor gave (Y/N) easy access to his legs, knocking him to the ground in a single swipe.

They managed to drag themselves to their feet where Jace immediately went on the offensive, trying to strike his friend but (Y/N) blocked it somewhat easily before landing a blow on the side of his face. She chuckled as the impact knocked him back a few paces.

Jace was able to recover from the unexpected hit just as quickly as it had been laid. As he was about to charge at her, Alec cleared his throat loudly. “We have a mission,” he told them. “We have to go now.”

Jace straightened his back and rolled his neck before taking a few steps towards the girl and slung his arm around her neck. She playfully groaned in protest but made no effort to push off the added weight.

“Do we have time to change?” she questioned, tugging at her shirt that was drenched in sweat.

Izzy nodded and reached an arm forward to pull (Y/N) out of Jace’s grip and away from the training room towards the girl’s bedroom. 

Walking down the hallway, Izzy clutched at (Y/N)’s arm tightly. “How much longer do I have to wait?”

“I’m sorry?” (Y/N) asked, completely confused with what her friend was talking about. 

She rolled her eyes, letting out a sigh, “You and Jace,” she says as if the girl was not able to comprehend her words at a normal pace. 

“What about Jace and I?”

“I swear to-” Izzy released a sound that was indescribable…but it was clear she was frustrated. “(Y/N). I love you more than anyone, even Jace…but if you try and deny what is between the two of you-I’m going to hit you.”

(Y/N) shook her head, “I’m not denying anything though. Jace and I…we’re just not ready for a relationship.” Pushing the door to her room open, (Y/N) shut it after Izzy had followed her in. 

“Whatever,” she mumbled, giving up on her friend. “Hurry up and get changed, Alec will have a hernia if you take too long. I love my brother, I really do, but he needs to chill sometimes.”

(Y/N) headed straight for her wardrobe as Izzy continued to ramble, stripping off her training clothes. When she had dressed, in record time that she hoped Alec would appreciate, she led Isabelle back through the institute to collect their weapons. 

After the four were reunited and had gathered everything they needed, they left and made their way to the warehouse that they were told sheltered the downworlders they were looking for who had broken the Accords. 

The mission was supposed to be simple. They were supposed to go the the warehouse and collect the individuals they had been assigned and take them immediately to the Clave to await their trial. 

But (Y/N) and Jace had to make it interesting. They had to make it into more than what it was.

They were competing, as usual, over who could be first. First to make it in the building, first to fight a downworlder and first to capture them. 

It seemed easy enough…it usually went down so well, making their dreary missions into something more exciting.  

Despite the fact they have always been trained to be prepared…the ambush was completely unexpected. It seemed to be going well and normal…nothing was out of the ordinary. Everyone they had to take before the Clave was there and they had put up a fight as anticipated…but then there were more.

Downworlders were jumping down from what seemed to be only darkness and attacking with everything they had in them. 

“Keep up (Y/N),” Jace grunted, “you’re lagging behind,” he teased, plunging his stele through whatever had just leaped out at him. 

Arrows were shooting by all their heads, Alec was shouting something (Y/N) couldn’t hear. 

“As if,” (Y/N) replied, as playfully as possible-but the effort it took was evident. 

It seemed that the number of attackers were ever-growing, the four shadowhunters were becoming overwhelmed. They were all good at what they did, and they knew it, but the odds were completely against them. 

“Now who’s falling behind?” (Y/N) laughed, thrusting each of her daggers in the attackers in front of her. “What-”

The attack came out of nowhere and (Y/N) couldn’t even begin to describe what had been plunged into her side. The pain she was experiencing was worse than anything she had felt before in her life. 

(Y/N) felt her legs collapse and she fell the the floor, her grip on her daggers completely loosening. 

“(Y/N)!” Jace screamed. 

It was fading; her sight…her hearing…(Y/N) felt as though she was floating away from everyone and everything around her. The screams of her friends were all muffled and soon she saw nothing but darkness.

(Y/N) couldn’t guess how long she had been out. But when she awoke she was back in the institute, with Jace and Izzy hovering over her.

“She’s awake,” Izzy squealed, launching herself on (Y/N). The girl couldn’t help but groan at the impact. 

“Careful,” Jace instructed with a frown.

“Right, sorry,” Isabelle muttered, moving back so she was sitting on the edge of (Y/N)’s bed. “I didn’t hurt you did I?” she asked, concerned.

“Don’t worry about it.” Her voice came out more croaky and pained than (Y/N) would have liked.

“You should rest,” Alec said, moving closer to the end of the bed. “Come on Izzy,” he sighed. 

Izzy’s lips shifted downwards, deepening her frown and (Y/N) tried to smile to reassure her that she was fine. 

“I’m glad you’re okay,” Alec told her quietly, before he left the room.

Silence engulfed the pair who remained the only two in the room. “I’m sorry,” Jace eventually said.

“What for?” the girl questioned, her face screwing up in complete confusion.

“It’s all my fault that you got hurt. If I wasn’t taunting you…you would have paid more attention. You would have seen him coming up behind you.”

“I don’t have eyes at the back of my head,” she muttered to tease him, moving to her side so she was facing him. The blond gave her a pointed look and she rolled her eyes in response. “It’s not your fault Jace. Things like this happen.”

“Not to you. You’re too good.”

“So you finally admit it?” she asked with a smirk. “Would you dare say…better than a certain someone?”

“Be serious,” he scolded, but his growing grin defied his words. “Honestly though…” he trailed off. “Are you okay?”

“I will be,” she shrugged, wincing at the scratching feeling in her throat. She looked over at the side table and reached for the glass of water. After a moment of silence, the only sound coming from the room when (Y/N) placed the glass back where she found it. 

The concern was written all over his face and she sighed at the sight, hating to see him so obviously annoyed at himself-and for no reason, in her mind.

“Look. I’m breathing. I’m alive. I’m relatively unharmed. You know that I’ll be good to go soon.” He still remained unsure but his posture had began to relax. “Jace,” she said, tilting her head.


“I totally won,” she declared smugly. 

Her eyes had closed once more, but she could sense him rolling his eyes. “Whatever helps you sleep at night.”

“I’ll take that as a sign of agreement then,” she continued, her smile never faltering.

A soft kiss was placed against her temple and she almost giggled at the sensation of his lips moving against her skin, “You won this round,” he conceded. “Alec’s right,” he whispered after a moment, moving away slightly, though his breath still tickled her. “You need more rest.”

(Y/N) nodded the best she could, already drifting asleep. She blindly reached her hand out and found his, gripping it tightly so he couldn’t leave. “Stay,” she whispered as she fell deeper into slumber. 

hi everyone! i think it’s time for a little update!

-school was really, really hectic for a while! i had so many projects, difficult finals and roommate problems. i was having a hard time focusing and staying motivated, thus being why i needed a break from tumblr. but i am finished!! done with my first year of college and man, i feel good.

-because school is over, so is my time at the dorms! i moved out on friday and am so excited to be out of that place!!! i am so pumped to be living with one of my close friends in an apartment at the end of June! but until then, i am living with my aunt and uncle in Davis!(about 30 mins from Sac) i grew up coming here to visit my cousins and i’ve always loved it, so i’m excited to be living here for a little while! and it’s so sweet of them to share their home with me😌

-i finally have a car up here which is really, really nice! thankful for my parents and grandparents for finding something safe and reliable!

-i am still not running, but it’s okay. i get to see a sports doctor, but not until the end of june. it’s a bummer, but gotta keep my head up! i’m fueling myself with good food, enjoying nature walks and staying positive! focusing on what i CAN do versus what i can’t!

-this weekend i went on a road trip with my boyfriend and friends for our pals engagement! it was such a fantastic, lovely trip! i am so excited for all the summer adventures to come😌

i hope you all are having the best time! i cant wait to keep sharin parts of my summer with y'all!😊sending all my love your way! and feel free to message me to chat and what not!

I’ve mentioned The New Jake Troll Genitalia Meta™ a couple times but never really posted the full concept on tumblr, so it’s probably about time for that.

First some backstory; I was getting pretty sick of people saying things in Alternian society are clearly unnatural or engineered just because they’re alien. This very often gets used as an excuse to just blatantly ignore what’s written there in the comic in favour of something one personally likes more, and in particular it gets thrown around a lot in reference to their reproductive method. People seem to be convinced that a form of reproduction involving a receptacle could never have appeared in nature.

But trolls aren’t mammals, and I think even the hardcore personal egg-laying activists are aware of this. And non-mammals do some pretty cool shit when it comes to coitus.

For one very relevant example; spiders. Many, if not most, species of spider reproduce in a way that involves what could pretty easily be seen as TWO whole receptacles; the male first ejaculates onto webbing, and then picks up the ejaculate with a specialised tube located in his pedipalp, which then gets inserted into the female and left there (i.e, the make doesn’t get that limb back).

So with this in mind, I gave myself a bit of time to think of how a receptacle-based reproductive system might work in trolls before they invented metal pails. And it didn’t take much thinking at all, actually! It came to me very quickly; trolls have silk production glands among their sexual organs, and during coitus they use the silk produced by the stimulation of the gland to weave a silk sac with which to catch the genetic material after orgasm. It provides a pretty good reasoning for having a manipulable limb-like bulge, too.

Buckets were a thing invented as the empire became too large for a drone to come and pick up sperm sacs as soon as they were weaved. With a bucket, multiple sperm sacs can be held together, and easily stored in a refrigerating device to be given to a drone when he DOES arrive (with his own filial pails in tow, of course, allowing him to carry many dozens of quadrants’ worth of material at a time).

In writing this post I almost wonder if drones use a pedipalp-like organ to take in the sperm sacs and then give them to the mother grub. They’ve certainly got a lot of spare spines on their bodies, and it would be a convenient tie-in with the real life role of insect drones as the impregnators of the queen…

( @tickfleato helped me devise some biological specifics to the process, and drew up some cross-sections of a troll-package-with-spinneret that I’m not sure have been posted yet or not? )

Sideways: Part 4 (Final)

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [On AO3]

The Galran vessel was a raucous place. Whenever they hit hyperdrive, the excess air would strike the vents at an odd angle, and the sound would rattle down the halls like birdsong. If Shiro pressed his ear to the floor, he could hear the electric clicks downstairs, the frizzle of quintessence as energy shot up and and down the ship’s nervous system. Some days the whole ship pulsed like the neck of a great beast.

The Castle of Lions feels dead by contrast. The quiet stings.

Team Voltron gathers outside Shiro’s room to argue. Shiro can make out an undercurrent of tension through the door. The barest crumbs of conversation reach him; he catches words like table scraps, but they don’t fit together out of context.

Shiro’s hands flex against his cuffs. He sits at the rear of his bed, cross-legged, each wrist cuffed to a separate bedpost. It’s only a dream, but every time a crew member looks through the window on his door, Shiro’s heart sinks.

At last the door opens. Light from the hallway yellows the outlines of Shiro’s furniture, the stream broken by Keith’s shadow. It’s a familiar sight, by now—Keith’s body, black against the glare of a hallway light. In time, the door slides shut behind Keith, and the light gets swept away like a patch of dust. Keith’s face becomes visible. He still hasn’t had time to change out of his armor. Someone gave him a pad for his cheek—an Altean bandaid of sorts. There’s a spot of dried blood under his chin.

Keith’s eyes find Shiro’s, as they always do. He’s never been one to look away.

“You should get to a pod,” Shiro suggests.

Keith won’t bite. “I need to take off your arm.“

Keith looks at Shiro like he dares him to put up a fight. Shiro only lifts his right arm. The cuff snags on his wrist, and a hum of magnetic energy tickles his skin.

“There’s a little hatch near the elbow,” Shiro says, “and then a screen under that, with a passcode…”

Keith’s shoulders lower by degrees. The dark room turns his eyes to slate. Keith steps forward. He drags a chair over from Shiro’s empty desk—plunks down beside Shiro’s bed. Runs his hands through his hair once, like he can shake the tension out of the room. Then he reaches for Shiro’s arm.

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the different saxophones

sopranino sax: the shiny magic wand found once in a lifetime

soprano sax: the affectionately named ‘golden oboe’

alto sax: your average goose impersonation creation

tenor sax: the doot doot tube

bari sax: the body-building doot doot that needs to chill

bass sax: like the bari sac but also hyped up on steroids and sometimes mysteriously disappears for months

contrabass sax: what the hell. this instrument had to be made by someone consuming copious amounts of hallucinogenic mushrooms.

Dad!Ahkmenrah x Daughter!Reader:  I Promise

I don’t own the picture, and I don’t own Night at the Museum.  Other than that, enjoy!   Reader is a little girl in this one.

When you first woke you were scared.  Not knowing where you were, all you could do was cry.

“I’m coming sweetheart, don’t worry!”  You could hear your father’s muffled voice.  You suddenly heard a scraping noise, as light flooded your senses.  You looked up just as your daddy picked you up.  “Shh, it’s okay baby girl, you’re safe now.  Nothing’s going to happen to you.” You sniffled into his shoulder.

“I don’t like it here,” You whimpered.  “It’s scary.”

“You don’t have anything to be afraid of, flower.  Everyone’s really friendly, I promise.  Do you want to meet them?”  He asked you.  You rubbed one of your eyes and nodded.  Ahkmenrah smiled, and put you down.  He held his hand out to you, and you grabbed it.   He walked slowly so your little legs could keep up with his long strides.  When he noticed that you were starting to tire, he lifted you up again and rested you on his hip. 

“Ahkmenrah, who is this?”  You heard a woman ask.  You snuck a sneak peek at the stranger, and immediately hid your face in your dad’s shoulder.

“Sacagawea, this is Y/N, my daughter.  Can you say hi to Sacagawea, Y/N?”  He set you down on your feet and gently pushed you towards Sacagawea.  She kneeled down and smiled softly at you.  You shyly smiled and waved, before running back to your father and burying your face in his robe.

“She’s beautiful, Ahkmenrah,” She told him.

“Thank you,” He replied.  “She’s normally not this shy.  Once she meets everyone, I’m sure she’ll open up.”

“She will,” She assured him.  “I think I saw Teddy and Attila in the foyer,” She suggested.

“I’ll take Y/N to meet them next.  Thanks, Sac.”  He picked you up again and turned you to face Sacagawea.  “Can you say bye, Y/N?”

“B-Bye,” You mumbled quietly. “Bye, Y/N,” She waved, and walked off to another part of the museum.

“See, that wasn’t so scary, was it?”  You shook your head, smiling widely as you toddled along next to Ahkmenrah.  “Do you want to meet some more people?”  When he noticed the nervous look on your face, he quickly added, “Everyone’s really friendly, like Sacagawea, I promise.”  You thought for a second.  Just as you nodded, a man on a horse and a man in armor came around a corner.

“Ahkmenrah!”  The man on the horse greeted.   You immediately hid behind Ahkmenrah’s legs.  You cautiously peeked out from behind him.                   

“Hello, Teddy,” He nodded to the other man.  “Attila.  I want you both to meet my daughter, Y/N,” He looked down to where you were just standing.  “Y/N?”  He asked worriedly, looking around.  You giggled. He turned around and spotted you, his shoulders sagging in relief.  “Y/N, you must stop hiding, you’re going to give daddy a heart attack,” He gently scolded.  He motioned for Teddy and Attila to come forward.  Teddy dismounted his horse, and kneeled down to your height. 

“And what’s your name, my dear?”  Teddy asked you as Attila awkwardly stood behind him.  You didn’t say a word. 

“Can you tell Teddy your name?”  Ahkmenrah prompted.

“Y-Y/N,” You said after a while.  Teddy smiled.

“That’s a lovely name.” He told you.  “My name is Theodore, and this is Attila,” He motioned to the man behind him.  You waved shyly, and Attila waved back enthusiastically.  You giggled.  Suddenly, you felt the ground begin to rumble.  You looked up at Ahkmenrah.  He quickly kneeled down and picked you up.  He quickly pressed your face into his shoulder.  You heard the rumbling get louder, and suddenly an ear-shattering roar split through the air.  Tears immediately began to flow, and you sobbed into your dad’s collar.  You could hear someone yelling something you couldn’t understand, and the roars faded along with the rumbling. 

“Sweetheart, you can look now, Rexy’s sorry.”  You slowly looked up to see a giant skeleton wagging its tail.  You let out a small shriek and hid in your dad’s arm again.  “No, it’s okay, I promise.  See?  Look,” He held out his free hand, and you watched as Rexy immediately nuzzled his massive nose into his palm.  “Do you want to try?”  You looked unsure.  “Here,” He gently grabbed your wrist and held your arm out.  Rexy gently bumped his nose against your tiny hand.  You giggled again.

“Who’s the little missy, Ahk?”  You heard a voice from below.  Ahkmenrah kneeled down, still holding you, and you saw a little plastic car with two little people inside. 

  “This is my daughter, Y/N,” The two men looked at each other gaping. 

“You have a kid?  No way, that’s amazing!”  The little man turned to you.  “I’m Jedediah, and this is Octavius.” He pointed to his friend.

“It’s an honor to meet you.”  The little gladiator bowed.  You waved cheerfully as you swung your legs back and forth.

  “She’s a quiet one, ain’t she?”

“She’s normally much more talkative, I can assure you.” He laughed, bouncing you on his knee.  You shrieked with laughter as you held Ahkmenrah’s forearm to keep from falling.

“Has she met Dexter yet?”

“No, not yet.”  He stood up again.  “Do you know where he is?”

“He’s probably bothering Larry and Nicky in the staff room.”

“I’ll go check there next.  Say bye, Y/N,” You quietly echoed your father as he led you along.  As you walked, you felt yourself getting sleepy.  You rubbed your hand with a tired fist and yawned.  Ahkmenrah chuckled and picked you up.  You leaned your head on his shoulder as you fought to stay awake.  “Just one more stop, and then you can go to sleep, I promise.”  You nodded and lifted your head as your father carried you into a dimly lit room.


“What’s up Ah—Why do you have a little girl with you?”  Nicky came around the corner with Dexter on his shoulder.

“Nicky, this is Y/N, my daughter.”   He brought you closer, ignoring Nicky’s shocked look.

“Wow, you…You have a kid.”     

“Yes…”  Ahkmenrah replied suspiciously.  “Is that a problem?”

“No!  No, of course not!”  Nicky quickly replied.  “I just never would’ve guessed, that’s all.”

“Hey, what’s going on in—Why do you have a little girl with you?”

“That’s what I said,” Nicky told his dad.  “That’s Y/N, Ahk’s daughter.”  Larry looked at you, and then to Ahkmenrah.  He let out a sigh.

“Wow, congratulations Ahk!”

“Thank you,” He paused.  “Do you want to hold her?”  Larry thought for a moment, and nodded.  Ahkmenrah gently deposited you in Larry’s arms.  You looked nervously at your dad, but he just smiled at you.  You cautiously looked at Larry, and Dexter hopped from Nicky’s shoulder onto his.  Seeing the monkey, you slowly held out your hand like you had with Rexy.  Dexter took your hand in both of his tiny ones and shook it.  You laughed, but it quickly turned into a second yawn. 

“You’d better take her, she’s about to pass out.  He gently passed you back to Ahkmenrah.  He said goodbye to the others, and carried you back to your exhibit.  When you saw the sarcophagi, you began to cry again. 

“I don’t want to go back in there, Daddy.”  You sniffled, “It’s scary.”  He smiled sadly at you. 

“I know, sweetheart, I know.  But it’ll get easier, I promise,” He told you.  “And I’ll always be here, okay?  I’m not going anywhere,” You nodded and rubbed your eye for the hundredth time. 

“Okay,” You answered.  “Promise you’ll be there?”  You asked as he helped you get comfy in your sarcophagus.  He grabbed the doll you were buried with and made sure it was nestled in your arms. 

“I promise,” He told you.  “Now, you need to sleep; you’re still growing.”

“Okay,” You giggled.  “Goodnight, Daddy.”  He smiled down at you.

“Goodnight, Y/N.”

Thanks to the anon for requesting this one!