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Omg the Sabrina AU! I need those scenes of Cassian pushing Jyn away and then of Cassian punching Han (lol) when Han insults Jyn to get Cass to realize his feelings!

Maaayyyybe if I finish up my Bridget Jones’s Diary rebelcaptain AU for the rom com challenge I may write a few more scenes, but I just jumped headfirst into yet another extensive AU (Partisans) and I will never finish anything if I keep this up! I will only start!


Omg look at him smiling so happily when he all but tells MC (Sabrina) that he will pick her and she’s going to be his queen. This brings me back to the biggest reason why I love this diamond scene so much - because it’s probably the first time we see Liam so relaxed and happy while talking about the impending Coronation.

If anyone hurts the Prince I’m so ready to fight them. Please don’t let it be MC herself.


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