sac on monday

NDRV3 Demo Translation: Angie’s Free Time Events

Aaand another one. Please take it with a grain of salt, and please tell me if you spot an error! 

Also, I’m only a beginner, so if you were already translating this, please post it anyway! 

Video link: zetsubou T-K on Youtube


Angie: Yahhaa! How you doooooin? 

Angie: Angie Yonaga is heeeere! The SHSL Artist~!! 

Angie: Angie can hear the voice of God. Because the God of the island is aaaalways close to Angie.

Oh, she is very religious…

Kaede: By the way, is Angie’s specialty paintings, or sculptures?

Angie: Hmm… Angie does both. Angie paints pictures~ and also does carvings~.

Angie: But Angie only lends her body. The one really doing it is God.

Angie: Nyahahahaha! It’s aaaaaall God’s work!

Kaede: Woah, that’s interesting. You should show me your work next time!

Angie: How miserable. She became a sacrifice instead~.

Kaede: Sac….ri..fice?

Angie: Every Monday and Wednesday morning on Angie’s Island, the sacrifice truck comes to pick sacrifices up!

Kaede: …so it collects sacrifices like a garbage truck collects garbage, huh.

Angie: But don’t worry~! Angie only needs a little bit of blood! Because even saying “sacrifice” will get Angie lots of blood! (?)

What… why does that calm you down?!

Kaede: Oh, I’m a bit anemic… sorry.

This girl… Good or bad, it will be hard to get close to her.