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Holy crap, so I went to the trigger-point reflexology place tonight for a cheapo half-hour head-and-feet massage to see if that would help the headache. It was great; IDK if trigger-point or reflexology actually work but a super hardcore focused massage definitely does something.

But he was about five minutes into the head massage when he pressed his thumbs down on my jaw and something on the left side of my face BURST. Like, that side’s been sore for a week, but he pressed on it and it was like there was a teeny tiny water balloon in there somewhere. We both felt it pop.

The rooms are not entirely private, because you don’t undress for the massage, so there were two other people also getting massage work done, which meant we had to keep quiet. But he froze, and then leaned over and whispered, “What just happened?” and I was like “I don’t know!” and he was like “Are you okay?” and I was like “I don’t know!” but I wasn’t bleeding or, like, leaking anywhere, so eventually he just kept going.

My headache isn’t gone, but it’s a lot better, and it has shifted around, so I guess there’s that. Also my nose is running like crazy. 

Maybe there was a poltergeist in my face



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Learn from my mistakes: Granted, my Pikachu waking me up in the morning with nuzzle to prevent me from sleeping in on training and giving him breakfast was cute at first, as it was only a small jolt as he rubs his cheek sacs against my face, but now as Raichu... it's not a preferred way to wake up now that his electricity tends to need discharging.

Awake with a jolt!

The movie opens on a shot of the cul-de-sac.

This is the cul-de-sac that most fans have grown up wanting to live on. I love that these kids live in a cul-de-sac. It’s a unique neighborhood setup. In every neighborhood people will see each other occasionally, but with a cul-de-sac the kids were all able to get to know one another better. 

If this series took place in a regular neighborhood would they have met up to hang out? Think about it, a cul-de-sac is much easier to play around in because you won’t have cars interrupting your play.

But, the cul-de-sac also symbolizes a trapped feeling for all the kids. They have freedom to go about the neighborhood, but they stay in one place. The only time the kids ever leave is to go to school. That’s it. Leaving the cul-de-sac means facing the adult world. The kids fear what is going to happen to them when they grow older.

It’s implied that the movie takes place one year later from when the original series started. The kids were all 12 and now they’re 13. Their teen years. This can be the hardest time for a lot of people because they’re exploring who they are, learning who to trust, and they’re considered young adults. 

It appears to be another summer day. Only something feels off.

It’s quiet. 

Laundry is hanging up to dry as a vacant swimming pool is cast aside. 

Water trickles in the background. An empty trickle that sounds faraway.

There is nobody around.

The credits sequence is very different. The episode title page always had a colorful background. This background is completely black.

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Wadanohara pics from sacanime! The meet up was super tiny but everyone was great and awesome so it was really fun! (If you see yourself either reblog and say its you or message me, and I’ll credit you)

Samekichi (first 2 pics) - orangeblackbird

Wadanohara (regular) - hedervary

Wadanohara (sea of silence) - ladymanatees

Samekichi (last pic) - shayanri

Meikai - wadamon


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