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Hey guys! How’s everyone this new year? :D I just got back from holiday vacation and excited to share some drone photos and videos with you all. But before I have time to edit them, Sac Anime is coming up this Friday and weekend so I’ll be busy there.

If you’re in the area, come by and hang out! Come chat and share your 2016 stories, or your 2017 aspirations :) My table is in the Artist Alley at A13. The con is held at the Sacramento Convention Center. Hope to see you there!

Just so you all know. I’m McHanzo trash. I bought a Chai Tea Latte at the Sac Anime this weekend. I’m so sad because I couldn’t find a Fem Hanzo to give the second one too.

Korrasami Proposal Audio

Here’s a longer version of the Korrasami proposal, in audio form.

This one actually features Korra (Janet) shooing away Mako (David) in a scene that makes you recall the ‘Excuse me, Tenzin’ line from the final episode.

Oh, and as an aside, someone later asked the Korra cast what they think would happen to their characters in the future. And Seychelle Gabriel’s response was that Korra and Asami would eventually get married.

The Korrasami commission denimcatfish made for me, and that Janet and Seychelle signed for me at the VIP signing. 

The messages they wrote were so cute too.

Janet: Stephanie, love is love! - Korra

Seychelle: Stephanie! Mucho amor! - Asami

Happy New Year everyone! :D 

Sorry for the lack of new art these days. I’ve been super busy working on the Axent Wear headphones but I’ll be back to drawing as soon as the headphones are done. 

In other news, I was originally going to Sac Anime in Sacramento from Jan 2-4th, but due to headphones related work, my good friend Kiba will be going in my stead. She will be helping me sell my books and posters in the dealer’s hall at booth  B8 and B10. She’s super fun so be sure to drop by and hang out! :D

Hopefully I’ll be able to see everyone in person at the next convention! <3


Seychelle regaling us with a short story Bryan told her about the day he made the push for Korrasami to be canon.

This isn’t an earth shattering revelation by any means, but she does tell us a story that isn’t told too often*, in regards to Bryan’s decision to make the case for a Korrasami ending.

P.S: If you can’t hear it here, here’s the link to it on Soundcloud.

bigspoonkorra since you wanted to hear this.

*I did in fact go through several interviews, and I couldn’t find Seychelle, Janet, Bryan or Mike even mentioning this. So this is a rare anecdote indeed.