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because @pacificpikachu  was curious and because it’s been a year since last year’s list, in no particular order, my top ten favorite anime! some new favs, some old loves, a little bit of mixing up.

Hey guys! How’s everyone this new year? :D I just got back from holiday vacation and excited to share some drone photos and videos with you all. But before I have time to edit them, Sac Anime is coming up this Friday and weekend so I’ll be busy there.

If you’re in the area, come by and hang out! Come chat and share your 2016 stories, or your 2017 aspirations :) My table is in the Artist Alley at A13. The con is held at the Sacramento Convention Center. Hope to see you there!


Fabric Choice for Cosplay panel. This is just the bare bones and the examples, since I talked about and explained things in person.

(One thing I’d like to add right here though, since I was asked about it in person – I don’t go into enough detail about the difference between dupioni and shantung. Dupioni is stiffer and more crinkly [it makes a rustling noise] as well as having a more pronounced surface texture; shantung is softer and suitable for draping [where dupioni isn’t] and has a smoother surface texture.)

Nothing in this panel is definitive, and the examples given (even of the different fabric types) are just that – examples. You will encounter many, many more types of fabric than this out in the wild, but this is meant to give you a general overview so you can hopefully find your way.

This information is for personal reference only, and not meant to be used for your own panel. You can share this/reblog this; just don’t re-present it as your own.

Here is a link to the pdf file of the presentation, in case this photoset is difficult to read. It’s slightly confusing but all I could get my computer to do, so here’s how you read it: the 4-slide pictures read left to right, top to bottom. The 2-slide pictures read top to bottom. The 4-slide pictures have to be read across first. I couldn’t get that to switch in the version of Reader I’m using, so sorry for any confusion. The pdf file should read correctly, with one slide per page.

If anyone has any questions, comments, or corrections, please let me know. :]

One of the many reasons I love the Steven Universe fandom. This is from the SU meetup at Sac Anime a couple weeks ago, video is not mine but I did get permission to repost it. My friend is playing ukelele and I am unfortunately out of shot

The Korrasami commission denimcatfish made for me, and that Janet and Seychelle signed for me at the VIP signing. 

The messages they wrote were so cute too.

Janet: Stephanie, love is love! - Korra

Seychelle: Stephanie! Mucho amor! - Asami

Just so you all know. I’m McHanzo trash. I bought a Chai Tea Latte at the Sac Anime this weekend. I’m so sad because I couldn’t find a Fem Hanzo to give the second one too.