omg here we gooooo 

  • why i like them: well honestly because she is played by angie no like she’s so badass and just like awesome and just awesome
  • why i don’t: what
  • favourite episode: OK THERE IS SO MANY but i love her in that episode you know the trafficking one? she is awesome in that but like i love her in every episode just picking one is hard
  • favourite season: probably 3 but then i love 2 aswell
  • favourite line: OMG I DO NOT KNOW MY MIND IS BLANK
  • favourite outfit: she literally lives in them pants and that blazer but remember that time she wore a black dress????
  • otp: well you know idk like i love her with casey but i don’t know if they are my otp for this show
  • brotp: obviously maura but i love her with frost too
  • head canon: will someone please explain to me what a head canon is i am confused
  • unpopular opinion: well you know i think all my followers know this but i don’t ship her with maura like y'all do
  • a wish: that she has a little baby rizzoli omG
  • an oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen: PLEASE DON’T DIE OR SOMETHING 
  • 5 words to best describe her: tomboyish, sarcastic, strong, badass, funny
  • my nickname for them: oh well i’ve never thought of one for her

dorisgayarchive-deactivated2014  asked:

Suburbs, Mulder/Scully, undercover (again) - that's more than one word prompt but whatever~

Just like the first time, Scully emerges from the bathroom with the green clay mask all over her face. 

Once again Mulder is startled upon seeing her goop covered face. 

Only this time she’s wearing a black teddy, and this time she smirks and says “the panties are edible.” A few minutes later the panties are gone and Scully’s perfectly manicured nails are steadily digging harder into the top of Mulder’s head.