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Happy New Year everyone! :D 

Sorry for the lack of new art these days. I’ve been super busy working on the Axent Wear headphones but I’ll be back to drawing as soon as the headphones are done. 

In other news, I was originally going to Sac Anime in Sacramento from Jan 2-4th, but due to headphones related work, my good friend Kiba will be going in my stead. She will be helping me sell my books and posters in the dealer’s hall at booth  B8 and B10. She’s super fun so be sure to drop by and hang out! :D

Hopefully I’ll be able to see everyone in person at the next convention! <3

Korra Panel Highlights

I’m finally not tired and busy, so I’ll finally post the more memorable bits of the Korra panels I attended. [Part 1]

  • Janet Varney actually wanted to do a musical episode of The Legend of Korra. She states that one of Mike and Bryan wanted to do a musical episode, but the other was against the idea, so it never came to fruition.
  • She also spoke glowingly of the fans of The Legend of Korra, and how they’ve influenced her in small ways, including in regards to shipping Korrasami.
  • Seychelle Gabriel stated that if they had an extra ten minutes of The Legend of Korra, the one thing she’d want to see is Asami in the spirit world.
  • She also relayed to us a small but interesting anecdote about Bryan and the decision to go forward with Korrasami (but I’ll post more about that later).
  • Though David Faustino did joke a lot about how he thinks Mako would have ideally ended the series by jumping into the spirit portal with his two ex-girlfriends, he also seems pretty proud of the great strides The Legend of Korra has made, particularly in regards to LGBT representation and how the show has impacted people in such a positive way, and even went as far as to call it ‘tremendous’.
  • After being asked who would win in a fight between Avatar Korra and Aang, Janet answered that she thinks Korra would lose, mainly because Korra would immediately cede the fight due to being in awe of Aang.
  • When asked “What happens next”, in regards to what happens to the characters later on, Seychelle (in a half-joking manner) replied that “We [Korra and Asami] get married”.

This photo deserves a post all of its own.

We were actually outside the con, walking back from eating, when I saw this girl walking towards us.  I thought her shirt might be a fandom shirt, so I attempted to read it.  As soon as I figured out what it actually said, I did a double take, and then yelled, “Annabeth!” embarrassingly loudly.

Heyyy months later I now know that this is 88clairemarie88.


The full shipment of 1000 Words has arrived! :D Now you can order the books at Amazon or at

For those who can make it to the SacAnime convention in Sacramento, California this Jan 4-6th 2013, we will also be selling the books plus other prints in the Exhibitor Hall at booth B20! Come by and check us out! (And it’s the Vendors section, not Artist Alley because we couldn’t get a table in time ^^;)

Thank you all for the amazing support for this book. If you have ordered anything from the and have not received your shipment yet, please e-mail and they will help you :)

Happy holidays! 

  • Korrasami Proposal Audio

Here’s a longer version of the Korrasami proposal, in audio form.

This one actually features Korra (Janet) shooing away Mako (David) in a scene that makes you recall the ‘Excuse me, Tenzin’ line from the final episode.

Oh, and as an aside, someone later asked the Korra cast what they think would happen to their characters in the future. And Seychelle Gabriel’s response was that Korra and Asami would eventually get married.

The Korrasami commission denimcatfish made for me, and that Janet and Seychelle signed for me at the VIP signing. 

The messages they wrote were so cute too.

Janet: Stephanie, love is love! - Korra

Seychelle: Stephanie! Mucho amor! - Asami

The girl’s parents were informed of the situation. Shouldn’t it ultimately be their responsibility?”

- Sac Anime director Dan Houck’s response to the question I posed to him: “in addition to protecting the child and alerting her parents, why did Sac Anime not alert BABSCon staff that there was a reported predator at their con so they could prevent him from harming any one else?

11-year-old girl allegedly harassed and stalked at a Brony con; was it the responsibility of this anime con staff to do more?

What do you do when a child comes to you begging for help, claiming she’s being stalked by a stranger?

The response to that exact scenario by one group of convention staffers this weekend has enraged and polarized a fandom, driven one convention staffer offline in a wave of harassment, and led to a clash between two regional conventions.

It has not, however, led to any consequences for the man who may have been stalking and harassing an 11-year-old girl while dressed as a Brony.