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I got a great haul from Sac Anime this weekend, but this by far is my favorite.

And yes, that is Zenyatta’s VA (the one and only Feodor Chin) stating that he loves Genyatta.

And just in case y’all think he was playin’:

That’s him on Twitter liking a comment thanking him for declaring his love for the ship.

Special thanks to @poladraws for collaborating with me on this, and for help making this moment possible.

But yes Genyatta fans, rejoice. Feodor does love your ship. And oh, as a bonus, Gaku Space likes it, too

Also, Feodor was nice and really funny during his panels and I’m really glad I got to meet him.


Hey Con goer! So every SACANIME I write letters to people in homestuck cosplays and pass them out as PM!

But this year, I want to do things a bit differently! I want to have the letters signed by different characters! For example:

Dear John,

blah blah blah. (something about whatever and blah blah)

-Dave Strider

(there can be quirks, a ps at the end, and it can be written any way! IT CAN BE ABOUT ANYTHING!!)

But id need some help writing these! If anyone would like to send in their letters, id really appreciate the help! It can be to and from any homestuck characters (any kid, troll, and carapace!!) Im going all out on these letters, and im even starting on packages! (theyll contain things such as candy and little knick knacks of sorts!)

If youd be so kind to write these for me, Ill put your tumblr name at the end of the letter so people know who came up with the letter!! 

Please send them to my ask/submit box, or Reblog so others can see and help!

The reason i do this every year is to bring a little sweet and fun into the fandom that’s known to be toxic. Its so cool to see everyone smile when they open my letters! My first con friends were made when I handed them letters, and they thought it was the coolest thing!

Thank you so much for the help! I cant wait to see everyone! Maybe one of you will receive one!! I’m making extras this year! -Nina

Hey just a few highly from the Overwatch panel I attended

- Gaku Space confirmed that Genji will get a new skin for a fall event. You can most likely guess what that one is

- Josh Petersdorf likes playing Pharah. And if he had to pick a healer to pocket him? It would be Mercy so they could run a Pharmercy

- Feodor and Gaku picked Mercy too

- And Gaku also joked that if he could pick another hero to voice, it would be Mercy (and that “Mercy is mine.”)

- And Josh and Feodor wanted to voice Tracer

- And if Josh could have Roadhog say in any line in game? It would be ‘And pigs can fly’ in response to Mercy’s 'Heroes never die’. And Feodor would like to hear 'Embrace festivities’ for a holiday event

- They also praised Mercy’s rework (of course) and praised the devs at Blizzard for their rework of characters

- Josh also spoke quite glowingly of the Junkertown short and praised Junkrat’s voice actor, and the cinematic team. And he’s also happy with both Roadhog and Junkrat’s buffs (especially since he hates Doomfist too).

- And that’s about it. I mean, aside from one really funny moment where Josh embraced a Roadhog body pillow, there’s really not much to write home about.

Aside from that, I have the whole panel on video and will upload it later.


Fabric Choice for Cosplay panel. This is just the bare bones and the examples, since I talked about and explained things in person.

(One thing I’d like to add right here though, since I was asked about it in person – I don’t go into enough detail about the difference between dupioni and shantung. Dupioni is stiffer and more crinkly [it makes a rustling noise] as well as having a more pronounced surface texture; shantung is softer and suitable for draping [where dupioni isn’t] and has a smoother surface texture.)

Nothing in this panel is definitive, and the examples given (even of the different fabric types) are just that – examples. You will encounter many, many more types of fabric than this out in the wild, but this is meant to give you a general overview so you can hopefully find your way.

This information is for personal reference only, and not meant to be used for your own panel. You can share this/reblog this; just don’t re-present it as your own.

Here is a link to the pdf file of the presentation, in case this photoset is difficult to read. It’s slightly confusing but all I could get my computer to do, so here’s how you read it: the 4-slide pictures read left to right, top to bottom. The 2-slide pictures read top to bottom. The 4-slide pictures have to be read across first. I couldn’t get that to switch in the version of Reader I’m using, so sorry for any confusion. The pdf file should read correctly, with one slide per page.

If anyone has any questions, comments, or corrections, please let me know. :]

Hey guys! How’s everyone this new year? :D I just got back from holiday vacation and excited to share some drone photos and videos with you all. But before I have time to edit them, Sac Anime is coming up this Friday and weekend so I’ll be busy there.

If you’re in the area, come by and hang out! Come chat and share your 2016 stories, or your 2017 aspirations :) My table is in the Artist Alley at A13. The con is held at the Sacramento Convention Center. Hope to see you there!

Okay, but on a more serious note, SacAnime really needs to do something about the heat. (and I don’t mean “change the weather” though that would be ideal if they somehow could!       )

They should issue official heat advisories on the website and on their social media, along with tips on how to stay safe in the heat.

They should distribute flyers in the con goodie bags with said tips about how to stay cool.

They should have official cooling stations around the con, with places to sit, fans around, easy access to water, and hopefully staff who are able to if not directly help then at least call in an on-duty EMT in case things get out of hand. 

Yes, Sacramento can get hot, but this is an anime convention where people may not make the best decisions about taking care of themselves anyway, and once cosplay and 110° heat are involved, it can become disastrous. This con caters to families and teenagers, meaning that children (more susceptible to heat) may be in attendance, and teenagers may not be as responsible or able to take care of themselves in the way that adults with more life and con experience can. 

It’s been a long time (possibly this is the first time) since we’ve had an entire SacAnime forecasted to be over 100°, and being out and active in that kind of heat for three full days can really take a toll.

Take care of yourselves out there. I doubt there’s going to be any special considerations put into place at the con itself this close to the show date, but please please please stay hydrated and well fed, let your sweat evaporate, use extra water to cool yourself down if possible, and stay in air conditioned areas as much as possible.