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SnuffBomb (brute force videos) is a cosplayer, voice actor, writer (he wrote the growingly popular monochromatic clown creepypasta Laughing Jack), aspiring film maker, and actor. He also does fake (and some not) trailers of popular creepypasta characters, such as Jeff the Killer and Eyeless Jack, with a Laughing Jack one in the works right now, along with “let’s plays” (that are frickin hilarious) and occasional vlogs. He is best known for his cosplays on dA and for doing the OFFICIAL dub of Pasta Monsters by Comickitty, and voicing Jeff the Killer in Madame Macabre’s The Seer. If you’re into creepypasta - and even if you’re not -, please, please, PLEASE go subscribe to him, and follow him on dA, if you can. I’d love to see this guy really get out there and gain more fans! ^_^
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An excuse to draw a human version of tune in music

I got the idea when I listened to Skrillix’s song “Kyoto”, I did get some ideas for a human version of the bass in dubstep. It’s just a human version but idk if I wanna make this my own OC.

Anywho, guys bear with me on Creeps, I will keep my promise in drawing 2 pages of Creeps this weekend ( considering Im half way done with the second to last page in the comic xP ) School has been killing me lately x 7 x Plus this is a piece of one of my works for AP art

Human ver. of Tune/Art © SabrinaNightmaren