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the respective seiyuus of the trio birb from Youkai Apato anime when portrayed as Gintama charas in their 銀魂ちゅんコレ goods version XD ((copypaste + google ‘em if u dont know what they are))

birb Sabu-chan in the pic is my own vers. since his goods doesn’t exist unfortunately….  ;3;  i need more Sabu-chan merch istfg! >A>


[10/10/2017] Happy Birthday Sabu-chan Isaburo Sasaki!

“To put it in terms simple enough for you non-elites to understand, when a new Sentai series begins, you go, “I won’t accept this! Bioman was better,” every time, don’t you? But by the time the series ends, you find it hard to say goodbye to Changeman as well. Humans have survived this long by adapting to all kinds of changes like that.”

The Only Truth - an Iwaoi Fanfiction

Title: The Only Truth
Characters: Iwaizumi, Oikawa, and Iwa-chan’s twin brothers
Warnings: bit of swearing. EDIT: Angst.
A/N: for Iwa-chan’s birthday iwaizumiweek and iwaoiweek

Also on A03

Summary:  ‘It’s my birthday. I’m allowed to be miserable.’

‘No, you’re not.’

‘You can’t stop me. I’m now, once again, your senpai.’

Hajime could practically hear the sigh and chuckled to himself as he pictured Oikawa’s overly dramatic eye-roll. 

’40 days older does not make you my senpai, Iwa-chan.’ 

‘It’s my birthday, Oikawa, I’m going to make you call me senpai all day.’

Hajime divides his birthdays into two categories. There are the ones before his brothers were born, where he’d have his parent’s full attention, ice cream, cake and a treat out on his special day. And then the ones after the twins are born, where the day out has to be adjusted – although the ice cream’s still there.

Despite his parents real worry that he’ll resent this fact (because they’re just as rambunctious as their older brother) Hajime has always preferred the birthdays after they were born and doesn’t yearn for the days he was an only child.

It’s not because of Koji and Saburo, although he gets on with them as well as he can with annoying babies eight years younger who take up too much of his mum’s time, but because just after his eighth birthday, Hajime meets the boy who will change his life.

It sounds dramatic.

But without Tooru in his world, Hajime’s not sure what he would have become.

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y'know. kagura and sabu-chan could’ve been cell phone buddies

and then together with nobume they’d hold private convos where they continuously drag gintoki but ‘forget’ to remove him from the chat

kag: gin-chan stinks!! (-﹏-。) i have to walk around with my hand in front of my nose all day! yet the poor fool thinks i have a cold
sabu: have you tried spraying him with disinfectant
i heard bleach is good for removing mold
im still here