just wanted to let you guys know

So after all that cr*p with my mom I wound up moving out. I’m now staying with my Grandpa until I can find an apartment that I can afford. He doesn’t have internet though and I need to save all my extra money for a car and apartment so I will not be able to get online very often. Due to this you wont see much from me and there may even be moments of complete inactivity. D:

Me, havin a blast at Mayhem Fest

I had preserved seating but found it boring and went back onto the lawn so I could rock out :P.
The show was so f*ucking awsome, I still can’t believe I got to see Slipknot live :D I may die happy now
I hurt all over, especially in the neck from all the headbanging, and can’t really move much today but it was so worth it :3

During one of Slayers songs (don’t remember which one) I handed my mom (who went with me) my stuff and asked her to hold onto it for me so I could go into the mosh pit on the hill and some lady nearby that was listening rushed over and watched me go in while asking mom if I was seriously going to go in there with all them guys XD

Such a fun night ♥