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Emison is the worst ship in PPL. I don’t care for Paige but I feel as if Paige was completely spot on when she berated Emily for letting Alison manipulate her all over again. She said exactly what any logical person would say.

Alison gets jealous of Paige helping Emily like a good friend would and then kisses Emily because her husband is dead and her father has gone AWOL? She reminds Emily that Paige shouldn’t be around since Emily has Sabrina yet she then kisses Emily in the same episode? Paige was right, Alison is only using Emily for stability because now, she’s pregnant, she has no family and her husband is dead.

I honestly think people ship Emison because they want a queer couple despite the fact it’s a very toxic relationship.

The only good girlfriend Emily had was with Maya but she’s dead. Hell, even Sabrina is a better choice than Paige and Alison.

Tbh, the writers should just make Emily and Spencer stay single. I would love for Aria and Hanna to stay single but that’s impossible now with canon Haleb and Aria will either be with Jason or Erza.

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Honestly I feel like, in discussions about abortion, a lot of people ignore that abortions can be fueled by bigotry. Ableism is a big factor, and so are racism and misogyny. Ignoring that isn't feminist; it just continues to contribute to the attitudes that cause people to want abortions for those reasons in the first place.

Agreed. While I fully support a woman’s (or person of any gender’s) right to chose regardless of reason, it is important that we discuss the bigotry that can fuel these decisions so that we can work to change the bigotry at play. 

Currently, prenatal testing exists for Down Syndrome which has resulted in the majority of fetuses with Down Syndrome being aborted. Often, doctors encourage patients to abort in these cases. The decision to abort is influenced by a society that portrays the disabled as lesser and unworthy of life. If we are able to change these cultural attitudes, there would be less people seeking abortions of supposedly “defective” fetuses. If we are able to spread the message that disabled lives are worth living, perhaps more of us will be given the chance. 



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