Two “DAESH” terrorists have detonated a bomb in Kabul, Afghanistan killing at least 61 people and injuring 207+ people (at the time of writing this). While my heart is with the people of Germany at this terrible time, please do not forget the victims of terrorism in Muslim majority countries.

We are all human beings, the victims are someone’s son, daughter, brother, sister, father, mother, friend, etc. We are all suffering, we are all hurting.

We must all stand together and stand defiant against these cowards. They are not Muslim, they are not human and on the day of judgment they will be punished accordingly.

Trust in Allah, and may he grant the highest level of Jannah to all victims of terrorism. May he ease the suffering throughout the world and give sabr to us all.

Also, if you are in Kabul, please give blood as it is desperately needed at this time! May Allah bless and protect you all 💙

—  jade yasmina.

Today’s review is a kit I bought on a whim; HGUC Fullarmour Thunderbolt Gundam!

Now, in the series this unit is a high speed, heavyfire unit with 4 shields and beam sabres to boot. It’s translation into a kit is well done and looks the part, but doesn’t hold a candle to the in series unit as it just doesn’t work as well with flexibility as you would hope for (something I sincerely hope the MG improves upon).

Firstly, articulation. The bare suit without the backpack and weapons has a fantastic range of motion! Double jointed shoulders and elbows, rubber parts for the joints, balljointed waist and such. But once you add the bulk to it you lose some mobility, mainly due to weight issues. The ability is there, just can’t be supported. The extra arms for the upper shields are pathetically jointed, too. If they hade been more like the GM then you could at least hinge them back, but these only move forward or straight up.

Accessories are in abundance, once again like the GM. Only here, they go above and beyond! You get two beam sabers, a modified battleship cannon mounted to the right arm, a missile rack on the left arm, 4 shields, a beam scatter cannon on the right shoulder and a shrapnel missile pack on the left. This thing screams ‘death to Zeon’! The weapons and decals do a fantastic job of displaying how desperate a last ditch this unit is at destroying every unit of the Living Dead Squadron.

All in I give the Thunderbolt Gundam 7/10. It’s great, but more of a desired taste.

Masterpost (Will add to)

Since so many of you have been asking for a masterpost, here we go.

Anaheim Ducks:

Jakob Silfverberg:

Buffalo Sabres:

Jack Eichel:

Calgary Flames:

Johnny Gaudreau:

Carolina Hurricanes:

Jeff Skinner:

Los Angeles Kings:

Tanner Pearson:

Michael Latta:

Montreal Canadiens:

Alex Galchenyuk:

San Jose Sharks:

Martin Jones:

Toronto Maple Leafs:

Auston Matthews:

Washington Capitals:

Andre Burakovsky:

Tom Wilson:

Obi Wan’s saber, a vision and Kylo Ren. To clear up confusion about this recent theory.

So a few days ago after Star Wars posted this tweet, I came up with a theory on a popular Reylo forum. I noticed my theory about the sabre made it to Tumblr, however, like chinese whispers it has become diluted. So here’s clarification of this theory from the source.

I find it interesting how they drew attention to this particular saber recently and then I remembered where I may have seen it.

Many people have speculated that Kylo Ren is holding Lukes’ lightsaber in the vision Rey has, however it also looks a lot like Obi Wan’s sabre.

We know that Kylo Ren loves his relics, so it makes sense for him to have sought after various relics and different sabres attached to legends.

Pablo Hidalgo has said that the vision is not completely accurate to reality.  And the novel describes Kylo Ren as wrenching a saber out of the ground in this moment.

It is unlikely Lukes because as recent spoilers have suggested. The Knights of Ren are defeated by Luke on Ach To, however they are all still alive and standing here in the sequence.

So what if we are having a mix of the future and past in Reys vision? And what if we are experiencing a cross over between Reys vision when she touches Anakins saber and a vision Kylo also had when he touched Obi Wans saber.

It would explain the murder of “salad bowl head” in order to obtain this saber. Salad Bowl does not appear to be a member of the Knights of Ren.

What if Kylo Ren steals Obi Wans’ saber and just how Rey saw who was connected by blood to Anakins sabre, Kylo ren sees a vision of who is connected by blood to Obi Wans lightsaber the second he touches it?

I dont think Kylo Ren sees an adult Rey here as he walks towards her, he sees rey as a child being abandoned on Jakku.

This would explain why Kylo Ren gets so emotional about a girl being mentioned on Jakku..WHAT GIRL?!?.

Its interesting how in the novel the first thing Rey sees in her vision when she touches Anakins saber is a small boy who many speculate to be a young Ben. Again, symmetry, parallels and mirroring.

Kylo Ren seeing Rey connected directly to Obi Wans lightsaber would be the perfect plot device to explain how she is a Kenobi without it getting to convoluted and messy..the use of beautiful cinematography and editing could work wonders.

Let’s make this the cutest and longest hockey post

reblog with a gif/photo of a smiling hockey player to show everybody how adorable little sh*ts we obsess over!

Ella Hattan, better known by her nom-de-guerre “Jaguarina,” was Colonel Thomas Monstery’s most accomplished student. Born in 1859 in Ohio, she would go on to become widely regarded as one of the greatest swordswomen of the nineteenth century, and perhaps of all time. Hattan would defeat more than sixty men in high-profile combats on both horseback and on foot; according to one major newspaper, more than half of these men were fencing masters.

For more details of Hattan’s extraordinary career, her training, and her lengthy master-student relationship with Monstery, see the following article:

dex drives a scratched tan buick with crank windows and no working a/c and one night he’s driving the #frogs to friday night froyo and nursey’s in the passenger’s seat “burnin’ up” by the brothers jonas in the humid maybe-summer air but he can’t just like, ask dex, intent on the road, where the rolly-down button is, so he sweats through his $34 t-shirt, pulling on the thin material at his collarbones as chowder and dex accidentally harmonize to the chorus to a song on the radio with a thick, thrumming electronic beat. they’re not bad, he thinks.