Without Big Time Rush, there would be no One Direction or 5 seconds of Summer.

Without The Cheetah Girls, there would be no 5th Harmony or Little Mix.

These 2 iconic groups ushered in the modern boyband/girl group era and their impact & legacy in both the music AND television industries is the reason that these other “groups” have even had a chance to succeed. Know your history and put some respect on their names.Without their contributions these groups would be NOTHING 


I just want to clarify my point about my “Viewers Votes” post. Now I do believe the show to be rigged, I mean it’s show biz, reality t.v., I mean who really knows what goes on behind the scenes. If you disagree that’s cool you’re not alone, but just know I’m not alone in my thoughts either. I don’t think everything about the show is rigged, just some eliminations, and sometimes winners. I think it just happens way too much for someone to be ridiculed for experience and be sent home early or coming in second, to be by chance. I think the show gets rid of those people on purpose, whether to cause controversy or whatever. And no I’m not talking about just Heather, there’s others to bring up too, like Sabrina, Brandy, and Elizabeth Berkeley, just to name a few. I also want to address that I can see how Heather’s elimination could not be rigged. However, I think she still would have been sent home around this time even if she didn’t have a disappointing Jazz performance. I believe the show got rid of her because of her experience, and I do think she became a bit irrelevant too so I can see both sides but my stance on the show stays the same. I don’t hate the show or anything I just have my theories same as everyone else.