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@SabrinaAnnLynn: Busymom11 ty for taking time out of your busy schedule to write a review. Next show will have less offensive moves like the “Macarena” XO

( &&. sabrina carpenter gif icons. )

 under the cut, you’ll find #60 gif icons (100x100) of SABRINA CARPENTER as requested by anonymous. All of these are roleplayable, none of the gifs below were created by me, full credit to the original makers, but I did crop and resize them all. Please like or reblog if this has helped you in anyway. Xo.

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hey guys..

This may be my own opinion and all, but y'know the infamously known Officialsabrina_xo on Instagram? of course you do. And if you don’t, please carry on.

Anyways, some people have been saying, “ur not funny. go kill yourself.” or roughly along those lines to and/or about her and that’s not right, man.

Yes, her jokes are lame and stupid. Yes, she tries to be cute while she makes stale vapid jokes. However, that doesn’t give anyone a right to tell he to go kill herself, or to say ‘wow u suck, please go die.’

Sure, you can dislike her jokes but don’t be a jerk about it and if you aren’t being a jerk, then as i said before, please carry on. 

Look guys, i don’t like her or her being the fine pinnacle of America’s Educational system either, but you’re better than this. Don’t tell anyone to go kill themselves, it’s just not nice.

anonymous asked:

Any suggestions for everyday eyeshadow looks on brown eyes?

1 . Everyday drugstore look (full face, skip to 5:00 for eyes)
2. Everyday look for brown eyes 
3. Simple eyes with a “pop” 

So many colors look beautiful on brown eyes, but these tutorials focus on warm colors and an intense inner highlight. Feel free to send us an ask if you’re looking for any dupes and we’ll see if we can be of assistance!  

xo sabrina