The Thief of Bagdad (Michael Powell, Ludwig Berger & Tim Whelan - 1940)

You’re a clever little man little master of the universe, but mortals are weak and frail. If their stomach speaks, they forget their brain. If their brain speaks, they forget their heart. And if their heart speaks  … they forget everything. 


On this day: Months after allowing Sabu to pin him for his “real” World’s Championship in order to gain a shot at the ECW World Title, Taz faces Sabu in a rematch to unify his World Heavyweight and Sabu’s FTW Championships, which ends with Sabu passing out in the Tazmission after refusing Bill Alfonzo’s attempt to end the match by throwing in the towel. (3/21/99)

For all the jazz cats. Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers with Sabu. Art Blakey was/is a giant! This LP features el Boricua Sabu Martinez who was one of the greatest congueros of all time. I coped this LP in DC at the Eastern Market Flea. Dude who sold it to me was a big Blakey head and was happy a “young cat” was buying it. #artblakey #sabu #jazzmessengers #sabumartinez #christianscuchifritos #jazz #vinyligclub